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Chapter 2.2

Part 2

They ended up deciding to depart after lunch but──
Doc.u.ments weren’t the only thing that Alicia brought with her.
「Please try using this.」
It was robes that were dark brown and had green bordering. Putting on the hood, it would conceal as far as the ankles. It was a garment that would make them look like teru teru bouzus.
They seemed to be what the believers of the Church used.
Rem nodded.
「……I see, those will certainly be needed.」
Shera tilted her head.
Horun seemed to understand.
「If we’re going to go together with Lumachina-san, it would be bad with everyone’s appearance -ssu. It’s indecent -ssu.」
Ahh, I see──saying that, Shera hit her hands together.
「For Rem, she has an appearance that looks like she’s naked after all!」
「……What stupid thing are you saying. What I have is something called “easy-to-move-in equipment”. Shera, your useless meat is much more obscene.」
「It isn’t useless! And it can’t be helped, that’s just how they grew, right!? And what about Lumachina-chan, she’s just as big, isn’t she!?」
Having been unexpectedly pointed out, Lumachina covered her chest with both of her arms.
Rem turned a cold gaze towards her.
「……I do believe that it is a boy unbecoming of one of the clergy though.」
「Is, is it really……that much?」
「Well, Lumachina should be fine since she is known by the believers as well as the High Chief Priest. However, if the people accompanying her were to hold bows and swords in their hands, and wear armor, they would give off an intimidating air when idle. So there is a fear that as a result of that, the words to the believers would be transmitted to them in a warped fashion.」
Alicia nodded.
「That is how it is. Horun-sama is a child, and since Rose-sama does not have the appropriate garments for the Church……」
「Are you saying, that this Rose has made some sort of mistake?」
Your back is completely exposed, and even the sides of your b.r.e.a.s.t.s can be seen──surely Diablo wasn’t the only one to make that retort in their mind.
Alicia persuaded the displeased-looking Rose.
「I am sure that Diablo-sama desires it as well.」
「! Is this true, Master?」
Having the discussion suddenly turned towards him, he was bewildered.
However, if Alicia was the one saying it, then there was surely no mistake about it. That it was something that was needed.
「Well, having something like equipment that is a good match with the enemy’s attribute certainly is correct.」
「As you command. If it is you, Master, that tells me, then I shall take on any sort of appearance! If you tell me to strip, then I shall strip! Haa, haa……」
「We are going to the Church, you know?」
She was a Magimatic Maid whose head and clothes b.u.t.tons were occasionally loose.
Alicia grinned.
「It truly is great that you understand. Diablo-sama, I had thought that you would say that you would not want to change your own appearance.」
「What……? Me too?」
Isn’t that only natural, is the face that Rem expressed which implied that..
「……Rather, I believe that is the biggest problem.」
「Yup, yup. If Diablo were to go with that appearance, it would look like Lumachina-chan came back bringing along the Demon King after all.」
On a rare occasion, Shera was in agreement with Rem.
Horun also nodded.
「Yeah, that’s how it would feel -ssu ne! She would feel like a vengeful High Chief Priest -ssu! That she fell to darkness -ssu!」
──Would it be the Black Lumachina (SSR (Double Super Rare)) Attribute 《Darkness》 Skill, 『Demon King Summon』? That in itself sounds like something a gacha would

have in it, is what Diablo thought.
Bringing back his derailed thoughts, he once again looked down on his own equipment.
Devilish armor, and a jet black mantle huh.
And above all, horns.
Even for Diablo who had a considerable communication disorder, he had known long before any troubles happened that the place called the Church would have a bad affinity with his Demon King role play.
In order to avoid any problems before they happen, it was probably best to conceal the horns that grew on his head.
──In truth, I can take them off, but that’s a secret even to Rem and Shera.
He had completely missed the timing to tell them about it.
Diablo was wearing equipment called the 《Distorted Crown》. Not only did this have and Automatic HP Recovery effect, it had an extra characteristic of “making it look like he was growing horns”.
「Hmph……It can’t be helped. I shall put on the cloth. Only because at a time where the Holy Knights come with brute force, having only all of you there would be insufficient.」
Lumachina possessed evidence, and also had power. The Cardinal Inst.i.tute should be trying to eliminate her with force. Protecting her from that threat was the duty of Diablo’s group.
「Everyone, thank you very much.」
And so, everyone except Lumachina ended up putting on the robes.
However, Alicia was different.
「I, shall step down here.」
Shera was surprised, and Rem asked her a question.
「……Was there some sort of problem?」
「If it was known that a State Knight in the middle of their absence from work had intervened in a problem of the Church, my situation would be in danger. Besides, if interference to the Church by means of royal authority were to be taken, I am sure that it would be undesirable for Lumachina-sama as well.」
「……That certainly is true.」
It was a reason they could agree to.
Lumachina stood in front of Alicia.
「I am truly grateful to have received your great amount of a.s.sistance for the sake of the Church.」
「I only wished to be helpful to Diablo-sama and Rem-sama. For I have that much of an obligation to them.」
「So that is how it was. But, that does not change my feelings of grat.i.tude.」
After a small hesitation, Alicia opened her mouth.
「Finally──May I ask one question?」
「Putting it bluntly, the believers in the Grand Chapel, the people of the town, as well as the king, the n.o.bles, and the commoners……All of those people, it is questionable as to whether they truly possess “piety”. Isn’t their praying merely selfishness in wanting a peace of mind? Why is it that, you believe──that there is value in saving them?」
「Love thy neighbor──That is what G.o.d said. There is no prerequisite to love them. No matter who the person is, if I believe that there is something I can do, then I will extend my hand to them.」
Without any signs of being troubled, Lumachina answered.
「Your saving of the believers, wouldn’t that be called self-satisfaction?」
「It could be called that as well. If the people can live feeling “I am being saved”, then that makes me happy.」
「Even if you yourself die for the sake of the their salvation?」
「If possible, I believe that I want to stay around for many years to come for the sake of the people though……」
Lumachina, without being bashful nor boastful, smoothly replied with that.
Alicia smiled. It was not her villainess smile, rather, it was a feeble expression that had an air of fleeting to it.
「As I thought, you are different from me……」
「I wonder if that is true? Alicia-san, I thought that you and I were quite similar though. We truly are similar.」
「…………Is that, so.」
Without adding any more to the conversation, Alicia place her right hand on the left side of her chest, and bowed very deeply.
She retired to her estate.

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