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Chapter 1.8

Part 8

Late at night.
Alicia had returned to her estate, and everyone else was resting in their respective given rooms──or that’s how it should have been.
Rose lowered her head very deeply.
「I am terribly sorry for coming at a time like this. This Rose is prepared to receive any sort of punishment for disturbing Master’s sleep.」
「It is fine. For you to have paid me a visit, you must have business with me, right?」
「Yes……Actually, my magical power has become scarce. It is at 30%.」
Rose the Magimatic Maid seemed to move with Diablo’s magical power. Magical power was, in other words, MP.
「What’s the meaning of this? Wasn’t it supposed to be restored if you are either at the base, the 《Demon King’s Underground Labyrinth》, or near me?」
「During the journey, I was unable to stay near you all that much……And the amount consumed in battle seemed to be larger.」
「Fumu……And by “close”, about how much distance does that mean?」
「About a distance where my hands can reach.」
That, certainly is close.
Rem and Shera were positioned at Diablo’s sides. And then, since they needed to be protected, he was always in front of Horun and Lumachina.
Since he entrusted the end of the line to Rose who he rely on for both offense and defense, she certainly was at a distance that couldn’t be said to be “where her hands could reach”.
──Looks like I unconsciously thought that it would be recovered if she was just within the party.
He thought now after such a long time that not being able to see a status screen was inconvenient in one way or another. Not to mention, Rose was the type that did not show her fatigue on her face after all.
Without opening her heart to others, her sense of values was slightly off, and without showing distress on her face, she did not match her pace with anyone else.
「You are quite a pain as well, aren’t you.」
「Ah……I am terribly sorry.」
She had a communication disorder that went neck and neck with Diablo, didn’t she.
──No, since she was an AI in the game, I guess it can’t be helped.
Rather, when he thought that he himself was on the level of an AI, Diablo felt a bit depressed.
Pulling himself together, he continued the discussion.
「Well then, you can stay at my side tonight. Will that be alright?」
「Thinking that, I stayed at your side as you slept but……」
「H, hou……」
──So she was near me when I was sleeping! I had no idea.
When he thought about Rose’s figure as she stared at him every night, putting it specifically, it was relatively horrific.
She would be reliable as a night watch though.
Rose talked sounding apologetic.
「It would seem that my magical power would not replenish as you were in the middle of your sleep.」
「So it is no good when I am sleeping. There are surprisingly many restrictions.」
「Uu……To think I would become a burden to Master……Rose is a defective piece of junk. By all means, please dispose of me however you wish. Kick me, or strike me.」
「I’m telling you I won’t!」
He unintentionally returned to his original self.
「Y, yes.」
「Ahh, no……Ahem! Considering your abilities, restrictions of that level could be considered too light. I simply have to stay up throughout the night.」
「No way, you mustn’t, Master. That is harmful for your body.」
「Fu……Do not look down on me. Even if I do not have a night’s sleep, that is nothing to me!」
It had been a long time since he pulled an all-nighter, and he even felt nostalgic about it.
In his original world, he had pulled all-nighters with the game day after day.

ng aside if they were to be travelling for a long time or going to have a decisive battle tomorrow, for the time being, he only had to wait for Alicia’s report.
It was completely no problem at all.
However, Rose did not consent.
「Bringing harm to Master’s health for the sake of this Rose, that would be a serious problem that concerns the meaning of my own existence, and feels like it would burn off my thought circuits from agony.」
「That much……?」
To Diablo, an all-nighter did not fall under being a hardship.
If an item did not drop in a limited-time event, he would pull an all-nighter as if it were only natural. It was enough that he was suspected by the other Players of either using prohibited tools or being a shared account among a large number of people.
Rose shook her head left and right.
「I have the fear that the lack of sleep will harm Master’s health. There is the danger of inviting a serious ailment, and there is also the possibility of shortening your lifespan.」
Those were words that seemed like warning text that was displayed from the administration whenever one played the game for too long. Along with that, an image authentication was required.
「I can’t be helped. Well then, it will be fine if you stay nearby me tomorrow.」
「There is also another method.」
「What is it?」
When he asked that, her cheeks lightly dyed red.
