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Chapter 1.7

Part 7

It was a single person room, but it was a wide room that seemed like six people could stay in it alone.
At any rate, a place that seemed like it was a room was an entry hall.
The meaning of it might not be understood, but there was an entry hall in this private room, and it was much more vast than a single room of a normal inn.
After pa.s.sing through the entry hall and entering the room, it was decorated with paintings and large vases, and was gorgeous and luxurious.
Diablo went pa.s.sed being surprised and went to being exasperated.
「It’s as if it’s a king’s bedroom.」
「Fufu……The quality of the decorations aside, the design might not be all that different.」
Alicia made a wry smile.
She approached near him.
「What is it?」
「I thought I would take your cloak.」
「U, umu……You are quite tactful.」
He took his mantle, the 《Call of Darkness》, off.
The mantle that he had burned before, the 《Curtain of Dark Clouds》 had a Bad Status Prevention effect, and an effect where he would have one HP remaining.
On this new mantle, the 《Call of Darkness》, it would bestow 《Fear》 on all enemies.
Since Bad Status effects didn’t work on high level monsters in the MMORPG Cross Reverie, he habitually used the Dark Clouds, but in this other world, he often went up against low rank opponents.
According to the settings, 《Fear》 seemed to cause enemies to cower in fear──The effect in the game was that they would become unable to attack for a set amount of time.
Alicia hung that mantle on a coat hanger.
「Is this place to your liking? This room is a place where successful Adventurers lodge. By enjoying such extravagance, they are able to personally experience the success they acquired themselves. I am sure that it is for that sake that it has gone in the directing of having an excessive air of luxury.」
「In that case, there is no meaning to staying here with another person’s money.」
「Fufu……The other reason is for the sake of protecting important people. While you are at this inn, the High Chief Priest’s safety will be kept.」
「That is important.」
「Even if you do not go outside, you can buy anything that can be purchased in this town, and it is possible to call physicians and beauticians to the room. There is no need to worry about her figure being seen by authorized people of the Church.」
「It would seem that you have an understanding of the gist of the situation. Did Rem write that much in her letter?」
「No, it was only a few lines saying that your companions increased by three people, what your expected arrival date was, and that she “wanted to know about a secure inn”. Other than that──I had known what the High Chief Priest’s face looked like.」
He acted calm with his usual Demon King role play, but he was astonished in his mind.
So from only that amount of information, she presumed that “there was an important person that should be protected”.
「No, wait. Lumachina’s face should have been concealed though?」
「Fufu……At that distance, it is enough as long as the eyes can be seen.」
「So that’s how it was.」
Since Diablo was bad at remembering other people’s faces, he couldn’t tell just by the eyes but……It seemed that Alicia was different.

Alicia poured water into a cup from a pitcher, added an aroma with a lemon, and placed it on the table.
Diablo sat down on a sofa.
「First, I suppose I shall listen to your information.」
「Since it is hard to say in a loud voice, would you mind if I sit down next to you?」
「I will allow it.」
「Thank you very much.」
She sat down next to him, and went into a distance where their shoulders were on the verge

