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Part 7

The White Mask believers were moving about in confusion.
「Oo, Gadolas-sama, what in the world is this……?」
With his breathing rough, Gadolas grabbed the neck of the one who was at the lead and raised him up.
「Where is the rabbit!?」
「Hurry up and answer me! Or else I'll smash your head, got it!?」
「An……An intruder!? If it's a Gra.s.swalker intruder, th, they went that way……」
The believer pointed the back of the hallway.
Gadolas threw the believer away.
「Don't just stand there watching, at least slow her down!」
「I, I'm terribly sorry……She entered the third room down!」
「Tell me that faster.」
*Dokah dokah* Making those footsteps, he approached the room. He kicked the door.
The door that had its hinges broken flew inside the room.
*Buwah!* White smoke spread out.
「What the h.e.l.l is this!?」
A Gra.s.swalker who was wearing a white mask and was inside the room pointed to the back of the room.
「The intruder is running away!」
On the other side of the white smoke, the sound of a door opening was made.
Someone with a small build ran out through it.
Gadolas howled.
「You d.a.m.ned, s.h.i.tty rabbitttttt!! I'll tear off your skin, and turn you into stew!」
「That's scary -ssu ne.」
From right overhead, Horun voice came.
Having turned his gaze towards her, she trampled down on Gadolas' face with her boots. It was a kick after jumping down from the ceiling.
No matter how much of a lightweight little Gra.s.swalker girl she was, that surely turned into a fair amount of damage.
Gadolas collapsed onto the floor holding his face.
Using 《Charm》 on the believers, she had them make this performance.
Fight against the Holy Knight──even if that sort of order was impossible, she could at least have them turn his attention away. The White Masks were ordinary people who were less than five level-wise.
If it was the current Horun, she was able to make a "request" to several people at a time.
Gadolas stood up.
So as to clear away the white smoke, he swiped his War Axe.
「You d.a.m.ned piece of s.h.i.tttt!!」
However, at that time, Horun had already vanished from the room.
*Biki biki biki* The veins on Gadolas' brow rose to the surface.
Looking around, and even looking up, she wasn't there.
*HA!* Realizing it, Gadolas put his hand to the back of his waist.
The bundle of keys were gone.
「That, d.a.m.ned shortyyyyyyyyyy!! GUGAAAAAaaaaaahhhhh!!」
Gadolas' roar shook the room.
At that time──
Horun had run up the stairway, and had already returned to the upper floor.
She held the bundle of keys in her hand.
「I need to hurry up and save Diablo-san -ssu!」
『You did really well, didn't you~.』
「Ehehe……That was my first time using 《Steal》, but as expected of level 80 -ssu ne.」
『That's different from a Seeker's Skills though. You, you're actually a 《Thief》, aren't cha?』
『They're similar but different Cla.s.ses, and once you go up in level, the differences become bigger -yon. If you aren't self-aware of it, you might see some painful experiences.』
「……My Shishou was a 《Thief》. His favorite phrase was "don't become something like a Thief"……And although he didn't teach me how to steal……In the end, am I really a 《Thief》 -su ka ne?」
『Horun-chan, do you like your Shishou?』
「Of course, I do like him -ssu yo.」
『Then, isn't it fine if you're the same as him? The conventional image of a Thief doesn't matter, right? Just be the kind of Thief that you wanna be.』
Horun naturally let out a smile.
Babylon made a self-satisfied look.
『I went and said itー. I totally made a super good banner, didn't I? You can go ahead and cry, ya know?』
「Ah, yeah.」

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