「Rose, proposes a speed charge for this Rose.」
「Speed? What sort of thing is it?」
「With a mere 30 minute act, a week’s worth would be Master’s……No, the magical power would be filled」
「Is that true?」
「Nn……Does Master doubt Rose’s words? That Rose would make a lie to Master? Does Master suspect a breakdown of my thought circuits?」
「No, that’s right. There is no way you would lie.」
She did have an eccentric speech and conduct, but the actions of this Magimatic Maid were all believed to be for the sake of Diablo.
「Thank you very much.」
「What do I have to do?」
「Specifically, I would receive magical power not through being close, but through touch.」
「Fumu……Certainly, it seems like much more would be transmitted that way. So do I just have to touch you?」
Would it be alright if he just patted her head or something?
Rose nodded.
「Yes, well then──May I ask you to do this?」
「I do not mind. I just have to touch you for 30 minutes, right?」
「That will depend on you, Master.」
「Hmph……Do not underestimate my magical power. I shall pour in so much that you shall be overflowing with it!」
「Hau……My knees are shivering with antic.i.p.ation……Nn」
Diablo’s heart skipped a beat from that s.e.xy sigh of hers.
However, she was a Magimatic Maid. In other words, since she was a machine, it would be strange to see her as a target for such indecent misconduct. It would be something like having l.u.s.t for a vacuum cleaner.
Going *Fuu~*, he took a deep breath and calmed down.
「What should we do for the location? Should we use the bed?」
Whenever he poured magical power into Rem and Shera, they used placees where they could lie down.
Rose shook her head.
「Excuse me, the bed is……」
──c.r.a.p. Suddenly having a girl lie down on a bed, that is way too impolite, isn’t it! To think that it would be this embarra.s.sing to be rejected! I want to die!
「Ahhhh, th-th-that’s right! The bed is no good, isn’t it!」
「I am terribly sorry even though you took me into consideration. It is because it seems as though the bed would get crushed if this Rose were to get on top of it.」
「Ah……Yeah……I see.」
She was considerably heavy.
It seemed that she was much heavier than a fully equipped knight riding a warhorse.
Even if it was a bed that could endure a giant person, it would be impossible with her. It would break.
Rose turned her back towards him and placed her hands on the wall.
「Master……Um……If possible, from behind……」
Her cheeks turning red, she stuck out her b.u.t.t.
──This is a bit indecent, isn’t it.
Diablo had gotten nervous, but this was just supplying magical power to a companion. It seemed to be something called a Speed Charge.
It was wrong to a.s.sociate it with something strange.
「Is it alright if I just touch your back? Nn? Come to think of it……Right now, are those ma.s.sive hands no here?」
「Ma.s.sive hands……you say?」
「It comes out from behind whenever you get serious, Rose. A mechanical arm that holds a double-headed sword.」
「Ah……That is the 《Magimatic Soul》[1]. It is currently stored in a gap of the world.」
「Is it not in this world?」
「I believe that is the case.」
「In that case, why are you so heavy?」
「Erm……This Rose’s weight is due to having a 《Dimension Transcending Apparatus》 equipped in order to call out the 《Magimatic Soul》.」
「What? Then you being heavy has no relation to that arm?」
「Since the 《Magimatic Soul》 has “the weight of a Type 10 Tank”……Ara? What could a hito maru shiki sensha be? I am terribly sorry, some mysterious wording was in my memory database……」
「……No, it is fine. Don’t worry about it.」
「Y, yes.」
It would seem that there are some discrepancies in the settings inside of the game and her memories in regards to this other world.
Diablo was not a military otaku, but since he had also played an FPS where currently used weapons appeared, he had a fair amount of knowledge about that sort of thing.
j.a.pan’s latest model of the Type 10 Tank had a weight of 44 tons.
──Like that, it’s no wonder even the sand ship tilted when she took that arm out.
If it is just her, even a carriage could carry her, but when she takes out the 《Magimatic Soul》 when it’s time for battle, she has a substantial amount of weight.