of touching each other.
Since they were probably going to have a talk where it would be problematic if they were heard by someone, he had given her permission but……
She was close.
He was nervous.
Her interior was broken, but Alicia was a beauty. Moreover, right now, she was dressed up appropriate for the daughter of a n.o.ble.
She wore an elegant dress that had little skin exposure, but it instead was a “virgin killer”.
Clothes that kill virgins──What that is isn’t in the s.h.i.tty riajuu meaning of being clothes that are hard to figure out how to take off, but in the meaning that although they didn’t have a s.l.u.tty feeling and looked innocent, they were clothes that made an appeal of their femininity even like that.
Virgins inexperienced with women would shy away from women that exposed a lot of skin. It was because they gave off a feeling that the worlds they lived in were different.
──Well, even with women that wear neat and clean clothes, I thought that they didn’t live in the same world as me though!
As Diablo’s thoughts fell to the dark side, he was brought back with Alicia’s voice.
She whispered into his ear.
「Ufufu……Diablo-sama, thanks to you having disposed of the king’s spy, it seems that the matters about me haven’t been reported.」
With a sneer, she expressed a dark smile. Light was reflected, and her gla.s.ses shined in an orange color.
Making a complete change from the elegant expression she had on just before that moment, she seemed like a villain. She was deranged.
「I, I see……」
What she meant by the king’s spy was the suspicious ninja. He had been attacked by that guy at the inn at Faltra City. Since it seemed like his companions would get injured if he went easy on him, he hit him with powerful magic and defeated him.
However, after he was praised by Alicia with that evil-looking face, he felt like he had done something inhuman. Since his true nature was that of a timid person, Diablo couldn’t calm down.
Alicia bit her thumbnail.
「The achievement of having prevented the Demon King’s revival at Faltra City which is at the national border was evaluated. However, I was made to take the blame for having relied on Adventurers, for how I was not there at the emergency, and for the death of the Holy Knight Sadraa whom I was accompanying.」
「Hmph……How incorrigible.」
A court service was a terrible problem.
Preventing the Demon King’s revival should have been an achievement good enough to compensate for such trivial blunders.
Since she didn’t have any troops, it was only natural for her to procure the cooperation of Adventurers, and Sadraa was the villain that became the cause for the Demon King’s revival.
──Well, but, the one that plotted for the Demon King’s revival was Alicia.
That was a treasonous action against the entirety of the Races.
If the king were to know of that, far from making her take the blame, she would surely be executed immediately.
At the time of the Demon King’s revival, it was a fact that she was nowhere to be found. It was because at that time, Alicia was together with the Demonic Beings preparing for the invasion of Faltra City.
「You are quite pitiable as well. You were condemned by the Demonic Beings for the failure of the Demon King’s revival, and even though it was prevented, you were made to take the blame by a king of the Races.」
「Diablo-sama, it is just as you say──even though the one that prevented the Demon King’s revival and changed my conclusion was you.」
「U, umu……So? After being made to take the blame, what happened?」
Since it seemed like he would end up bringing unnecessary trouble upon himself, he put the topic back on track.
Alicia gripped her skirt.
「I was made to take the blame but……I am sure that it was judged that punishing someone who had an achievement would lead to a decline in morale. Right now, as recognition for such a significant task, I have received a long vacation.」
「But that isn’t that just the same as being confined to your home?」
「I am only unable to wear my State Knight uniform, and I am able to go out if I am in civilian clothes. That is how I was able to meet with you like this, Diablo-sama.」
「That is true.」
「……It is quite fortuitous that I was only given a long vacation. Among the State Knights, there are some that were transferred to the Local Knights or the army, while others were discharged.」
「What do you mean by that?」
The State Knights were something similar to police. Was the public order good enough in the royal capital to decrease their number?
「It is because the Royal Palace Chivalric Order was formed.」
「Fumu, I see.」
He recalled the Seven Heroes that they got involved with on the main street. The dog-eared battle maniac Hero Allen, and the macho with gla.s.ses Abrams, huh. Also, the female companions……
「With the Seven Heroes at the center, the Royal Palace Chivalric Order has over one hundred people, and it continues to increase.」
「How are they different from the State Knights?」
「The State Knights place emphasis on race and pedigree……」
Come to think of it, the State Knights were said to be nothing but Human males. The female Alicia was an exception.
Allen was a Dwarf. A demi-human.
Since they gathered from a wide range, it was only natural that the war potential of the Royal Palace Chivalric Order would more substantial.
「I can understand but……Even so, that is a strange story. If they require war potential, it should be fine if they added demi-humans to the State Knights. Why would they compose a separate organization?」
「I do not know that much……」
「Then investigate it. It bothers me.」
Standing up from the sofa, she lowered her head very deeply. After that, she sat down next to him once again.
