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Chapter 2.4

Part 4

They arrived at the plaza that was at the center.
There was a small isolated chapel, and people were standing scattered and were praying.
──As expected, I’m a bit tired.
Ever since they entered the Grand Chapel’s district, they had mostly been running.
Since he had been holding Lumachina in his arms the whole time, even Diablo with his stamina was slightly out of breath.
Rem was bewildered.
「……What is up, with this town!? They’re lining up with some high-pressure good will.」
「That’s a good thing.」
Shera smiled looking delighted.
「It’s good -ssu neー」
Horun was the same. In their hands, they held the bread, manjuus, and grilled skewers that they had received.
In the end, the carriage was entrusted to Rose.
「I did not feel any hostility towards Master. However, it is unsettling that there are so many people idly approaching .」
「Those people are loving their neighbors.」
Lumachina spoke for them to explain their feelings.
Rem tilted her head.
「……Rather than loving……It felt as if it were out of some sort of sense of duty or obsession.」
Shera asked a question.
「Haaー, I’m worn out. Where is the Inner Court?」
「Then entrance is over there.」
What Lumachina had pointed out was a church that was at the center of the plaza.
Putting it bluntly, it was small. Most likely, not even one hundred people could fit inside of it.
Some magnificent stained gla.s.s was fitted into it, and the red door had an elegant sense to it, but that was all it had.
However, since there were believers and people carrying luggage going in and out of it at times, it didn’t have a feeling of being on the decline.
Shera knit her eyebrows.
「Isn’t it small?」
「It’s more shabby than I thought -ssu.」
Even Horun went as far as to say that.
Certainly, if one thought about how this chapel was the most important building of the Church in the Lifelia Kingdom, it was quite unsatisfactory.
Rem also tilted her head.
「……That shouldn’t be the case, right? That’s the entrance? Ah, could it be, does it extend out underground?」
「It’s up.」
Diablo turned his gaze.
Going *Eh?*, Rem and the others looked up at the sky as well.
A white sphere was floating in the sky.
Rem was astonished.
From there, a platform descended, and vanished into an area that seemed to be the small church’s courtyard.
After a short while, with people and luggage onboard, the platform ascended.
It entered inside from a hole at the bottom of the sphere.
「The Inner Court that is up above and the church that acts as the entrance are connected with that floating corridor.」
Lumachina gave an explanation.
Rem’s eyes went round.
「……Wha……Did you say……a floating corridor!?」
「It’s floating -ssu! That’s totally awesome -ssu! Won’t it come falling down -ssu ka!?」
「It is because it is a miracle of Kami-sama.」
「Wahー, amazing! It really is amazingー.」
Shera seemed to be surprised, but her response was light. She’s a girl that isn’t all that concerned about things.
Rose looked up seeming bored.
Diablo was curious about that.
「Did you know about it?」
「No. However, this Rose does not have any strong impressions about things that do not have anything to do with you, Master.」
「Is, is that so.」
Diablo faltered at the response that he had not expected.
It was a height of about 100 meters to the sphere.
Its surroundings were covered in a mist.
It was white and hazy.
「……Because of that, it doesn’t enter people’s field of vision from

「The people who know about it will notice it if they look closely though.」
As Rem and Lumachina were talking, there was someone that came running up to them.
Shera turned her gaze towards them, and Rose showed a sense of caution.
It was the Pantherian youth from earlier.
「Zeー, zeー, I finally……caught up!」
He was gasping from total exhaustion.
Rem was dumbfounded.
「……No way!? Even though he was definitely stuck with 《Bind》.」
「Eh? What is it? Although I became unable to run on the way……Since you said that you had business in the Inner Court, I thought you’d come here……」
「You, just what are you!?」
「Fuuー……Haaー……Erm……I’m, a sixth year theological student……」
「……A student?」
As he was catching his breath, he said that.
「I was still in the middle of the prayer! Please let me pray right to the very end!」
He was desperate.
Rem shrank away.
「……What in the world are you saying? I don’t understand the meaning of it.」
「I decided myself that I would “hold prayers for ten people every day”. That is a discipline I imposed upon myself. I announce just how much of it I was able to achieve in the cla.s.sroom, and it affects whether I will obtain the qualifications of being a priest or not.」
「……Something like that, it would be fine if you just pray for people other than us.」
「But “not abandoning it in the middle” is what I decided upon myself as well.」
「……You don’t even know about what kind of circ.u.mstances the other party has, you know?」
「I, I know that. And about that, I really am sorry about that……I did not know that you were in that much of a hurry. However, just give me five more minutes.」
「……It would be fine, if you just reported that you prayed for us.」
「That is no good!」
「And why is that?」
He talked with a serious face.
「It is because, Kami-sama is watching my actions. The things I decide myself are promises with Kami-sama. And those are things I must not break.」
「……You sure do live a life that is hard to live by.」
Rem pressed down on the middle of her forehead.
Lumachina stood in front of him.
「It is just as you say. Even if no one else sees it, Kami-sama is watching. By all means, please make your prayer.」
「Th, thank you very much!」
「I shall also pray together with you. May your deeds reach Kami-sama.」
They restarted the prayer.
