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Chapter Epilogue

Part 1

Diablo opened his eyes.
He was in his own room at the high cla.s.s inn, the 《Phoenix House》──on top of his bed. Even the cloth that went up to the ceiling had delicate embroidery applied to it.
He had drank an MP Recovery Potion, so he did not particularly have a corporeal sense of fatigue.
Was what he was vaguely feeling, something like burnout syndrome?
──I sure am hungry.
He got out of bed with hunger as the reason.
I’ve changed a bit from when I was a Gamer if I do say so myself, is what he thought. In the past, he wouldn’t have moved even if he was hungry.
Rather, he couldn’t move. Only when he was shooed away by a game event with a time limit would he finally move.
When he opened the thick curtains, the area outside the window had become a madder red.
「Oou, so it’s already evening……」
After the fight at the Inner Court──
Diablo descended at the plaza in front of the eastern gate of the third district, and walked back to the inn from there.
He nervously waited for about three hours.
After seven o’clock, Rem, Shera, Horun, and Rose safely returned, and he was finally able to feel relieved.
Taking a breakfast that seemed like a supper, and then lying down on his bed……
It was now.
The wall mounted clock told him that he had slept for close to half a day.
He rung the bell that was installed in the room.
Before long, an inn employee came along. It was a courteous female Dwarf.
「You had called, dear guest?」
「Umu, I would like to request a meal and a bath. Also, what are the others doing?」
「I was entrusted with this.」
A message was written on stationery.
It seemed that Rem went to make a report to Alicia. She’s conscientious as always.
Shera took Horun along and went to go shopping in town. So even though so much stuff had happened, she went to go sightseeing the next day. Her ability to go at her own pace is amazing!
Rose was on standby in her own room.
“There is no need for meals. Be sure to convey anything that happens to me. Be sure to not wake Diablo up.” It seems that is what she asked the employee to do.
Although there were some unprecedented things, I’m grateful for their usual consideration, is what he thought.
At any rate, it didn’t seem like there were any particular problems.
The Dwarf employee bowed her head.
「We shall prepare your meal and your bath immediately.」
「Make it hot water.」
It was a high cla.s.s inn, so there was a table for meal-use in every room and, moreover, they even had bathtubs.
There was a need to have them bring with regular water or hot water, but they could enter the bath at any time.
When he lived in his former world, he didn’t like baths. Since he couldn’t play the game during that time, he thought of it as a waste of time and couldn’t stand it.
Now, it was a supreme pleasure.
Come to think of it, he had heard stories of hot springs in Faltra City.
──It might not be that bad to try going to a hot spring.
He didn’t know the details, but since the problem with the Church seemed to be finished, there was probably nothing Diablo could do anymore.
He did reveal himself as the Demon King as well as G.o.d after all, so he couldn’t get close to the Church. On the contrary, it was dangerous to even stay in the royal capital. If he were found by a believer, as for what would happen……He had nothing but premonitions that he would fall into a troublesome situation.
Diablo had a meal alone for the first time in a while.
There was freshly baked bread, tender roast beef, and crisp pickled vegetables. In addition, there was grilled fish and was accompanied by fruits.
It was delicious.
However, it wa