「At any rate, Rose, that means that you currently are not burdened with that, right?」
「Well then, I guess we should start.」
He stood at her back.
He extended a hand towards her back that didn’t have a single scratch.
Her skin seemed transparent, but there was some sort of metal attached. It wasn’t like it was stuck on like a sticker, but more like it was buried in her skin. Maybe it was done through some very powerful fixation method, or maybe it stretched down deep into her body.
When he carressed the metal part, the muscles along Rose’s spine trembled.
「It doesn’t hurt, right?」
「Correct. But, if it is you, Master, I would not mind no matter how painful it was……」
「No……If it hurts, then be sure to tell me.」
「Thank you very much. How amazingly kind……」
「I guess I will pour magical power right away.」
By coming into contact with someone, Diablo was able to read the flow of their magical power. It was due to having learned it from a slave trader after having come to this other world.
Rose was completely different from people.
People would have magical power swirling about throughout their whole body, and would have different shades within that. There were individual differences, but the centers of the swirls would be at the heart and the belly b.u.t.ton.
The magical power of the Magimatic Maid converged at her abdomen.
──If I were to touch and pour into these metal parts, would it reach her central part?
He tried pouring a bit of magical power from his hand but……Rose didn’t have much of a response.
Was it not enough at all?
Rose talked with a sigh mixed in.
「Um……That place, is the 《Dimension Transcending Apparatus》, so……」
「Ooh, is that so.」
「I am terribly sorry……Since that is Rose’s delicate place, when Master’s magical power is poured in there……it……」
「I, I get it. Just tell me what it is you want me to do. I shall do that.」
「Just as you say, Master……Howah……」
Rose’s cheeks blushed. *Kokun* Her slender neck gulped. She stared at him with a gaze that carried heat.
It was making even Diablo feel nervous.
「Now then, go on and tell me.」
「W……well then, please excuse me……」
She undid a hidden b.u.t.ton of her skirt. Her skirt smoothly fell down.
Her stuck out b.u.t.t became exposed.
Although the important parts were just barely concealed with underwear that looked like black string, it really was just barely.
「Master……Just like this……If you would please, stand behind me.」
「U, um, Master?」
「Wha!? Wh, what do you mean by that!?」
「Ah……I am terribly sorry. So you did not have any experience. In other words, if you stand」
「I know that! Although I don’t have any experience, I don’t need you telling me that! Rose, you, do you really require that!?」
The MMORPG Cross Reverie was a game that targeted all ages. It were as if all of the R18 factors of this other world were removed.
It’s no wonder the impementation of the features of the Magimatic Maids didn’t advance!
Rose went red even at the ears.
「……If I could have you touch a place close to the 《Magical Power Core》, there should be no problem with whatever part you decide to touch it with, Master. Since this Rose also has no practical experience, the design is……It would turn into that sort of story but……」
「So that’s how it was.」
The Magical Power Core that she mentioned was probably the “center of the swirl of magical power” that he saw earlier.
「If you can put it into the deepest place I can receive it, any part of Master would be fine.」
「Merely, if you were to suddenly insert as far as your wrist, the fear of damage would……」
「I won’t put that in!」
「Y, yes, I am terribly sorry.」
Rose’s shoulders were trembling.
──Not good, I shouted a bit too much.
Rose was just explaining her own methods after all.
However, why, why did it turn into such an erotic maid method? Unfortunately, a 《Query to the Administration》 function did not exist in this world.
A menu screen didn’t appear either to begin with.
If only there were a query function in the real world as well. If only it were possible to protest bugs that didn’t advance the story at all in life.
Diablo took a deep breath and calmed his feelings.
And when he looked after recollecting himself……
It was an incredible situation.
Rose was sticking out her b.u.t.t, and had matched it right at the height of Diablo’s waist. Her precious spots were covered only with underwear that looked like string.

「U, um……Master……Rose is at the height of happiness even if you are just looking, but if you do not touch me, then my magical power will not recover.」
「I kn-kn-know that!」
Diabou grabbed Rose’s waist with both hands.
──So soft!?
Her skin was slightly sweaty, and it felt as if heat was being transmitted from inside of her.
