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Part 6

Gadolas swung his War Axe.
Along with the wall's boards, he bisected the air.
Having turned level 80, Horun's evasion rate had also considerably improved.
Although her opponent surpa.s.sed her in power and speed, Pantherians were known to have low dexterity, and she just barely evaded his attacks.
He had might that seemed like it would tear her to pieces if he simply touched her, as well as an appropriate speed, but thanks to him having large preparatory movements, she was able to predict his attacks.
However, even if she knew, it took all of her might to avoid them. Attacks like that had been sent at her many times over.
Babylon laughed.
『Ahahahahahahaha! This is bad, totally bad! You might die!? You might, you might!?』
「Why do you sound like you're having fun -su ka!?」
『Uhihi! I mean, a Level Up G.o.ddess is a G.o.ddess that governs over battles after all, see?』
「Although I can understand that, I'd like it if you quietly enjoyed it -ssu! You're distracting me -ssu!」
『What is this, a movie theater?』
Once again, the gigantic War Axe pa.s.sed through the place where her head was once at.
If she were even a second slower in bending down, the area above her nose would have disappeared.
Gadolas shouted.
「Ora ora ora oraa! What's wrong!? Didn't you come to save your companions!」
Once again, the wall's boards were broken, and wood chips came flying.
Hitting her forehead, blood came scattering down.
Drops of blood fell into the Holy Grail that was tied down by the belt on her waist.
*Zawa zawa* Babylon showed an expression of ecstacy.
『Ahha~hn! That・is・the・best!』
「It looks like I'm going to die, you know -ssu yo!?」
『Nn fu fu……Although ugly machos aren't my preference, if he tears out a maiden's heart and pours that blood into the Holy Grail, I wouldn't mind manifesting~』
「To that Holy Knight!?」
『The Holy Grail has that sort of system, ya know?』
「So you're such a s.l.u.t -ssu ka!」
『Ehe, ehehe.』
The G.o.ddess was unreliable.
Horun thought about it.
Although it wasn't as overwhelming as before, it really did seem difficult to win against a Holy Knight.
A twenty level difference was large, and the 《Shadow Knife》 that Horun possessed was a weapon meant for beginners.
Gadolas didn't wear any armor, but she didn't think he was an opponent she could defeat with a single knife.
She formulated a plan from the premise map that had been driven into her head.
Gadolas started to get irritated from how his attacks weren't really hitting.
「Scurrying about like that! But……」
There was a wall at the end of the hallway.
The place that Horun escaped to, was a dead end.
Horun ran to the window that was the furthest back. As expected, the window wouldn't open. The starry sky could be seen, and down below, the light of the town was there.
Gadolas stopped his feet.
The distance was about five steps away.
It wasn't far, but it wasn't a distance where the War Axe's attack could reach.
Gadolas supported the War Axe with both of his hands, and had it stand up straight in front of his face. The blade was pointed towards Horun.
It was a strange stance.
──Although I don't know what it is, a Martial Art is probably coming!
Looking from the opponent's point of view……After having completely avoided his attacks, her figure was finally driven into a corner. He would absolutely kill her here, that is what he should be thinking. It would be the worst if he attacked normally but had that avoided and then had her slip through at his flank.
In order to not let that happen, he would use a wide, long range attack!
Gadolas stuck out his War Axe.
「Oraa, get crushed! 《Axe Impact》!!」
A shockwave spread out.
The walls, the floor, and the ceiling had pressure applied and were squashed.
Horun kicked the window frame that was behind her.
Together with the broken window frame, she rushed out to the outside of the building.
Horun shouted.
The starry sky.
The town lights on the ground.
The approaching──death.
And then, just now, the window she jumped out from, was blown away along with the wall. It was something due to Gadolas' Martial Art.
Horun stretched out her hand with all her might.
She grabbed the window frame of a lower floor. The falling stopped! Immediately after thinking that──the window frame distorted and made a *Bakin!* sound.
The broken window frame fell down into the distance.
It slowly fell down to the ground of the plaza that the entrance church was at.
The above floor's window and wall did so as well.
Since it was late at night, there probably weren't any people there. It would be nice if there weren't……
Having re-grabbed a window frame different from the one that had fallen, Horun had escaped falling to her death.
「Fu~~~, that was close -ssu~」
『You're pretty good! Horun-chan, as expected of your agility!』
Babylon praised her.
Gra.s.swalkers were a race that had outstanding AGI, and for Seekers, agility was important. It was acrobatics that were a bit absurd, but her level 80 physical abilities met the demands.
『Horun-chan, up! Up!』
Gadolas stuck his head out from the broken window of the floor above.
「You s.h.i.tty rabbit! So you're still alive!」
He raised his War Axe overhead.
The blade shined.
──So it's another Martial Art!
If he had thrown his War Axe at her, it probably would have ended with that.
However, thanks to him choosing a Martial Art meant for that situation, Horun managed to narrowly escape from death.
Before the hurled slash reached her, she rolled into the hallway of the lower floor.
She couldn't take things slowly!
She immediately got up and ran.
Gadolas used the stairs and came chasing after her.

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