s dull being alone.
Should he have called Rose? However, she did not have normal meals. He felt bad about having her just keep him company for this.
──To think that I would feel that a solitary meal would be lonely.
Even though he thought “Being carefree was the best!”
He then entered the bath that the employee prepared while he was having his meal. To soak in warm water, it was his first time do so since he came to this other world.
The core of his body was warmed up.
It was as if his fatigue melted in the hot water.
「Ahh, this is the best……」
At that time, door was humbly knocked on.
「……Diablo, are you awake?」
It was Rem.
He replied from the bathroom.
「Umu, you may enter!」
She opened the door.
「Excuse me.」
「Over here. Do you have some sort of hurried business?」
「No, I am not in a hurry……Shera and Horun, they seem to still be shopping, right?」
Rem came to the bathroom.
「Ah……So you were bathing in cold water.」
「It’s a bath. Are you not used to bathtubs? You should try entering as well. This is something good.」
Of course, Diablo said that with the meaning of “you should have a bath prepared in your own room”.
Even so, standing stock still, Rem blushed.
「……I, I understand. I also……was thinking that, I would like to wash my sweat off.」
Rem started taking her clothes off.
He was fl.u.s.tered and thought about trying to stop her, but that was probably bad.
Not limited to Pantherians, the common people of this other world have a custom of bathing in cold water in lakes and rivers. Washing away sweat with companions wasn’t rare.
Rem and Shera had bathed in cold water before after all.
Right now, pointing out her misunderstanding would be equivalent to saying “I don’t want to go in together with you”, so in other words, it would be like saying that Rem was not a companion and rejecting her.
It would be great if he could somehow skillfully say it in a way that wouldn’t hurt her but……
Just as always, words like that didn’t come out.
While he was thinking, Rem had taken off her clothes.
She covered her small chest with both of her hands.
And then, for her lower part, her panther tail coiled around and covered it.
──Rather, isn’t doing it like that even more incredible!?
Diablo’s heart had a sudden rise in its pulse rate.
Rem winced.
「U, um……When you stare at me that much, it’s a bit embarra.s.sing.」
「I-I-I-I see!」
Diablo tore his gaze away. He leaned his back on the bathtub.
Rem got in.
She really did get in together with him……
She entered turning her back towards Diablo.
So she thought that facing each other would be embarra.s.sing.
Certainly, if they were like this, all he could see would be things like the back of her head, her slender nape, and her delicate shoulders.
If she had volume to her chest, it might have been different, but he couldn’t see that.
But however!
Their skin touched.
Rem’s b.u.t.t was set down in between Diablo’s legs. And then, her slender, small, and soft-looking body was settled down in between his arms.
In front of his eyes, her kitten-like panther ears moved with a twitch, and the drips on the hair ends of them flew off.
「……Um, was it really not a bother?」
「O-o-of course nyot!」
「Ahem! Of course not!」
「……Thank goodness.」
Rem brought her body closer.
She leaned her small back on Diablo’s chest. Her b.u.t.t touched the inner part of his legs.
It felt like his sense of reason would fly away.
When Rem made a glancing look his way, her cheeks were bright red.
Although it was awkward, she expressed a smile looking happy.
「……Ehe……I entered together with you.」
「O, ou.」
──S, so cute.
So she was a girl who could make this kind of expression. He was together with her often, but he felt like this was his first time seeing it.
Rem leaked out a nasally voice.
Going “Eh?”, he was bewildered.
When he realized it, Diablo had tried to hug her with both of his arms.
「……Nn……This hot water, it certainly, does feel good.」
Rem inclined her head.
She leaned it on Diablo’s arm.
Thank goodness she didn’t get mad.
──Just when I thought my sense of reason was going to fly away, it had flown long ago! I don’t think I understand what is being said, but when a small, young cat-eared girl smiles at me, it can’t be helped, right!
Unfortunately, it seemed that Diablo’s sense of reason was in the middle of a vacation.
He tried to hug Rem tightly.
「Ah, no, that’s to say……」
「……Diablo, something is, hitting my back.」
「……Something hard.」
「C, could it be a horn?」
「……Could it, really be that?」
Rem squirmed about and moved her b.u.t.t.
When he thought that it might be because she was uncomfortable──
Something wrapped around it.

He involuntarily swallowed his breath by the unknown stimulus.
──This is, could it be, her tail!?
Rem’s panther tail wrapped around Diablo’s “horn”.
*Zoku zoku* The muscles along his spine trembled.
「Uu, oo.」
Rem leaked out a sigh.
「Ou, oou……」
Splishing and splashing, the bathtub’s water surface swayed.
Maybe because they were feeling dizzy from the long bath, the two of them had not just their faces but their whole bodies turn red.
Diablo unintentionally hugged Rem’s body close.
Grabbing her bulged chest, he stimulated the tips.
「Oh, cra……」
A shock ran through the muscles along Diablo’s spine.
Rem covered her own mouth with both hands, and controlled her own heavy breathing.
And then, within his arms, she repeatedly convulsed.

