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Part 4

「Come down, you suspicious looking Demon over there!」
Having the carriage stopped at the city gate, they suddenly had spears turned towards them.
──This sure is a nostalgic conversational exchange.
He remembered the time when he was first summoned to this other world.
Diablo stood up on the carriage, and glared down at the soldiers.
「To point your spears at me, I am sure that you all have a suitable resolve for it, correct?」
「Uuu……Th, this guy……Is he a Demonic Being!?」
As expected of the security of the royal capital city gates.
Seeing an abnormal event taking place, around thirty soldiers gathered around in no time at all.
For those of lower positions, their proficiency wasn't low.
A majority of them were level 30 Warriors. They were insufficient to fight against the Demon King’s Army, but it was enough for maintaining public order.
──Now then, what should I do?
Although he replied back out of momentum, it was an atmosphere that seemed like they wouldn't let him pa.s.s through.
At the time at 《Fort Bridge Ulg》, he was somehow able to get through since the guard was acquainted with Rem and Shera.
And at the time at Faltra City's inner gate, the Adventurer's Guild Guildmaster Sylvie did the mediation.
Even in their journey up until now, he was able to pa.s.s through the city gates. At those times, Rem would skillfully negotiate with them but……unfortunately, she was unconscious right now.
──Huh? Could it be, is there no way to get through the gate with my Demon King role play?
A cold sweat fell down along Diablo's spine.

Having no other choice, Lumachina tried to come forward.
Right now, she was in a position where she had to conceal herself. For the sake of that, she wore a robe with a hood that the followers of the Church used, and covered her mouth with a white cloth.
If Lumachina were to reveal her status, he would surely be able to pa.s.s through the city gates.
However, the fact that the High Chief Priest returned to the royal capital would be made known to the guys of the Cardinal Inst.i.tute. He wanted to avoid that but……
Shera was the Elven Princess, but she had nothing to denote her status. Horun was a mere Adventurer, and Rose was directing bloodl.u.s.t at the soldiers that had readied their spears. She was the one that was worst for this situation.