──Good grief, she really is soft hearted, isn’t she.
Even the rest of their companions lost to the youth’s tenacity, and decided to wait for a short while.
At that time, the people in the surroundings started to make a racket.
It seemed that something happened.
Rose, who had absolutely no interest in going along with the prayer, gave a warning to Diablo.
「Master……A high-threat level target has been confirmed!」
「So they’ve come!」
People wearing blue armor came down from the above Inner Court.
Before long, they came out from the small church.
──They’re Holy Knights!
There were three of them.
Diablo’s tension rose.
The believers hurriedly knelt down on the floor.
Surrounded by the Holy Knights, a man wearing silver clothes glared at the surrounding area. With a single glance, it was known that he was a person with a high position.
Lumachina’s expression became stiff, and she muttered.
The silver-clothed man stopped his gaze facing this way. His mouth was concealed by his abundant black beard, but it could be understood that he was sneering.
「Welcome back, Lumachina-sama……I have been waiting for you.」
He slowly approached them.
The believers went into a clamour.
It was because the High Chief Priest, Lumachina, and the Head Cardinal Professor, Bishos, were right before their own eyes.
Holding respect for them, they did not approach within ten steps distance from them, but several hundred believers had gathered in the plaza.
Lumachina took of her robe.
The student that had been praying together with her just before this raised a scream, and sank down to the floor.
So that he wouldn’t get dragged in just in case the time ever came, Rem dragged him away. It was something simple, but it really helped.
There was about five steps distance between Lumachina and Bishos.
It was a distance normal for talking.
It was a short interval where even a sword could reach.
Diablo stood at Lumachina’s side, and the Holy Knights prepared themselves around Bishos.
At the back, Horun raised a timid voice.
「Wh-wh-what do we do -ssu ka, Danna!? Do we run!? Do we leap away and run!?」
「You fool, making this situation happen, was our objective.」
「Ah……It was -ssu.」
By thrusting the evidence before them, she would excommunicate the people of the Cardinal Inst.i.tute by the authority of the High Chief Priest.
If they were to fly into a rage and send out a Holy Knight, then protecting Lumachina from the enemy was his duty.
What will they talk about──is what the surrounding believers thought as they gulped down their saliva and watched attentively.
The voices of prayers vanished.
First, Lumachina asked a question.
「You remember my face and my t.i.tle, correct?」
「Of course I do, High Chief Priest……I have been awaiting your return all this time.」
「As I was headed to Faltra City, my life was targeted in the middle of my journey.」
「The a.s.sa.s.sin was, the a.s.sa.s.sin that you had sent──the Holy Knight Geibalt.」
*Zawa!* The believers in the surroundings made a stir.
Like a ripple, the agitation spread.
Bishos did not refute it. He kept silent and listened.
Lumachina continued her words.
「And then, I have records of the giving and receiving of money over these past few years. There are several questions, I would like to ask you.」
She thrust a single page of evidence out at him.
「In regards to this sort of bribery, are you able to prove your own innocence and that you were being lawful!?」
Bishos still kept silent.
So this had become a one-sided game.
He had no room to refute, is this what that meant.
It was eerie, but Lumachina threw out the words that she had thought of beforehand.
「If you are to admit to your crimes, I will announce it. Head Cardinal Professor Bishos……As well as the other members of the Cardinal Inst.i.tute that supported this corruption──I excommunicate you all!」
A shock larger than before spread out among the believers.
It was something outrageous.
It was only natural for the believers to be astonished.
Someone who had advocated the words of G.o.d up until now and was regarded as both a father and teacher, had schemed an a.s.sa.s.sination and enriched his own pockets after all.
And then, right now, that person had been exiled from the Church.
Finally, the Head Cardinal Professor Bishos opened his mouth.
「How sad.」
「……What do you mean by that?」
「Abandoning your own duty, and selfishly devoting yourself to the limits of prodigality……And right when I thought that you had returned, to think you had gone as far as to create this sort of forged contract, and try to exile us, the ones who had exerted ourselves for the sake of the Church……」
「Wha!? Are you saying that my words are all a fabrication!?」
「There is no way that is genuine. The members of the Cardinal Inst.i.tute offer their all for the sake of the Church. Everything. There is no way they would accept something such as bribery. Did you think that you would deceive the believers with such words?」
「Evidence is right here!」
「It is a forgery! How lowly!」
「No way……」
「As I thought, it would seem that the heavy responsibility of being the High Chief Priest was not fit for a young girl who is at the height of wanting to play around.」
「This evidence is real! Please check it properly!」
With a voice loud enough to drown out Lumachina’s words, Bishos shouted.
「Rather than that sc.r.a.p of paper! The believers are seeing the truth! There is no way we would break the rules! There is no way that sort of thing would be allowed to happen! If that sort of thing were to occur──That would mean that all of the faith that the believers had built up until now would lose its meaning!」
This time, the believers quietly reacted.
However, it was much heavier.
Rem whispered.
「……It’s flowed in an unpleasant way, Diablo.」
「It’s kinda, scary.」
Shera sent her gaze around at the surroundings.