──Pantherians, they sure are incredible……

*Bakin!* The sound of metal breaking was made. It came from the room’s foyer!
Both Diablo and Rem went *Biku!* and were surprised.
*Mishi, mishi* There was some creaking, and someone was approaching the bathroom.
Rem’s shoulders trembled.

In a way different from just a little while ago, this was probably her being frightened.
A voice came from the room.
「Master, there is a visitor.」
「O, ou……So it’s you, Rose. Erm……I seemed to, have heard a really incredible sound though?」
「I am terribly sorry. Since I had sensed an unsettling presence, I failed in adjusting the power of my right hand. I seemed to have destroyed the lock.」
Rem quivered like a kitten that was in front of a stray dog.
Certainly, if Rose had seen the act from a little while ago……He kind of didn’t want to imagine it.
Diablo told Rose.
「Because I will be preparing myself, lead them to the common room! Rose, you wait there as well.」
「This Rose will a.s.sist you, Master.」
「Seriously?……Ah, no……Do not treat me like a suckling child. I have no problem dressing myself without the help of someone else!」
「……I am terribly sorry. I shall await your orders in the common room.」
Rose left.
Going *Fuuー*, Diablo breathed a sigh.
Rem got out from the bathtub. Warm water fell down from her slightly reddened skin. Drops dripped from her long, black hair.
Seeing her long and narrow tail, Diablo unconsciously blushed.
She breathed a sigh.
「……I thought my heart was going to stop.」
「Do you find Rose scary?」
「……Even I am an Adventurer. No matter how strong she is, I will not be afraid of her. Merely, if she were to see me in a place like this……As expected, it’s embarra.s.sing.」
「I, I see.」
「……Also……It’s because I wanted to keep this a secret between just the two of us.」
After saying that, as if to gloss over her shyness, Rem hurriedly got out of the bathroom.
Diablo solidified.

She, with both her wet skin and wet hair as they were, put on her clothes.
Her cheeks bright red, she glared at his direction.
「……I, do not want to destroy the peace of this party. So this sort of thing, I find it questionable.」
「Th, that’s, true.」
「But……Um……I was, happy…………And it felt good……」
The last part was said in a small voice that sounded like it would disappear.
Saying only that, Rem turned her back towards him.
Leaving no sounds of footsteps, she had most likely gone out from the room.

