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Chapter 1.3

Part 3

Rem’s face went pale.
「……I can’t, go on anymore……Goodbye……Thank you very much……Diablo……I leave the rest……to, you……」
「Get a hold of yourself! Rem, hang in there!」
Shera hugged her.
*Goton!* The carriage shook.
After raising a small scream, Rem became quiet.
「Ahh, Remー!?」
Shera grieved as if she looked over Rem’s last moments.
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
「So she lost consciousness once again. Well, just let her sleep.」
「Guess we should.」

Lifelia Calendar Year 165, Month 9, Day 22──
A gently sloping hill continued on. It would be dusk before long, so it seemed that they had fallen a bit behind schedule.
The sunlight had changed to a madder red color.
The carriage traveled along the highway.
There were simple benches on the carriage that had no roof, and Diablo’s group was on board it.
Rem was weak with vehicles, but it seemed that she was especially weak with open type carriages. She repeatedly raised a clamour over the smallest shaking and then lose consciousness.
Since she was in a constant state of tension whenever she woke up, she would faint as if a thread snapped whenever something happened. She was completely haggard.
Diablo and the others were worried about her at first, but since it was like this for three days already, they had gotten completely used to it.
Sitting at the end of the bench, Lumachina cast her gaze to the front.
「It’s about time.」
She had a nervous expression.
That was only natural. They were approaching the stronghold of the people that targeted her life after all.
「The royal capital!?」
Horun stood up on top of the bench, stretched herself out, and let her long rabbit ears bounce about.
She seemed to have a personality that was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with curiosity and loved adventures. With this being her first time coming to the royal capital, her eyes sparkled and she looked like she was having fun.
They crossed over the hill.
What spread out before them was broad fields.
It was a place where ca.n.a.ls were drawn and divided it into squares, and several kinds of crops were cultivated. A great number of people were engaged in farmwork.
Since it was already dusk, they were probably finishing up and in the middle of returning to town.
A beast repelling fence was established, and several muscular soldiers were standing there.
Diablo opened his eyes wide.
──What, is this?
It was different.
The royal capital Sevenwall in the MMORPG Cross Reverie was beyond the gently sloping hill, and was a beautiful town that was surrounded by a lake.
The royal castle Grandios was surrounded by seven ramparts, but the castle town wasn’t protected by the ramparts but by the barrier, and the people were able to freely go in and out of it──That’s how it should have been but……
It was as if it was a different town.
Gigantic walls towered beyond the broad fields.
Within the walls, several towers that looked like spears were constructed.
「Lumachina, those ramparts, when were they built?」
「Erm……When I was brought to the royal capital fourteen years ago, it wasn’t there but……Ah, it was there since twelve years ago. When the current sixth generation Lifelia King──His Majesty Dalesh Sandros was enthroned, he immediately started its construction.」
「The Lifelia King huh……」
In the game, his name wasn’t expressed in writing.
That’s why he wasn’t sure if the one called Dalesh was the same king as the one in the game or a different one.
By some chance, the town’s appearance could have changed from a game update.
Personally, he prefered the royal capital having a peaceful atmosphere that was separated from an image of war.
However, now that the Demon King was revived, he could be said to have keen insight for strengthening their defenses. At the very least, he didn’t seem to be incompetent.
Shera jumped into the conversation.
「What’s wrong with the walls, Diablo?」
「No……I just thought that it seemed as if they had forecasted the Demon King’s revival.」
「Ah, that’s true.」
Horun lean her body out from the carriage.
「Uwahー, so cool -ssu! That’s the royal capital!」
When she nearly fell off, Diablo picked her up by the nape of the neck.
Incidentally, as usual, due to Rose being too heavy, she was made to sit on the floor grasping her knees above the rear wheel axis.

They arrived at the royal capital.

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