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Part 13

Something else other than the wild animals came out from the frozen forest as if it were tumbling out.
It was a robe wearing man.
That guy, whose limbs were slender like wires and had a high-strung look, was Galak.
He started to shout at Selsio, who had lost the will to fight.
「Oi! Weren’t you guys the Elf tribe’s elite force!? To not be able to hit him with even one arrow, what’s the meaning of this!? This is why you can’t trust Demi-humans!!」
——I knew it.
Ever since he saw Galak’s figure at the Adventurer’s Guild, it had bothered him……
He completely could not understand what stirred Galak up to do such a thing.
At any rate, it seems that he did not receive enough “punishment”. Personal communication was a difficult thing.
Diablo produced a displeased tone of voice.
「Oi, accessory……It would seem that you’re the one that instigated these guys.」
Galak shrank away.
It seems that he knew the difference in ability.
「Uuugh……No, um, I……I only told them that the Elven Princess that they were looking for would come here……」
「It seems that you made them think that I was a slave trader though?」
「Th, they went and misunderstood all on their own! Demi-humans are dumb after all!」
Everyone here other than Galak was a Demi-human though.
Did this guy lose the ability to think normally?
「Hmph……Enough, accessory. Never involve yourself with me ever again. Next time, if you oppose me, I will mercilessly erase you from existence!」
He strongly threatened him.
Galak started trembling.
It would be nice if he became docile with this.
「Ar, aren’t you, the one in the wrong!?」
Surprisingly, Galak made an objection.
「In, in the first place, even Rem-sama is in the wrong! Even though you’re a special person, why are you with the likes of a Demon and an Elf!?」
Rem made a displeased look.
「……I am also a Pantherian. I’m fed up with the Human’s Demi-human discrimination.」
「No, you have been approved by Celes-sama! As it were, you’re something like a Human!」
「……That’s a troublesome argument……Even so, my a.s.sociates have no reason to be criticized by the likes of you.」
「In regards to the Magician’s Guild! No, in regards to the world, you are an important person, you know!? That’s, such a! You should be carrying some self-awareness and self-control! You should a.s.sociate yourself only with people with more reliable pedigrees and great prospects! People like me!」
「……Putting it plainly, that’s annoying and creepy.」
Galak groaned.
Rem glared at him.
「……As one would expect, your actions are intolerable……since you’ve been using the Magician’s Guild’s name, I’m sure that Celes knows about this, right?」
「U, ughh……You’re wrong……I’m……I’m not mistaken!!」
Galak started to run.
If he were to go into the Man-Eating Forest like this, it would have become a bit of a problem, but since he steadily headed towards town, it was a good thing.
Rem apologized to Diablo and Shera.
「……It would seem that you’ve been wrapped up in my circ.u.mstances. I am sorry.」
「Don’t worry about it.」
I’m the one that made the resentment bigger, is what Diablo thought. He didn’t think that Galak was that much of a troublesome person.
Thinking about the gains and losses, it was best not to get involved with him anymore, so naturally, thinking that he should do that, he did this and that.
——Personal communication really is difficult.
Shera stood in front of Selsio who had sunk down. It was a distance where he could reach her if he extended his hand, but it didn’t look like he had the energy to “try and take her back by force” anymore.
「Are you alright? You’re able to go back, right? Since it seems that this forest is a dangerous place, be careful.」
「Ah, uuh……」
「Also, could you report this to Nii-san? That I absolutely won’t be coming back. I’m not Nii-san’s possession——Right now, I’m Diablo and Rem’s companion!」
Without waiting for a reply, Shera turned around.
Blood had rushed to her cheeks.
And then, she said 「Let’s go back! Let’s go back! I’m hungry!」 and smiled.
Rem mixed in a sigh.
「……Just when did we become companions?」
「Didn’t you say that you liked me?」
「……I did not say that. It only meant that I did not hate that determination of yours.」
「Huh, are you being shy? Aren’t your cheeks a bit red?」
「Kuh……You baka Shera!」
「What’s with that all of a sudden!?」

——I’m, a companion?

Diablo froze up.

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