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Part 9

「Hey, let’s go on a quest right now!」
Shera was getting worked up.
Diablo felt the same way.
——I wonder how strong the monsters around here are?
His interest was inexhaustible.
Diablo’s group went back to the counter in order to accept a quest.
Suddenly, when he looked down at the first floor, he caught sight of someone he recognized.
——That’s, the accessory?
It was the Magicians Society’s Galak that he had quarrelled with last night.
While throwing eyes of scorn at the surrounding Adventurers, he left the Adventurers a.s.sociation.
Since Galak wasn’t an Adventurer, he probably wasn’t accepting a quest.
So that would mean that he came to make a request.
The game’s Magicians Society frequently dispatched quests to the Adventurers.
They were mainly for gathering materials. For example, 『Since it will be used in a magic experiment, hunt 《Demonic Ligers》, and gather three of their fangs, 《Dark Fangs》』. It was generally just like this.
——Well, I guess there’s no need to bother with him.
Rem and Shera were talking with the Green girl receptionist.
「Right now, the Quests that are out are around here.」
「……Since this is the first time you’re taking a quest, an Elementary Quest would be fine, right.」
「That’s fine but isn’t this cheap!?」
The red clothed receptionist was discussing something with Sylvie. Maybe because their conversation had been settled, Sylvie called out to them.
「Hey there, Diablo-san. There’s a quest that I want you to do immediate but is it alright?」
She presented a single sheet of paper on top of the counter.
He couldn’t read it.
Diablo urged Rem to read it.
「……This is a subjugation quest of the 《Man-Eating Forest》’s monster, 《Spotted Snake》. Are there people that do these kinds of quests?」
Diablo tilted his head.
「Monster hunting is normal as a quest, isn’t it?」
「……The monsters around that area aren’t opponents that Adventurers can go and defeat with several people. Normally, monsters around Fort Bridge Ulg or Starfall Tower would be hunted.」
「It’s because things like that are done that your levels don’t rise.」
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
Rem talked indifferently. Her feelings didn’t show on the surface.
「……That can’t be helped. It’s not like everyone is as strong as you after all. If they were to challenge a powerful monster and die, nothing would remain.」
「……Normally, even if a quest like this came out, no one would take it……Still, since the request was made, there would probably be a good reason for it.」
「Uuu……The Man-Eating Forest is where amazingly strong Demonic Beasts come out, right?」
Shera’s voice was trembling.
Sylvie talked.
「It would seem that the request’s employer is the Magicians Society. It looks like they require the eyeb.a.l.l.s of the Man-Eating Forest’s 《Spotted Snake》 for the sake of an experiment. Since the settlement date is close and we don’t have the time to gather strong people, how about it? I’m not going to force you but……Diablo-san, want to give it a try?」
Diablo thought about it.
The suitable level for the Man-Eating Forest was around 60. Monsters of that degree should appear.
If he was level 150, there was enough of a margin that they couldn’t even serve as a warm-up.
——The problem is MP.
Being effected somehow due to consecutive uses of magic was something that needed to be avoided.
He also needed to be reasonable in testing it.
If it’s against level 60 monsters, he should be able to deal with them bare handed.
And above all, refusing the quest here would be an obstacle for his Demon King role play. He was unwilling to be thought of as being scared.
「Very well. I shall proceed to do it.」
「Thank you! But be careful, okay? ‘Cause, for some reason, this quest is kind of suspicious.」
「This happens occasionally. Quests that try to put Adventurers into traps for some reason or another. Naturally, we try to not take in dubious requests, but since this time’s client is the Magicians Society, I think we can trust them but……It kind of bothers me.」
「Have no fear. No matter what the worm is planning, they couldn’t possibly bestow pain upon me.」
「Ahaha……How promising.」
The Demon King role play was good and all but——
It certainly was a strange request. There was a need to be cautious.
What crossed Diablo’s mind from her words was Galak who had left the a.s.sociation just a little while ago. He probably bore a grudge against Diablo, even if it was unjustified resentment through a misunderstanding.
——Well, since I made him go through all of that last night, he might not get involved with us anymore?
Rem slightly raise her hand.
「……I will go as well. Since Diablo is still inexperienced with these lands, I’m sure he’ll at least need a guid.」
Since that’s the case, there’s no way Shera will keep quiet.
「I’m going too! After all, I’m the Summon Master——」
Although it looked like it was going to be the usual pattern, Sylvie interrupted.
「I’ll leave the party organization to Diablo-san! The amount of money is just as it’s written, it’s the same no matter how many people go. If you have achieved it, since the reward was prepaid and we are taking charge of it, you’ll get paid immediately! Well then, have a safe trip on your first job!」
She is probably busy too.
「Leave it to us.」
Diablo waved his mantle and started walking.
Rem and Shera followed along with a trot.
——So it’s my first quest!
In his mind, the exalted feeling of when he first started the MMORPG Cross Reverie was revived.

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