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Chapter 1.5

Part 5

The Sixth District, Main Street──
This place was also overflowing with people.
Very often, it looked like they were going to hit someone, enough that the carriage couldn’t advance.
Even while on the carriage, he felt like he would be nauseous from the crowds of people.
Diablo grumbled.
「It seems like it would be faster to just walk.」
「I know rightー」
Shera agreed with an exasperated sounding voice.
Horun talked sounding worried.
「But, it seems like we’d get separated -ssu. And Rem-san is still sleeping too.」
「That’s true……」
Since Diablo wasn’t used to group action, he had forgotten about the danger called “getting separated”. That was a close call.
The degree of congestion, it was as if it were a commuter train.
Rose muttered.
「If Master so desires, then I will take all those that stand in our way and──」
「We should be calm about this. Rose, sit.」
「Are you, not going to do “beg”?」
「Enough, just sit already.」
Diablo couldn’t tell what Lumachina’s expression was as she started talking since she was hiding her face with the cloth, but she raised an uneasy voice.
「Everyone seems to be agitated for some reason. Could there have been some sort of incident?」
Alicia tilted her head.
「Certainly, it is different from normal. The Sixth District is a disorderly place, but this is abnormal. I have often done patrolling as a State Knight but, unless it was a festival or something, a crowd of this size is just……Nn? What could that be?」
She pointed at something.
A dark red object could be seen at the end of the main street.
It was a size that filled up the width of the street, and thorns were growing out of it.
Shera half-rose to her feet.
「It’s a Dragon!」
「What was that!?」
Diablo closely observed the end of the street.
He did not possess eyesight as outstanding as Shera’s, but it had a size that was plenty enough to make a distinction.
It was unmistakably a Dragon.
A yellow color close to gold.
So it was a Thunder Dragon. It was the fastest known large-type monster.
It was only a head.
It seemed to have been placed on a gigantic wagon. It was slowly advancing down the street. A red, white and purple flag was hung upon it.
The people were pushing in to try and get a glimpse at the gigantic Dragon.
Alicia called out to the coachman.
「It seems like things will be troublesome if we stand in that thing’s way. Please bring the carriage to the edge of the street. If we let them pa.s.s, the crowds should also disappear.」
No one had any objections to that.
Taking Lumachina into consideration, they wanted to avoid standing out as much as possible.
Diablo’s group was surrounded by the crowds that lied in wait on the roadside, and gazed at the Dragon head that was being transported.
It was coming closer.
「……It sure is big.」
Diablo muttered that.
It was much bigger than the Large-cla.s.s that he deployed in his dungeon, and most likely had the size of a Huge-cla.s.s.
When it came to Huge Dragons, since they weren’t a size that could live in a burrow, it seems that they make ravines and rocky areas their living s.p.a.ces. And then, their strength was proportionate to their size.
On the wagon that carried the Dragon head, six men and women were lined up shoulder to shoulder, and were making pleasantries to the crowd.
They had appearances of being Warriors and Magicians.
──So these guys were the ones that subjugated it.
The crowds repeatedly called out their names, and sent voices of praise towards them.

o are they?」
Alicia answered that question.
「They are newly a.s.sembled knights. They wear equipment that no one has ever seen before, and accomplish difficult quests with overwhelming power……」
「Are they not Adventurers?」
「Correct, they are of the 《Royal Palace Chivalric Order》──And the seven people that are chosen as the best even among them, they seem to be called the 《Seven Heroes》.」
「……It would seem that there are only six people there though? Did they lose one in the subjugation?」
There were only six people standing in front of the Dragon’s head and waving their hands.
「That is true, Allen-sama isn’t there. He does not seem to be the type to get injured though.」
「Yes, and since he has the same name as the great Hero that subjugated the Demon King long ago, he is the reincarnation──or that is what people say.」
「Is he a reincarnation?」
「I do not know but……Couldn’t it just be a coincidence? There are many boys that were named after the great Hero and were given that name by their parents after all.」
It was an ambiguous story. However, he was probably strong if he was able to be called the Hero’s reincarnation.
「What kind of guy is he?」
「Nn……He is a bit of a strange person. I have no idea what he is thinking……」
Alicia, despite being the daughter of a Duke House and a State Knight, was a person who desired the Demon King’s revival and the destruction of the the Races and could be considered as someone who others would “not know what she was thinking”. Since she was making that sort of criticism, he was probably even greater in that regard.
She made an a.s.sertion.
「In any case, Allen-sama is──among the ones that King Dalesh employs, unmistakably the strongest knight.」
「Hohou……And his outward appearance? Tell me about it in detail.」
「As I thought, Diablo-sama, you have an interest in strong people, don’t you?」
「That is only natural.」
──I need to be careful so that I don’t get into a fight with them after all!
He had no ideas of personally jumping into danger, or going to meet with guys stronger than himself. To begin with, he had a personality where he wanted to shut himself away in his room if it were possible.
If that sort of dangerous knight was in town, he wanted to fully know his outward appearance, and avoid even meeting him.
She ended up having a pensive look on her face.
「Let’s see……Allen-sama’s outward appearance is……he has platinum hair that looks just like that……」
She sent her gaze out, and then froze up.
Slipping through the crowds and getting up close to the carriage that Diablo’s group was in──a young man wearing a red robe approached.
His silver hair was ruffled like he was in a manga. His race seemed to be Dwarf as he had doberman-like dog ears that were standing up straight.
His age was around seventeen, and since he was young, he didn’t have a bearded face. Some long hair stretched out from his cheeks.
He smiled. He was a considerably good-looking man, but since his expression was child-like, there was an amiability to it.
「Yo! Did ya call for me!?」

