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Part 1

The next day, evening──
Rem came out from Shera's room.
「……It looks like she's doing better than yesterday. She was able to eat a little after all.」
「Can she still not get up?」
She nodded at Diablo's question.
「……She is barely able to raise her body in the bed. I think it will take a bit more time. But is seems that her feelings have calmed down.」
「I see.」
It was time for them to have dinner as well.
They asked to have their meals carried to the common room.
Rem looked around the room.
「……Is Horun still in her room?」
「Umu. It seems that she is reading the book that was delivered from Lumachina this morning.」
「……That sure is a nostalgic book. I also read that and learned the basics of magic.」
Diablo folded his arms, and made a pensive look.
For the letters of this country, as expected, he learned enough to know the names of goods and price tags, but he didn't learn enough to be able to read a book.
──I thought about this before, but I wonder if I should try learning to read and write as well?
However, a Demon King that does studying at the same level of a child is probably uncool.
Although he had his own room right now, he would normally be eating and sleeping together with Rem and Shera. It didn't seem like he would have much time to be able to study alone.
The door was knocked on.
Did an employee of the 《Phoenix House》 come to bring in food?
Rose the Magimatic Maid received them.
She turned the k.n.o.b.
The door opened.
At the height of her line of sight, rabbit ears swayed.
They were a Gra.s.swalker. They had red-colored hair and an amiable smile.
「Yaー, Diablo-san! I finally met up with you!」
Raising one hand up, they waved their hand left and right.
Their appearance was only having a small amount of cloth on, and was something close to being naked.

Diablo opened his eyes wide.
「Is that you, Sylvie!?」
「……Did you not figure it out until seeing her clothes just now?」
Having reproachful eyes turned towards him, he shed a cold sweat in his mind.
「H, hmph……Don't say something so foolish.」
Diablo was poor at remembering the faces of people. He was good at remembering game settings though.
Rose made a confirmation.
「Master, is this person not an enemy?」
「Umu. You can't let your guard down around her though.」
「Ahaha……Oh please, Diablo-san. I'm an ally, you know? You're an Adventurer of Faltra City, and I am the Guild Master, right.」
She was an influential person who they could rely on.
However, with Krum's case, there was also a time where she opposed them
Sylvie was an Adventurer that fought for the sake of the Races. Since it was not like she obeyed Diablo, it was also possible for her to become an enemy depending on the situation.
──For the time being, it doesn't look like there's any hostility, so then what did she come here for?
Since he didn't know the reason why she came to visit, he was nervous in his mind. Even so, he dealt with her while seeming self-important with his usual Demon King role play.
「Hmph……To expressly come all the way to the royal capital from Faltra City, you must have some important business, don't you? I shall at least hear your story.」
Saying "Pardon the intru~sion", Sylvie entered the room. With a childish behavior, she went "Ei" and sat on the sofa.
Since she was a Gra.s.swalker, she had the outward appearance of a child, but it seemed that she had experienced the 《Races and Demonic Being War》 between the Races and the Demon King that happened thirty years ago.
At that time, the door was knocked on once again.
This time, it was for setting up dinner.
Plates of various sizes were lined up on the common room's long table. A tasty-smelling scent wafted about.
Sylvie's eyes sparkled.
「Fuwaah……Is there some sort of celebration today!?」
Rem shrugged her shoulders.
「……At this inn, all three meals are usually like this.」
「That's amazing!」
「……Since you came over, you can eat some too. Shera and Rose's portions will be left over after all.」
Since Rose was Magimatic, she did not take normal meals.
And then, Horun's portion was taken to her room.
Sylvie tilted her head.
「Now that you mention it, what's wrong with Shera-chan?」
「……She is in poor physical health.」
「Arara, could it be, was it because she heard about her father?」
「……So you knew.」
「Gathering information is one of the jobs of an Adventurer after allー.」
While saying that, Sylvie moved a chair of the long table. She held a knife and a fork in her hands.
Due to having travelled together with Lumachina, Rem and the others picked up a habit of praying for a meal. Diablo also waited silently.
While having their meal, they ended up hearing Sylvie's story.

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