Part 2

Diablo changed into his clothes and went to the common room.
Rem, Rose, and the guest were waiting.
And then, Shera and Horun had also just returned.
The guest, was a person that they were very familiar with. Rather, it even felt like it would only be natural for them to still be together with them.
「Thank you very much for last night, Diablo-sama.」
It was Lumachina.
Diablo found it unexpected.
「Is it alright for you to be in this sort of place? How are things at the Church?」
「Of course, there is a huge mound of things to do but……Diablo-sama, there is no way I could invite you to the twelfth district, but having said that, I thought that everyone would go off somewhere once the day ended.」
Rem nodded.
「……We don’t have anymore business in the royal capital after all.」
「Ehー!? Even though there are so many stores we haven’t gone to yet!?」
Shera unhappily said that.
Horun made a wry smile.
The girls had bought quite a lot of things, such as clothes, trinkets, and food, within a short amount of time.
They had received a large reward in Zircon Tower City, but at this rate, it seemed like it would run out soon.
Rem slapped her with an a.s.sertion.
「……And what will you if we are discovered by the believers and they learn about Diablo!?」
Lumachina smiled.
「I believe that will be alright.」
「……You’re saying something so optimistic again.」
「It is because I have told the believers that Diablo-sama is conducting himself as an Adventurer.」
「What did you say!?」
「Everyone looked like they had consented to it very well. Even in the legends, there are many episodes where “Kami-sama becomes a person of the Races or an animal and comes to look at our state of affairs”.」
「……Is that really allowed?」
Rem held her head in her hands.
It really helped that they did not have to run from place to place away from the believers.
However, there was a different problem.
If he was discovered in town, would he be treated as G.o.d? Or as the Demon King?
──Either way would be a pain, wouldn’t it.
There is no change in the plan of quickly leaving the royal capital──is what Diablo announced to everyone.
Lumachina nodded.
「I thought, that you might say that. It isn’t much, but please add this to your travelling expenses.」
Having a leather bag handed to her, Rem checked the content.
「……This much!?」
「I am terribly sorry. As it was misappropriated by the Cardinal Inst.i.tute, the Church’s financial situation is on the verge of bankruptcy. Even the money entrusted to the Church from the people was embezzled……For a while, there will be almost no budget that I can use freely.」
「……No, this is plenty.」
Shera peeked into the leather bag that Rem held and her eyes went round.
Horun extended her hand to it and, *peshi*, had it hit by Rem.
Lumachina reported her current situation.
「Although there were injured people among the believers, there were no casualties……Diablo-sama, I really must give you my thanks.」
「I, I see! Well, as I am a Demon King, the lives of people of the Races don’t really matter to me though!」
Diablo folded his arms to hide his embarra.s.sment, and reclined into the sofa.
Since they had been together for quite a long time, he had a hunch that his Demon King role play had already been seen through but……
Since he couldn’t have a conversation without putting up this kind of character, it couldn’t be helped.
Rem and the others also patted their chests in relief. Only Rose didn’t have signs of caring about it as usual though.
Lumachina continued her report.
「The restoration work on the Inner Court has immediately begun. To the general public, it was struck by large-scale lightning──that is what was announced. With help also coming from outside of the twelfth district, and fund-raising activities being performed, I can feel the piety of the people and their feelings of mutual aid.」
「Fumu……Does it look like it can be repaired?」
As the perpetrator who flashily destroyed it, Diablo felt a considerable amount of responsibility.
Lumachina a.s.sured him.
「It will definitely be repaired.」
He felt a bit relieved.
「Also, the matter about the members of the Cardinal Inst.i.tute having died in the subterranean tunnel was announced to the public. However, Rem-san’s testimony will be covered up.」
「……It is because I am a demi-human and an Adventurer, isn’t it.」
「No, it is not for that sort of reason. As the Church is right now, it does not have the flexibility to confront royal authority. Although they were great sinners, for the 《Royal Palace Chivalric Order》 to kill very important people without a trial……That will surely become a problem.」
「……I see.」
「Rem-san, going by your story, it seems that Bishos had a connection with the royal authority faction. And because of that, they killed him to silence him.」
「After having misappropriated the Church, they were able to embezzle things like donations but……Where did the funds in order to misappropriate the Church come from to begin with? You can see the answer, can’t you.」
「……This is surprising. I had thought that you had a personality that wouldn’t be mindful of that sort of thing.」
Lumachina made a wry smile at Rem’s words.
「To be honest, I am still not very good with it. But, I need to get ahold of things……It’s because if something similar were to happen, the earth will definitely burn at that time after all.」
After thinking “What is up with that?” and tilting his head, Diablo remembered that it was something he blurted out in his exit performance. He only tried saying something that sounded G.o.d-like but……
As he thought, Lumachina believes him too much.
Although I feel anxious about it, since she seemed to be working hard in her own way, that purity is also one of her good points, is what Diablo thought.
「Ahh, have the Holy Knights been dealt with?」
「Whether they have committed crimes, and if they have, just what kind of crimes were they? We will be investigating that from now on.」
「Certainly, there were some outrageous villains, but that does not guarantee that all of the Holy Knights were villains.」
「Didn’t the believers emotionally desire to execute them?」
「That’s, well……But, it was because they were taught by Diablo-sama──When receiving a shock, people’s thoughts become extreme. They would try to give excessive punishment──That is what you are saying, correct?」
Diablo nodded.
That is probably why she had become cautious with disposing of them.
That was all for the report in regards to the Church.
However, Lumachina’s story instead became momentous from here.