Alicia was speechless.
An unpleasant sweat went down along Diablo’s spine.
「……Could it be, are you the one? The leader of the Seven Heroes, Allen?」
「Nn? I am Allen, but I’m not the leader, ya know?」
「Are you not the strongest one?」
「I hate bothersome things, ya seeー. The commander, he does things like talking with the king, and making speeches in front of crowds of people, ya know. That’s impossible for me, I’m bad with talking with people after all.」
While Allen was gently laughing, he scratched the base of his dog ear.
He was a young man that felt like he was easy to talk to, but they couldn’t let their guards down. This guy was a knight of the kingdom, and a suitably influential person after all.
Going by the long sword on his waist, he was most likely a Warrior-type.
Diablo wasn’t exactly poor at close combat, but it wasn’t an advantageous distance. Moreover, Rem and the others were behind him. He wanted to avoid hostilities.
He stealthily extended his hand to the pouch at his back.
Allen narrowed his eyes.
「Hey you, you look strong.」
──You mean he was able to sense my level!?
If it was the game, a fair amount of information could be known from the status screen.
That sort of convenient thing wasn’t in this other world, but in exchange, there were signs and ambiances that cannot be expressed on the screen of a PC. If one became experienced with it, it was possible to discern them.
He felt a nervousness that he had not felt for a while.
However, no matter who the opponent was, he could not break his Demon King role play!
Diablo raised the ends of his lips looking bad.
「Kukuku……Would you like to experience my strength with that body of yours?」
Alicia made a surprised face.
Noticing that the situation had gone strange, Shera also turned her attention this way. And since Lumachina was aware that she had a position where she needed to conceal herself, she sent only her gaze this way.
Rose half-rose to her feet.
Only Horun, who was leaning her body out from the carriage, had her eyes glittering like a child and fixed her eyes on the dragon head.
Allen nodded his head looking delighted.
「Sure! This recent quest ended much more easily than I thought after all. I was feeling a bit unsatisfied.」
He brushed away his robe, and extended his hand to the long sword on his waist.
Diablo clicked his tongue in his mind.
──What the heck, so this guy is a battle maniac!?
At this point, it was actually a joke, so let’s stop this fight──There was no way he could say that.
Thinking about Lumachina, he didn’t want to stand out though.
──So I have no choice but to fight huh.
Behind Allen who was about to draw his sword, a huge man stood there.

「You d.a.m.ned moronnnn!!」

With a *Gatsun!*, a large fist dropped on the top of Allen’s head. A sound as if he was struck with an iron club was made.
「That hurtssss~!?」
Allen hurriedly turned around, and showed a bewildered expression.
「Wh, what the heck are ya doin’!? What’ll ya do if I turn stupid?」
「You’re already infinitely stupid! Tell me, what kind of Hero picks a fight with a spectator in the middle of the triumphal return parade!?」
「……Well, this guy, he seemed a bit strong, ya see.」
He pointed his finger.
The gazes of Diablo and the giant met.
That man was tall, and had the impression of really being muscular. On top of having a mantle being hung from both shoulders, he wore a full body armor, so Diablo couldn’t really tell though.
His race was Human.
Even though he was macho, if one looked only at his face, he seemed like a science otaku. He had his black hair in a seven three hairstyle, and wore black rimmed gla.s.ses. It was a face that looked like he would study mathematics in college or something.
He noticed Alicia who was next to Diablo, and made a surprised-looking face.
「Ah, the Cristela house’s……!? So they were your company.」
「Good work on your subjugation mission.」
「Looks like we’ve troubled you once again.」
The giant wearing science gla.s.ses lowered his eyebrows, and once again turned towards Diablo.
「I am the one entrusted with the position of commander of the 《Royal Palace Chivalric Order》, Marquis Maximum Abrams.」
「It would seem that the discipline of your subordinate is insufficient, isn’t it, Commander?」
「……I am terribly sorry, it seems that his fighting spirit became too full of vim and vigor immediately following the subjugation mission. Since I will make him reflect on it plenty, I would like to ask for your forgiveness for this impoliteness.」
「Hmph……My interest has dampened.」
Saying that over his shoulder sounding bored, he leaned his back on the carriage chair.
This was an att.i.tude that wouldn’t be strange to be censured as rude against a knight, but Abrams seemed to be a man that could discern reason.
「You have my grat.i.tude for your tolerance.」
After making a slight bow, he pulled the nape of Allen’s neck, and headed towards the wagon that carried the dragon head.
──Thank goodness it didn’t turn into a fight.
He was saved by the fact that Commander Abrams was a capable person.
It seemed that the surround crowds noticed the existence of the two heroes.
Old people seeking handshakes, women that burst into tears from too much excitement, boys raising loud voices……The two sifted through the crowd while responding to all of them and returned.
Getting up onto the wagon, and being told something from the female companions, Allen made an embarra.s.sed grin, and Abrams breathed a sigh.
The 《Seven Heroes》 was a party with a good atmosphere. It was transmitted that they trusted each other and got along well.
Diablo had a thought.
──I guess I really should have fought against him!
Alicia made a pet.i.tion.
「By all means, although your anger is reasonable, please store it away for now. Creating turmoil here would be harmful for later.」
「Ah, yeah……I know that. I no longer have any interest.」
Shera and Lumachina seemed to have been nervous and said things like 「That sure did surprise me.」 and 「Are you injured?」.
Rose quietly put away her highly strung bloodl.u.s.t.
Horun seemed to have noticed at this late point in time, and tilted her head.
「What happened -su ka?」

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