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Part 4

Lifelia Kingdom Calendar Year 164, September 30──
Diablo walked through the streets of the royal capital.
Only Rem was beside him.
「……Going out with just the two of us, this is the first time, isn't it.」
When she tried saying that, there were several times where he went out alone with Shera, but he had no memory of being only with Rem. There were many times where he ended up being alone with her at inn room though.
「……Why, is it only me?」
「Horun is in the middle of studying──And Rose, on top of her appearance standing out, she would cause trouble in negotiations after all.」
In Rose's case, if someone were to make a remark that looked down on Diablo, she would immediately try to use force on them. She was reliable when monsters appeared, but she would be troublesome in the town.
And Shera was still on the sickbed.
「Also, it seems that Sylvie had some business to take care of.」
She was showing her face at the town's Adventurer's Guild. Since she had very few chances to come to the royal capital, she said that there was someone that she wanted to meet with. She also said that she would visit the king for the sake of of showing grat.i.tude for the solatium from the other day.
Rem made a wry smile.
「……How unfortunate. I was hoping that it was because you wanted to go on a date alone with me.」
「Wh, what?」
「Fufu……It's a joke. And so, what do you mean by negotiations?」
After being strangely conscious of it, it felt like his cheeks were getting hot.
He remembered the advice that was circulated on the internet together with cruel failure stories.
"Those that take a female party member's joke seriously, die"
Diablo hid his agitation, and snorted.
「Hmph……Saying such foolish things. Listen well, the negotiation I speak of……is to buy a carriage.」
He had learned of the distance to the Greenwood Kingdom from Shera, but it would take too much time on foot.
And then, Blackwood was even further.
Rem made a displeased face.
「……You haven't forgotten that I am weak with vehicles, have you?」
「If it's a large-sized carriage, then it would be somewhat better, wouldn't it?」
「……Well, as long as there is very little shaking.」
When they rode on small-sized sand ships and wagons, Rem was in an uproar, but she was calmer on the large-sized sand ship and stagecoach. It seemed that there was "shaking she disliked".
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
「Although it will be somewhat expensive, since we have a lot of people, I intend on buying a large-sized carriage. Also, when you become useless, the troubles increase after all.」
「Ah, how about everyone runs over there!? ……No, nevermind.」
It seems that even she thought that what she blurted out was ridiculous.
Rem cleared her throat and corrected herself.
「……When headed to a distant place, you would either use a stagecoach, or accompany a caravan but……since it seems that the Greenwood Kingdom does not have a highway, it cannot be helped. It is ironic how going to a country of the Races is much more troublesome than going to Zircon Tower City which is in the Former Demon King territory.」
「There wouldn't be any difficulty if I were to go alone though.」
「……Diablo, if you were alone, then there wouldn't be any reason for you to go to the country of the Elves to begin with.」
「That in itself would be boring.」
「……Since we are buying a carriage, it seems like it will be a little while before we depart, doesn't it?」
It wasn't just because this was another world──Carriages are not simple vehicles that one can take from the place that one bought it and immediately be able to depart. Including both the horses and the frame, some sort of preparations were needed.
「It is because Shera had not made a full recovery yet. This is just perfect, isn't it?」
Incidentally, Horun had been given homework from Lumachina, and has shut herself up in her room at the inn.
It seems that she will be able to enrol in the Magic Academy in several days.
However, since the first-year student lessons started at the beginning of September, she needed to catch up on that nearly one month delay.
Walking beside him, Rem peeked over and turned her gaze at him.
「……At that time, if I had succeeded in the Summoning alone at 《Starfall Tower》, I wonder if I would have walked alone together with you through the town just like this.」
「Maybe. Could it be, are you still quarrelling with Shera as to which one of you had summoned me?」
「Of course not……As you'd expect, I already understand. That, had surely succeeded because there was the two of us. At that time, I had thought that Shera was a mere novice but……That girl is a genius.」
「So it would seem.」
It seemed that Shera could see the flow of magical power. The ability that people with a fair amount of talent would pile long times of practice and then finally acquire, she was somehow able to use it since childhood.
Rem was in the middle of training for it, and it seemed that it would still take some time for her.
「……If Shera studied correctly, then she would surely become a first-rate Summoner. Well, with her talent with the bow, I feel like she could become a heroine with it but……How regrettable.」
「She has mistaken her path.」
Shera was an outstanding Archer. She wasn't measured at the Adventurer's Guild, she was most likely at around level 80 in it. Since Elves lived long lives, if she had settled on the bow, she would have had the calibre to be a heroine.
Rem abruptly asked a question.
「……Diablo, do you remember? I was attacked by a Demonic Being in Faltra City, right?」
「Something like that did happen, didn't it.」
「In the fight against the Demonic Being Gregor, I nearly lost my life. If things had gone wrong, Celes would have also been killed, and the barrier protecting the town might have been lost.」
At that time, thanks to Emil rushing over and persevering, Diablo was able to make it in time.
「What of it?」
「……Isn't Shera stronger than Gregor?」
「Fumu. It would depend on the way they fought, but she might be able to win.」
If it was now, since she had the Magic Bow that she received from Krum, it would surely be an easy victory.
「As I thought……」
Rem nodded.
Even if they were companions, having felt the difference in their talents, it probably couldn't be helped that she was feeling down. Rather, it was probably because they were companions.
Diablo placed a hand on Rem's shoulder.
「You are a plenty high leveled Summoner. Since you also have the equipment that I had given you, you would surely win against Gregor as well if you fought now.」
Rem stared at him.
「……At times, you are surprisingly kind.」
Certainly, cheering up a sullen little girl wasn't Demon King-like.
Diablo averted his gaze.
「Hahn! I merely stated facts. Do not be mistaken.」
「Pardon me for that……」
While saying that, Rem remained expressing a delighted smile.
The carriage store that was recommended to him from an inn employee came into view.

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