「It would seem that the Greenwood King of the Elves has died.」

「What did you say!?」
Diablo reflexively half rose to his feet.
Shera’s knees trembled.
「No way……」
The suzerain state of the Elves──The Greenwood Kingdom was Shera’s homeland. And the King of that place was, in other words, her father.
Lumachina talked looking apologetic.
「I have also confirmed it several times but, coming from several routes……They say that it had happened about one week ago.」
「Th, that can’t be!?」
*Fura* Shera looked like she was about to collapse.
Rem hurriedly supported her shoulders.

It seemed that even for her, with her sagaciousness, she couldn’t immediately figure how just how she should call out to her.
Horun was also speechless.
Diablo asked a question to Shera.
「It seems that the Greenwood King sired three children, correct? However, the two older brothers have died, and there are no longer any children other than you. If it is hereditary, you will either succeed the country……Or, you will accept one who will become king as your husband but……What do you think of that?」
Shera shook her head left and right.
「I don’t know! Otou-san……dying……I hadn’t thought of that at all!」
*Boro boro* She burst into tears.
Rem nodded.
「Elves do have long lives after all. Something like family dying, I am sure that it’s harder for you than all of the other races.」
Saying that, she had Shera sit down on the sofa.
Horun nestled close to her.
「I also, cried a lot -ssu. When my real Otou-san and Okaa-san disappeared, and when my Shishou died……」
Maybe because she remembered it all, even Horun shed tears.
Rem also cried while m.u.f.fling her voice. Come to think of it, she had also lost both of her parents──She had told him before.
Diablo placed a hand on Lumachina’s shoulder.
「We made you take on a difficult duty.」
She wiped her eyes.
「Is there any other information that you acquired?」
「Let’s see……As expected, since Princess Shera, the sole heir to the throne, is missing, it has become a problem as to who will be the successor……」
「Although they are Elves, it’s a contest for the throne huh.」
As one would expect, with Shera’s position, ignoring the situation would be way too irresponsible. Even if she has run away from home, if done poorly, there will be a war that divides the country.
That can’t be allowed to happen.
It was probably best to talk about it after the crying Shera has calmed down──is what Diablo thought.
However, his feelings became certain.

──We’ll head to the Greenwood Kingdom!

Seeing Diablo’s profile, Lumachina nodded.
「As I thought, you (anata-sama) are……」
「What is it?」
「Diablo-sama, in truth, I had intended on asking you to stay in these lands. That I would like for you to be at our side……But, I now have a firm belief that you are not an ally that should be confined in this small royal capital or in the even smaller Inner Court. For you will save the even wider world.」
「I have no intentions of that, I merely……」
──I, what?
What did he want to do?
Be a shut-in NEET?
In that case, whether it was at Lamnites’ side, or Lumachina’s side, he could probably do it.
What were his reasons for fighting against the large army of Demonic Beings or the Holy Knights? What did he want to do in this other world?
Diablo turned his eyes to Shera and the others.
His chest ached from their crying faces.
His own objective……
Something like that, to he himself who was summoned to this other world for some unknown reason, it was still unknown.
However, there was something that was clear to him.
──I don’t want Shera and the others to cry, I think.
He wanted them to smile.
Although it couldn’t be helped right now, he wanted to make it so that the sad things wouldn’t continue.
However, he did not expressly put those feelings into words. For now, not yet……
In exchange, he asked a question about something that bothered him.
「Lumachina……Do you believe in me?」
「Of course.」
「Then, if I said “I am actually not Kami-sama”, would you believe me?」
「Diablo-sama, if you are the one saying it, then you are surely not Kami-sama. However, “belief” is not a feeling that occurs towards a t.i.tle. Rather, wouldn’t the feeling that I currently bear towards you be called “faith”?」
She answered without hesitation.
It were as if she had spent much time wondering that herself.

From outside the window, the Church bells that announced the changing of the hour resounded.

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