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Chapter 3.2

Part 2

She grabbed the doork.n.o.b of the room next door.
「It won’t openー!? Of course it wouldn’t!」
Although her speech and conduct as well as her appearance were eccentric, Rose was a maid. There was no way she would be coa.r.s.e enough to go out with her room unlocked.
『Why don’t you just open the lock?』
「……True -ssu ne.」
Horun stuck her fingers into the inner part of her belt. She then put the wire that she took out into the keyhole.
As if she had used the key, a *gachin* sound was made.
Babylon’s eyes went round.
『Fast!? You, despite your level, isn’t your 《Unlock》 totally bada.s.s?』
「It’s normal -ssu. My Shishou was even faster after all.」
She entered the room.
『Fu fu fu……I might be looking forward to this, ya know? A child with high ability despite their level value──it means you have talent, ya know? Get it?』
「Her luggage, where is it -ssu ka!?」
『Listen to me for a bitー. I said some pretty important stuff just now.』
「It’s here!」
She dragged out a rucksack that had been hidden underneath the bed.
If she finds out about this, I might be killed──That sort of thought crossed her mind, but it’s for the sake of saving her companions, is the excuse she decided to make.
There was a lock on the rucksack as well, but this was also undone in an instant.
Before long, the black-dyed leather choker was found.
If she used this, she would be able to easily level up.
However, when the master (Diablo) dies, the servant (herself) would also die.
Horun made an empty gulp.
Babylon spoke.
『That’s a totally serious one, ya know? Without mistake, you’ll get a super level up but……A G.o.ddess is predicting it. Your lifespan will shrink.』
「…………Is that……true -ssu ka?」
『Ya shook?』
「That’s not it, will I really get a super level up -ssu ka!?」
『Since I’m that type of G.o.ddess, I won’t make any mistakes when it comes to level ups, ya know?』
「You failed earlier though……」
『Ah, a split end~. I’m totally dejected~』
──This girl is no good. I need to do something quickly.
*Fuuuuu……* Horun took a deep breath.
*Dokun, dokun* Her heartbeat became fast.
Her breathing became rough.
*Giriri* She put strength in the hand that grabbed the choker.
──Who cares about life span!
「I’ll do ittttt!!」
Horun put on the black-dyed leather choker.

The world blacked out.

Blown by the wind, she was standing on top of a grey tower.
What was overhead was a dark brown night sky. Even though there weren’t any clouds, there weren’t any stars.
Below her feet, it was a sparkling, marvelous sight. Countless buildings stretched out, and it was a town that she had never seen before.
On the ground, there were a lot more people than ants, a series of box-shaped carriages without horses, and the light shined stronger than any torch.
She was engulfed in a floating feeling.
The ground was drawing near.
──I’m falling!?
When she realized it, she had collapsed to the floor.
The Holy Grail was rolling about in front of her eyes. The G.o.ddess Babylon was touching her nose.
『Hey, hold on there, are you alive~? I did say that your lifespan would shorten, but isn’t that too fast?』
「Ah……Uu……I’m alive.」
『That’s good.』
「I’m going -ssu.」
Horun stood up.
『Ah, take me along with you. I’m totally bored……That’s not it, I’ll totally be useful! Or something.』
「Eh……But, since I’m sneaking into the Church, being loud is……」
『What a rude child!? I’ll be quiet! Or rather, you’re the only one that can hear my voice, ya know?』
「Ahh, is that so -su ka……But, it would be bad if I respond to you -ssu.」
『If you leave me behind, I’ll curse you, ya know?』
「Just what in the world is a G.o.ddess doing……It can’t be helped -ssu ne.」
『You know, when it comes to the G.o.ddess of the Holy Grail, the hunks would seriously scramble for me, so you’re pretty strange, ya know?』
Horun scooped up the Holy Grail that was rolling about on the floor.
She left Rose’s room.
She could hear footsteps.
──For some reason, I can tell -ssu.
They weren’t the footsteps of employees or guests. They were men holding weapons. Their number was three.
However, she couldn’t just run away.
She decided to confront them in the hallway.

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