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Part 6

Diablo stood behind Shera together with Rem and watched over the course of events.
The elementary quest receptionist——Nicknamed “Green girl”, took out a single sheet of paper from the scattered doc.u.ments.
「Now then, please down your name and country of origin.」
She held out a feather pen and an ink bottle.
Shera took those and started writing characters.
——Come to think of it, we can communicate our words, but I can’t read the characters.
“I’ll have Shera do my part too”, is what Diablo secretly decided.
While letting out her voice, Shera filled out the necessary information.
「’Ka~y. Umm……Shera L. Greenwood……Origin is, Greenwood Kingdom……」
The receptionist made a strange face.
「……Are you the Greenwood Kingdom’s, Greenwood-sama?」
「That’s right, what about it?」
Shera tilted her head in confusion.
——This girl, so she really does have that kind of position?
Diablo reflexively exchanged glances with Rem.
Green girl confirmed the doc.u.ments.
「Uh~m…………Ah, right, there’s no problem. Now then, I’ll measure your occupation apt.i.tude. Please tell me if you have any aspirations. If you don’t, I’ll take measurements for all three of the occupations, 《Warrior》, 《Archer》, and 《Magician》.」
「Okay, so the Magician measurement. Next, once you have confirmed the explanatory items on this contract, please put your signature and seal of blood at the lower right.」
「So something like a seal of blood is needed!?」
「Y, yes. After all, it is a contract that says that the Adventurers a.s.sociation won’t be sued even if you die……」
She placed a small knife on top of the counter.
Diablo started to feel shaken.
However, Shera took it as if it were nothing.
「It’s hurts, doesn’t it, a seal of blood.」
She did a small cut to her thumb.
After the blood that came out from the cut and turned into something like a ball, she pushed her thumb against the lower right part of the paper.
While holding the thumb that she cut in her mouth, Shera turned around.
「Next is the apt.i.tude test, right! Rem! I’ll definitely show you that I’ll have a higher level than you!」
「……That’s obviously impossible.」
「Ah, please heal the cut on my thumb! You have some kind of healing-type Summoned Beast, right?」
「……Just put some spit on it.」
「That’s so mean!」
The two of them began to noisily get along.
——I see, I thought that the reason she didn’t listen to what other people said was because she was an idiot or something……but it was because she had that kind of upbringing, huh?
Green girl talked to Diablo.
「Uh, uhm……the person over there, if you’d like, could you fill out the doc.u.ments now……Since you’re R-Rem-san and Shera-sama’s acquaintance, it’d be faster to, take the apt.i.tude test, but……I, I’ve said something intrusive!」
「No……You didn’t say anything wrong.」
Shera held out the feather pen.
「Here, next is Diablo’s turn!」
「Hmph, I don’t like doing trivial work such as that. You do it.」
「Eh!? Is that alright!? Yay! It’s kind of like I’m the master, isn’t it!」
Rem scowled, but she didn’t scramble to write on my behalf.
Green girl pointed at a blank form.
「Uh, uhm……The signature and the seal of blood, can’t be done through proxy.」
「I know.」
——Though, I don’t want to have any pain.
Since he wouldn’t sue them even if he died, he wanted to be exempt from the seal of blood.
Shera sparkled as she filled out the new blank form.
「Name is, Diablo…..And, what’s your surname?」
「I don’t have anything like that. I……am a sole and absolute being. Or could it be that I need a surname?」
「How about it?」
The green girl made a taken aback expression from Shera’s question.
「N, no! That is……Demons often go through painful experiences after all……Uh, um, I don’t mind if it’s the country you’re from or if you just leave it blank!」
Some kind of misunderstanding was made.
However, since it was convenient, he decided to continue on like this.
The occupation he was hoping for was, naturally a 《Magician》.
Shera moved away from the front of the counter.
「What’s left is the signature and the seal of blood!」
Before that, he read the explanatory items, just in case.
He wasn’t the type to read every user agreement when making an account but……this was a world where they had things like slavery chokers. He couldn’t be negligent.
It seems that things like the a.s.sociation not taking responsibility for any and all deaths and injuries, that the laws of the country and the regulations of the town take precedence over the Adventurers a.s.sociation’s rules, and that criminals will have their qualifications suspended were written.