Just by pouring in magical power from the hands that grabbed her, the muscles along Rose’s spine trembled.
「O, ou……」
「FuaAaUuu……It is amazing. To think I would be able……to feel Master’s magical power this closely……」
「I see.」
「Kufuun, it’s amazing……Nnn……If I get inserted with this……W, with just that, Rose just might be able to reach it.」
Could she have meant that her magical power replenishment would “reach” a full tank!
「HAA, HAA……Suuー……HA!」
No matter how many deep breathes he repeatedly took, Diablo was in a state far from being calm.
──This sort of thing is impossible.
If he had the courage to be calm and touch a woman in this situation, he might have been able to walk a slightly better life.
Being a person that, when asked 「Should I heat up your obento?」 by a female convenience store clerk, would answer with a strange reply like 「Hya hya」, he was bad at inter-personal actions……especially with females.
──Wrong! I am mistaken! Right now, I am Diablo. A Demon King of another world. It is possible if it’s a Demon King doing it! It should be possible!
He had also touched a woman before in a ritual.
In order to bring out the soul of the Demon King Krebskrem that was sealed within Rem, he had poured magical power “to an even deeper place” in a similar manner.
He brought the middle finger of his right hand to Rose’s b.u.t.t.
「Yosh, prepare yourself, Rose!」
Opposite from his a.s.sertive words, he had completely gotten cold feet.
Diablo’s field of vision blurred with tears. Being unable to look her in the eyes, he groped around, avoided her underwear, and searched for “the Magimatic Maid’s magical power spout”.
A depression was touched by his fintertip.
With a twitch, the muscles along Rose’s spine convulsed.
「M, Master!? That place is!?」
「Just l-l-leave it to me!」
*Tsupu* His fingertip entered a narrow hole.
It was tight to the point of hurting a bit.
──It feels a bit different from before, doesn’t it? No, no, there might be individual differences? To begin with, Rose is a Magimatic Maid. Of course she is different from the people of the Races!
That thought whirled about inside of his head.
Rose was starting to faint in agony.
「HYAGUuUUuu……M, Master……AH, AAAaah……That place is……」
「Deeper, right!? If I don’t go in deep, it won’t get close to the core after all!」
「Ha, hahi……Ah, nn, I’m losing……strength, in my legs……」
Rose’s knees trembled.
Her waist came falling down.
She scratched the wall with her fingernails.
「O, oi oi, Rose!?」
If the other party were a normal woman, even if it looked like she was going to collapse, he would support her with his open left hand.
However, Rose had the weight ordinary for a fully equipped cavalryman.
Even if Diablo was level 150, it was difficult for him to handle her with one hand.
Inevitably, he put strength into his right hand that had a finger crammed into her as well. It was there that Rose herself put her body weight.
His finger reached so deep inside that he started to feel anxious and wonder “Is this alright?”
He touched the 《Magical Power Core》 that was in her abdomen.
Rose’s spine bent backwards.
She raised a high pitched scream.
「ッ……AH, AAAAaaaaaaAAaaaaah!!」
Ever since he heard about having to supply magical power, he had expected it, but it was a voice that seemed like it could be heard in the other rooms of the inn.
*Gaku* Rose collapsed from exhaustion.
This time for sure, all of her weight was placed on both of Diablo’s hands.
If he were a normal Human, she might have taken his taken his arms off. Somehow, he was able to slowly bring her down to the floor without letting her crash into it.
「Zeー……Zeー……Zeー……Rose, you sure are heavy.」
She fell prostrate and lied down.
A 『P!』 sound was made.
It was the same electronic sound that was made when Rose had frozen up like a stone statue before from running out of magical power.
『Intense contact with the Master confirmed──Current charge percentage at 120%.』
「……I see. So she’s full? Thank goodness.」
Diablo made a deep exhale, and then sat down on the sofa.
He looked down on Rose who was lying down on the floor.
She had a happy looking sleeping face.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Written as 魔導機兵 and read as マギマテイックソル. The ソル might stand for the beginning of soldier so it might supposed to be Magimatic Soldier.

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