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Chapter 1.6

Part 6

Sixth District Inn 《Phoenix House》──
Although they called it an inn, it was a large and elegant hotel.
As expected of the royal capital. Even boarding houses aimed for Adventurers had extravagant structures. Of course, there were cheap inns in the neighborhood, but what was in front of them was a specially luxurious and gorgeous building.
Looking up at it, Shera leaked out a voice of admiration.
「It’s amazingー」
「It’s awesome -ssu! Is it alright for me to go in too -su ka!? Is it alright -su ka ne!? I won’t be arrested for it!?」
Horun’s tension was at its peak.
Rem, who had finally woken up, had her eyes go round and was trembling.
「……If we were to stay in a place like this, it feels like our travelling expenses would be immediately exhausted.」
Lumachina tilted her head.
「But did we not receive a reward from Lord Lamnites?」
「……You might not know this being the High Chief Priest and all but……Money is something that disappears if you use is.」
「I, I know at least that much.」
「……No, you don’t. It would be a waste to use it on a place where you would only sleep.」
Rose, who had no freedom on the ship and carriage for the reason of her being heavy, descended onto the ground, regained her att.i.tude, and drew near Rem.
「What do you mean by a waste? It is the place that Master will be resting at, so isn’t it only natural that it be of the highest grade.」
「……Do you plan on making that precious Master go bankrupt? It would seem that you don’t have a calculation function, being only a vacuum cleaner.」
「To think that it’s not only your chest that is thin but even the money in your possession.」
「Wha……My chest has nothing to do with this!?」
Going *There, there*, Alicia calmed them down.
「Rem-sama, I apologize for the lack of a prior explanation. In regards to the lodging charges and the food and drink at the inn, I shall be taking responsibility for them. Please do not worry about the payment.」
「……Is that alright? There are six people here, you know?」
Bring up the names, it was a large number of people that it seemed like at least one could be forgotten.
At this place, there was Diablo, Rem, Shera, Lumachina, Horun, Rose, and then, Alicia.
That Alicia made a pensive look──
Then, *pon*, put both of her hands together.
「I believe I have told you that I am the first-born daughter of the Crestela Duke House but, although I have not succeeded the family headship, I already bear the operations of several businesses. Even if it is just from my personal a.s.sets, I have as much as a district Feudal Lord.」
「If Diablo-sama were to say that it was needed, I would be able to purchase this inn.」
「……What, did you, say」
The worldly-wise Rem had her eyes go round.
Horun was in too much of another world that she didn’t hear what they were talking about.
On the other hand, Shera and Lumachina weren’t all that surprised. They had never had troubles with money before.
Diablo was relieved in his mind.
──Thank goodness she didn’t say that we would have to pay the inn charges.
There was no telling how many days it would take before Lumachina’s case would come to an end.
Similar to Rem, Diablo also thought that “money would disappear if it was used”, and was of the lower middle cla.s.s that felt that staying in a high cla.s.s inn was a luxury that went beyond their social position no matter how much they saved up.
Alicia checked her pocket watch.
「It is about time for dinner.」
「Wahー, food!」
Shera ran off. Horun followed after her, and the rest of Diablo’s group also entered the inn. The lobby was more extravagant than the exterior.
In the grand room that went straight through without interruption, a stone statue of a phoenix adorned it.
For dinner, various dishes of cuisine that were devoted to luxury were lined up. Being an a.s.sembly of first-cla.s.s ingredients from within the kingdom, cuisine that they had never seen before were lined up, and, moreover, it was all-you-can-eat.

Two hours later──
Shera’s face had gone pale.
「I, I can’t, anymore……Goodbye……Thanks for, everything up until now……Diablo……Rem……If I die, send me back to……the forest……」
「Get ahold of yourself, Shera!」
Rem rubbed her back.
Shera held down her mouth with both hands, and became teary eyed.
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
「You ate too much.」
「……So gluttonous.」
The place they were at was one room at the inn.
Everyone had their own room, but this was a common room where everyone could gather apart from those. They had reserved the top floor.
──The things that the rich do are so……
Changing the focus of his gaze, Horun, who was on the bed and had eaten to the point that the contour of her stomach had changed, was down for the count just like Shera and was lying down.
「Uguu, I can’t eat anymore -ssu.」
「I am embarra.s.sed. This is something that not even my healing can fix……」
Lumachina made a dispirited face.
Rem breathed a sigh.
「It’s because overeating is one of the sins in religion after all. With divine punishment having been handed down, I’m sure that they can’t be saved with a miracle.」
「It seems that is the case.」
Only Rose was not in the common room and in the room that was given to her. She did not have normal meals, and the serving was perfectly performed by the inn’s specialists.
As a result, she had nothing to do, and just returned to her own room.
Alicia called out.
「Diablo-sama, may I have a moment? It is about time for me to return to my estate. So before that……」
Leaving Shera and Horun to Rem and Lumachina, Diablo returned to his own room.

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