——Fumu fumu, it doesn’t look like there is anything unreasonable.
Consenting to it, he wrote his signature with the feather pen.
Since the writing was more like symbols than characters, he wrote his signature with the alphabet in cursive.
To think that his dark history of practising writing his character name in cursive in secret would be useful in a place like this!
Rem, Shera, and the receptionist gazed with great interest at the shape of the signature that they weren’t familiar with.
「Now then……」
Diablo picked up the knife that was placed on the counter.
This kind of thing was just like an injection and once there was hesitation, it was scary. It won’t hurt. It won’t hurt. Even Shera made a face like it was nothing at all.
*Kyu*. He closed his eyes and hit the tip onto his thumb.
It really hurts!
Red blood flowed out from the fingertip.
Glugging down.
He cut too deep!
——It would seem that when I injure myself, the physical defence from the 《The Hollow of Jet Black》 that I have equipped and the defensive barrier for magic don’t activate.
As if! This wasn’t the time to be leisurely thinking such thoughts!
Blood fell onto the counter.
Rem and the others were being fl.u.s.tered.
Cutting too much in something like a seal of blood was embarra.s.sing. Making a face like it was natural, while the blood was dribbling, he pressed his thumb beside the signature. Rather than a seal of blood, it was more like it was bloodstained.
There was a p.r.i.c.kling pain.
However, it started to calm down.
The bleeding quickly stopped, and the cut that was too deep for a seal of blood slowly started to close.
This was probably due to the HP Auto-recovery effect of 《The Distorted Crown》.
He confirmed the equipment’s efficiency in an unexpected place.
「Is this alright?」
With even her face turning green, Green girl checked Diablo’s registration form.
「……Y, yes. There’s no problem with it……probably……Uh, uhm, now then, since there seems to only be Magicians, we’ll do the apt.i.tude test and level judgement over here.」
Diablo and the others were guided to stand in front of a mirror that was beside the counter.
It was a full-length mirror.
Was there something like a mirror in this place in the game?
He could no longer remember.
At the very least, there shouldn’t have been this kind of event.
It was a mirror that looked like jewelry bordered in gold.
However, maybe because the surface wasn’t polished or something, it was cloudy and faces and appearances weren’t reflected for the most part.
Shera blinked her eyes with surprise.
「What, is this?」
「……It’s a mirror that measures the strength of magical power. It is used like this.」
Rem stood in front and extended her hand to the mirror. She touched it with her fingertips.
*Bou*. The surface shined.
The cloudiness of the mirror surface cleared away, and Rem’s appearance was reflected. it was only the upper half of her body, but it was vivid.
「……By strongly pouring magic power without any hesitation like this, the cloudy gla.s.s changes into a mirror.」
*Pachi pachi*, Green girl clapped her hands.
「As expected of you, Rem-san. There’s no mistake that you are higher than level 40! Your magic power has become stronger than before, hasn’t it!」
「……Thank you.」
When Rem parted her hand from the mirror, it’s former cloudiness returned.
Shera raised both of her hands.
「I got it! Alright, I’m going to do my best!」
She pressed her hands against the mirror.
Just like that, she started to growl with a difficult face.
After a short time——
The cloudy mirror clearly reflected Shera’s face.
The receptionist was surprised.
「Wah, that’s amazing! Being this clear……U, umm, 『Reflecting clearly enough to count the eyelashes』 is, since it went 『to the pit of the stomach』, your level is……30!」
「30!? No way……」
Shera let out a disappointed sounding voice.
Going by the information obtained up until now, level 30 is probably a fairly high evaluation.
——But, Shera’s target was to be higher than Rem after all.
Rem puffed up her slim chest.
「……It was foolish of you to think that you could surpa.s.s me.」
「But! Since I haven’t gone on even one adventure yet, I’ll instantly surpa.s.s you, Rem!」
「……That’s not possible……You’ll continue to look up at me for all your life.」
Quietly, Rem breathed a sigh of relief.
It didn’t show on her face, but it seems that in her heart, she was worried that she might not be judged to be higher than Shera.

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