She was conscientious in everything she did.
He brought the conversation back to Alicia’s current situation.
「At any rate, so you are in the middle of taking time off, huh.」
「Fufu……I wonder how many years it has been since I had a summer vacation.」
「You are surprisingly enjoying this, aren’t you.」
「Yes. Thanks to it, I am able to focus on investigating the misdeeds of the kingdom leaders. It is hard to enter military facilities with civilian clothes though, so it is taking some time to get a grasp on the arrangement of war potential.」
──I’m not aiming to subvert the kingdom, you know!?
Alicia arbitrarily advocated the overthrow of the Lifelia Kingdom, and making Diablo the banner for it, she got excited about it.
The Demon King role play was a performance, and “although he took it seriously, it was for fun”. Diablo was not a real Demon King, and he had no intention of destroying a kingdom of the Races.
「W, well……Take it easy on that.」
「I am grateful for your advice. It would be meaningless if the upper echelons had their eyes on me after all, so I shall be careful and act accordingly.」
「I did not mean it that……well, it is fine.」
It seemed that Alicia’s time off was substantially long.
This time, she came asking a question.
「Diablo-sama, the reason why you came to the royal capital, is there a problem related to the High Chief Priest?」
Briefly, he explained Lumachina’s circ.u.mstances.
Alicia’s expression changed into something relentless.
「Unforgivable! The corruption of influential people is one of the things that I abhor. So it was not only in the vicinity of the kingdom, but the Church as well.」
「Although we have not grasped the money flow of the upper echelon, but it is a fact that there was a murderous Holy Knight and a Holy Knight that undertook an a.s.sa.s.sination for money.」
Going *Fumu*, Alicia thought about it.
「It is not like the corruption of an individual is unrelated to the corruption of an organization, but the methods of dealing with them differ. The corruption of an individual can be corrected by replacing the head, but I believe that the corruption of the organization would require a revision of the regulations.」
「Ahh, umu.」
It turned into a complicated discussion.
Diablo could endlessly repeat the same work, and did not suffer with things where numbers were lined up.
However, with things that involved a lot of people, his consciousness that said it was bothersome would take the lead. It was because there were many times where he was unable to sympathize with other people.
There were too many people that felt joy from obstructing the rights of other people despite there being no benefits to themselves. Since they indulged in the feeling of having reformed the world with that, it was already outside his realm of understanding.
Alicia made a proposal.
「In regards to the Church, I shall try investigating it. May I have a bit of time for that?」
Honestly, that would really help.
Diablo’s group didn’t even have a method to investigate.
It wasn’t like he distrusted Lumachina, but she was a girl whose prejudices were a bit extreme. He wanted proof that it wasn’t a misunderstanding.
Alicia was a State Knight, something similar to a police officer in the Lifelia Kingdom. Moreover, she was excellent enough to be selected to be one in spite of being a young woman.
Her ideology was a problem, but there was no question about her abilities.
「Very well, I shall leave it to you.」
「Diablo-sama, I will definitely respond to your trust.」
But then, saying “however”, she continued her words.
「Once I have obtained evidence of their misdeeds, what shall we do after that?」
──I didn’t think of that.
Saying something like that would be way too lame. Since that wouldn’t be Demon King-like, he promptly thought about it.
「If there is evidence, then they should atone for their sins, should they not? That is only natural.」
「I concur, but there is no power to present the evidence to.」
「The Church──it was given the 《Inquisition Right》 which allows them to carry about judgement at the Church for problems regarding religion. Even if a lawsuit is presented to the normal judiciary, it would probably work in favor of the Church.」
「What folly.」
「No matter how much reliable evidence is gathered, with the judge being someone on the Church’s side, there is no way it will be found guilty.」
「So the laws of this country were something like that.」
「That is the same with the upper echelons of the kingdom. Even if their misdeeds were caught hold of, there is no power to present the lawsuit to either. It is for this reason that the influential people become corrupted.」
Diablo remembered the history that he was taught in his original world.
Come to think of it──The separation of the government, religion, and the judiciary happened later in history. The culture of this other world was around the Middle Ages. It was an era where even stipulations of the law were dodgy.
「That sure is terrible.」
「That is why, Diablo-sama, your power is necessary.」
「My power……?」
Alicia expressed a smile that looked like a flower had bloomed. She put both of her hands together, and put them next to her cheek.
「A purge of blood! Diablo-sama, with your power, we can bring down the hammer of justice on those devils wearing human skin, and reform the world into a utopia! Demise! A great demise! Come on!」
「Ah, umu……well, tonight, I will sleep though.」
「Please excuse me for that. How could I have not realized……You must be tired from your long trip, so please rest well.」
He had known that Alicia was broken long before this.
Diablo breathed a sigh in his mind.

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