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Part 8

The Adventurers a.s.sociation Chairman’s room was a s.p.a.ce that was about 6 tatami mats.
Not differing from the other places, all of the upholstery was made of wood.
Maybe because she gets visitors, it was beautifully tidied up.
There was a low table meant for reception use and Diablo sat down in the wooden chair near it.
Rem and Shera were at both of his sides.
The Guildmaster sat at a solid wooden work desk and it was a somewhat separated from the place that Diablo’s group sat at.
With the chair seeming to be a bit high for her, she jumped onto it.
「Thank you very much for going through the trouble of coming here. I am the one acting as the Faltra Town Adventurers a.s.sociation Chairman, Sylvie. And you are, Rem-san the Summoner and……?」
Shera bent forward.
「I am, Shera! And, this is my Summoned Beast, Diablo!」
Rem’s tail hit Shera’s bottom.
It made a *Pos* sound.
「……We said that Diablo isn’t a Summoned Beast, didn’t we……Besides, it’s not like you summoned him. You really are a stupid Elf that doesn’t listen to what people say.」
「And I’ve said this over and over again! Diablo was summoned by the genius me, and is an amazing Summoned Beast!」
「Fu……Level 30 is a genius……」
Rem hid her mouth with one hand.
Shera’s face became red.
「That mirror just didn’t acknowledge the value of my talent!!」
「……Only that self-confidence is worthy of respect.」
「Yay! I was respected!」
Sylvie the Guildmaster was calm.
「It looks like there are some complicated circ.u.mstances, aren’t there?」
「You do not have to be bothered too much about these two. More importantly, you have something to talk about with me, right?」
Diablo prompted her to get to the main question.
Rem and Shera closed their mouths and looked in Sylvie’s direction.
「Getting straight to the point, I don’t think we can handle you.」
She was in a somewhat cheerful state.
Diablo tilted his head.
「I can at least ask the reason, can’t I?」
「I don’t know if you’ll a.s.sent to it though. It’s not just limited to us but the Adventurers a.s.sociation attaches levels to registered adventurers and then entrusts them with requests in accordance with that level but……In your case, we don’t know your level.」
「You don’t know, you say?」
「It’s because this was the first time the mirror became that way. I believe that there’s no mistake that it’s a high level but we don’t know how high it is. We can’t determine what kind of requests we should entrust to you.」

「If it’s a quest open to the public, I think I’d be able to clear them all.」
「That’s some amazing self-confidence. That’s all the more reason why you’re outside of our evaluation standards. As Guildmaster, this is difficult.」
「Outside of your evaluation standards, you say?」
For Diablo, who wanted to know his own level in this world, this was a disappointing talk.
However, thinking about it, it was natural.
The town of Faltra was the “end of the opening of the game” and after entering the Demonic Being’s territory that spread out to the west of here was MMORPG Cross Reverie’s main game.
To obstruct the Demon King’s revival by gaining control of the Demonic Beings’ bases with the spread out races’ bases as a foothold.
For that reason, the necessary strength is to be greater than level 80 which is close to the races’ limit.
Moreover, via the scenario of “exceeding the limits of the races”, Adventurers reached the unprecedented level of 100.
——I’m not exactly sure, but it would be appropriate to think that it’s because I exceed the level restrictions that they couldn’t measure my level.
However, it’s great that his level was high but if he couldn’t get work because of that, he would be troubled. There would be no means of earning money.
——Should I just make potions and sell them?
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, there was a thing called subcla.s.ses.
There were various types like baker and blacksmith and not even Diablo could remember all of the subcla.s.ses’ detailed data. There were just that many. Information confirming them was put up on the walkthrough site, but it was also bulky with hidden factors.
Diablo had chosen a craft-type subcla.s.s called 《Compounder》. As long as he had the raw materials, he could make things like recovery-type potions.
He chose it because he had no choice but to rely on recovery items due to the effect of 《The Demon King’s Ring》.
The highest grade recovery items were things that players had no choice but to make. For that reason, trading and buying them was expensive, and it’s not like it would always be on sale.
In this world, by making use of the techniques of a 《Compounder》, he might make business if he made potions. However……

Last night, he had promised Rem that he would pulverise the soul of the Demon King Krebskrem.

At present, that was the established strongest enemy.
Potion craftsmen bear a lot of responsibility. The thing called battle intuition is something that withers if one doesn’t fight.
Besides, there was also the fact that he had an emotional attachment to the occupation called Adventurer.
Diablo inquired.
「You……Does that mean you don’t intend on recognizing me as an Adventurer?」
Sylvie swung her head left and right.
「For Faltra’s Adventurers a.s.sociation, we’d be glad to have you, you know? I’m not talking about my side. I was thinking that you might have some dissatisfaction.」
「If there are quests and the rewards are paid, I have no complaints.」
「That so? I’m probably weaker than you. I wonder if you’re able to order me and make me consent? Or maybe, were you thinking of wanting to replace me and become Guildmaster yourself?」
He had not thought of that.
In regards to the game, the Adventurers a.s.sociation was 『a system that mediates quests to Adventurers』.
While it may be true that the Guildmaster is weak, it was impossible to refuse the quests.
However, in regards to the actual Adventurers a.s.sociation, it seems they seek for someone that is the strongest to be the Chairman.
——There are a lot of outlaw-type guys after all.
Diablo remembered the bar fight on the first floor. To gather up a bunch of people like that, strength was probably essential.
「I have no interest in something like an organization. You should just do such troublesome things.」
「Ahaha, you’re an interesting guy. In that case, I only have one more thing. There aren’t many missions that correspond to your true ability, you know?」
That couldn’t be helped in Faltra.
It was a town where there was a countable amount of 《Advanced Quests》, and a place where the final 《Elementary Quest》 was given.
Once one entered Demonic Being territory, 《Elementary Quests》 would disappear, and 《Ultra Quests》 appeared in exchange.
And then, although 《Story Quests》 continued the tale, the monetary rewards generally didn’t correspond with the hardships faced. Things like trying to go back to the previous area or the level restriction being out of place, he had things like that to look back on but……
Diablo looked at Rem.
——I guess, even now, I’m undertaking something like a Story Quest.
「You don’t have to mind the mission’s level. To begin with, there probably isn’t a quest that corresponds with me in this area anyway.」
「Really? Then……Pleased to be working with you from here on out!」
Sylvie rushed over and held her right hand out.
He held that small hand.
While taking an arrogant att.i.tude, Diablo was relieved in his mind.
——I was wondering what would happen when the mirror turned pitch black, but I’m glad that everything got settled.
With this, I’m an Adventurer!

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