Certainly, the believers’ eyes carried a touch of a beast-like bloodl.u.s.t.
If the members of the Cardinal Inst.i.tute were big enough criminals to be excommunicated, what of themselves who had approved of them? What of the value of the faith that they had built up?
The fear of loss changed into hostility towards the destroyer of it all.
Lumachina’s knees trembled.
「Even if……all of it is lost, the committed crimes must be atoned for!」
「It is just as you say, High Chief Priest……No, former High Chief Priest!」
「You had abandoned your duties, and concealed your whereabouts. There is no way the voice of G.o.d could be heard by someone who would run away from their duties!」
「Like I said, that is because an a.s.sa.s.sin was──」
「The Holy Knights have the role of protecting the High Chief Priest! Who in the world would believe a lie such as that!? Do you intend on destroying the Church itself for the sake of glossing over your laziness and prodigality!」
「How could you say such……」
Lumachina’s eyes went red.
──You can’t, don’t cry.
At times of dispute, one would lose if they cry.
Even if their opinion was correct, if they were thought to be emotional, their words would lose their meaning.
However, with momentum as if to say that something like that didn’t matter, Bishos pressed forward.
「Do you understand what your duty is!? Even though Faltra City, which had disturbances come one after another, had long awaited the visit of the High Chief Priest! Rather than placing foolish suspicions upon us, how about first properly performing your own duties!?」
Now that he mentioned it, Lumachina was in the middle of going to give her condolences to Faltra City. So that was where she slipped out.
If she hadn’t run away, she probably would have been killed by the Holy Knight but……
Even if she appealed that it was an urgent situation at the time, due to Bishos’ words, everything was made to be an “excuse”.
Bishos made a declaration.
「Lumachina Weselia……I would like for you to resign from your position as High Chief Priest. On top of that, it would be good for you to atone for your crime of abandoning your heavy responsibilities.」
「Something like that……What authority do you have to do that!? The Cardinal Inst.i.tute does not have the authority to dismiss the High Chief Priest, you know!?」
「How foolish! So you will do anything to protect your own position! Someone like that does not have the qualifications to speak of the words of G.o.d!! You would do well to reflect upon yourself in the confession room!」
「That must not happen, the Church’s rules were made by Kami-sama’s great words……」
「Everyone, capture this destroyer! This is out of great faith!!」
Bishos shouted at the believers.
So the match was concluded.
The surrounding believers that heard him stood up, and, as if they were a group of zombies, headed towards her.
Diablo clicked his tongue.
──I’m reluctant to do this, but I guess I’ll sweep them down.
Within his robe, he extended a hand into his pouch. He tried to pull out his magic staff, the 《Tonnerre Empereur》.
Rem and the others also got ready for battle.
Lumachina spread out both hands.
「Please wait!」
「You have lost this verbal dispute. We have no choice but to fight, you know, Lumachina!?」
「I am sorry, Diablo-sama……But even so, spilling blood at the Grand Chapel, is something I cannot do!」
「…………That really is like you.」
A moment’s hesitation, determines victory or defeat.
The believers rushed at Lumachina.
Taking her along with brute strength like this, did not match his preferences at all.
To satisfy Lumachina’s will, he wouldn’t make an attack but──
Diablo put his hand up to the sky.
「Come……《Lightning Strike》!!」
The flash of light that appeared ran through the empty sky. A thunderous roar reverberated, and the air vibrated to the point of being able to feel it on one’s skin.
The lightning struck the entrance that was on the ground──the small church.
The decorative holy symbol scattered away.
The believers froze up from the explosive sound and the impact.
They had all stopped moving.
At this moment, it might have been possible for all of their companions to escape in the carriage with the built up wandering magic.
However, Lumachina did not desire that.
She addressed the believers.
「……If everyone will, be saved with that……Then I shall obey. I will head towards the confession room. Could you open up a path?」
It was a calm, but well-projected voice.
The believers naturally separated, and just now, made a path to the church that had been struck by lightning.
She slowly started walking towards it.
Diablo also went down the path.
Bishos called out to him with a condescending att.i.tude.
「This is as far as the ones accompanying her go……」
He glared at him.
Diablo did not let out any words.
Unable to skillfully control his emotions, he tightly clenched his fists. His head became hot with rage.
However, even if he were to turn this man into charcoal right here and now, there was no mistake that it would be no good for anyone.
As if to speak for him, Rem started talking.
「……The one who told Lumachina to enter the confession room, was you. In that case, the protection of her safety, is your responsibility. If any injuries are given to her, it was to seal her mouth for knowing the inconvenient truth──that is how it will be seen.」
「Fufun……You say some unpleasant things, don’t you? The confession room is a place to reexamine one’s own sins……No one would injure her.」
「……If something happens to her, it won’t be tolerated.」
Following after Rem, Shera and Rose also came along.
Diablo noticed something.
「What happened, to Horun?」
「She ran away.」
Rose responded with a flat voice.
That was a wise choice──is what Diablo thought as he made a wry smile.
Within the small church, several pieces of luggage were piled up. At the center, there was no roof, and the floating corridor from the Inner Court in the sky came down.
Diablo and the others became captives.

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