「Could you please let that person through?」

The dress wearing woman that appeared from the inner side of the city gates announced that.
Going *Eh!?*, the soldiers were surprised.
She had her black hair curled on the left and right, and she wore a white dress where the hem of the skirt was greatly stretched out.
He felt like he had seen her somewhere before but……
She lightly bent her knees and made a curtsy.
「It has been a while, Diablo-sama.」
The one that went *Wahー* and jumped out from the carriage was Shera.
「Alicia-san! It's been so long!」
「Fufu……You are the same as always, aren't you, Shera-sama.」
She responded with a sigh mixed in to Shera who hugged her.
He couldn't tell at first because she was not wearing gla.s.ses and her hairstyle and attire was different but……
The dress wearing lady was Alicia Cristela.
She was the daughter of a Duke House and a State Knight. There were few people with a more trustworthy background than this even in the royal capital.
Thanks to Alicia, Diablo's group was able to safely pa.s.s through the city gates.
The carriage slowly advanced down the main street that was lined with shops.
As expected of the royal capital, there was a lot of people of the Races.
The races were also varied.
Demi-human discrimination was strong in the royal capital──that is what he had heard before, but at the very least, the ones walking around the main street weren't only Humans. Elves, Dwarves, Pantherians, Gra.s.swalkers, Demons……
As expected, the number of Humans was greater though.
The street was tiled, and the carriage repeatedly shook on it.
The structure of the buildings were similar to the ones in Faltra City, but the number of signboards was overwhelmingly greater. A difference in zeal towards business could be felt.
Sitting facing each other on the carriage benches, they exchanged greetings.
The current Alicia was wearing her gla.s.ses. It seemed that without those, she found it difficult to tell the expressions of the person she was conversing with.
She made a bow to Lumachina.
「This is our first time meeting……I am a State Knight known as Alicia Cristela. High Chief Priest-sama, it is an honor to have met you.」
Only during the greeting did Lumachina take off the cloth covering her mouth and respond.
「Same here, I am happy to meet you. I am Lumachina Weselia. You really saved us earlier.」
「I am grateful to know that I proved useful to you, Your Grace.」
Since they were both women with high positions, they had an elegant conversation without any particular conflict from beginning to end.
Next, Alicia made a slight bow to Horun and Rose.
「I have heard that you are newly made companions, a pleasure to meet you.」
「I am Horun! If it's for dungeon exploration, I'll be helpful -ssu yo!」
「Fufu……I shall rely on you at that time.」
In contrast to Horun who had no fear of strangers──
Rose turned a cold gaze towards her.
「What kind of relationship might you have with My Master?」
「If he were to tell me to "die", I will die. Is this explanation insufficient?」
Alicia declared something so bold without a single change to her countenance. She pushed up the center of her gla.s.ses with her fingertip.
*Piku* Rose's eyebrow moved.
「That is……you are Master's property, is there a mistake in me taking it like that?」
「Only if you have yet to give up on taking it as such.」
「Understood. Rose──please call me that. This Rose will protect Master and Master's property. In other words, I will protect you from all threats.」
「Thank you very much.」
In contrast with Rose who bent her back very deeply, Alicia had a polite tone but only returned a smile.
Those above would take the appropriate att.i.tude and receive those below. Just lowering one's head was not good communication, is what this meant.
Her communication skills were as good as usual.
Despite this being her first time meeting them, she was immediately able to construct a relationship with both Horun and Rose who had contrastive personalities.
Rose in particular.
Wasn't this the first time she didn't end up giving off a hostile atmosphere?
She did try to pick a fight and make a preemptive strike against Krum and Edelgart after all……
Recalling the dispute in Faltra City, after he decided to fix that at another opportunity, Diablo brought his consciousness back to the present.
「You did well to come out and receive us, Alicia.」
「Those honorable words are too good for me. Having received a letter from Rem-sama, I wondered when you would be coming for the past few days, and waited for you.」
──Did she wait at the city gates the whole time!? For the past few days!?
He was surprised enough for his eyes to go round but……
Horun was the only one that reacted.
「Fuee, did you do that the whole time -ssu kaー?」
「That is only natural.」
The reactions from the rest were weak.
──Come to think of it, Shera is a princess, and Lumachina is the High Chief Priest after all. I guess they're used to that kind of dedication. And Rose had waited at the dungeon for several months.
Rem, who was person with the most common-sense in this party, was fatigued every day and was still asleep. Her complexion was like that of a corpse, but color had somewhat returned to her skin.
Come to think of it, Rem did say that she would send a letter from the town just before this one. He had doubts as to whether that was necessary or not, but they were able to pa.s.s through the city gates thanks to it.
They needed to thank her.
Lumachina seemed to have intended on immediately returning to the Church once they reached the royal capital, but no matter how one looked at it, that would be way too reckless.
First was to get some rest.
Then they thought that it would be best to search around for information on the Church.
In order to expose the evil deeds of the upper echelon, they wanted to investigate while not letting them know that Lumachina had returned to the royal capital.
Alicia sat down next to Diablo.
「Excuse me. To think that you would come accompanied by the High Chief Priest……As usual, you are a person where the imagination of someone like me cannot be a match for.」
「Naturally. And how are things for you?」
She is a Demon King Worshipper, and a traitor to the Races.
Being forgiven by Rem who she had tried to kill, right now, she had become Diablo's subordinate.
However, her enmity towards the Races──the important people of the royal capital in particular, was still as strong as before.
If her act of treachery were known, there was the possibility that she would have been executed the moment she returned to the royal capital but……
Alicia pinched the skirt of her dress.
「Owing to unavoidable circ.u.mstances, I am currently in the middle of a holiday, but there is no change to my position as a State Knight. Since anything more than that is a bit complicated……I will slowly tell you about them after dinner.」
She had a lot of secrets.
Moreover, she was the owner of an ideology that couldn't be welcomed by the people of the Races. If the fastidious Lumachina were to learn of it, trouble might occur.
There was also the coachman of the carriage.
It was probably better to hear about the full details when it was just the two of them.
Alicia broke the ice.
「Diablo-sama, I have arranged your place of lodging. My family's estate has many people coming in and out of it, and since it is also in the first district, Demi-humans would stand out. It is in the sixth district……Ah, I am terribly sorry, here is a map.」
Seeming to have presumed that Diablo's group didn't possess even a map, Alicia presented one to them.
Accepting it, he unfolded it.

There were thirteen districts altogether, and as a whole, it was roughly a round shape.
Just like a clock face, due north was the twelfth district, and then, going clockwise, it was the first district, second district, third district……and due south was the sixth district.
At the center was the royal castle. It was a gigantic castle that was its own district, and had seven ramparts.
In the s.p.a.ce between the districts, there were broad waterways, and one would have to travel using the bridges or small boats. It was an elegant and beautiful city. The climate was gentle, but since it was a basin, fog would frequently come out.
Having pa.s.sed through the western gate, they were currently in the ninth district's main street──is what was explained to them.
By including the center, the outer wall surrounded all thirteen districts as a whole.
A barrier to keep Demonic Beings out was also put up. For that reason, there were gigantic towers constructed in every district.
There was enough of a scale for thirteen Fortress City Faltras to be gathered into one here.
The royal castle at the center was the residence of the king and his family, as well as the place for national politics.
In the First District, the estates of n.o.bles and wealthy merchants were lined up, and it also had exceedingly strong security. The inhabitants were nothing but Humans, and a trouble or two would surely occur if Diablo's group merely approached it.
The Ninth District that they were currently in was a wholesale store neighborhood.
A wholesale store did business with merchants, and would not deal with individual customers. No matter what the merchandise was, they would be dealt in units of boxes and casks. When the population becomes colossal, this sort of heavy turnover was necessary.
There were a lot of inn even in this Ninth District, but since they were aimed towards merchants, the meals were questionable, the beds were small, and yet the lodging fees were expensive. As for why, it was because stables to look after the carriages and storehouses to deposit merchandise were included in the price. Security expenses to protect the inn were also added.
The Sixth District where the inn that Alicia had made arrangements at was a place that was called the royal capital's entranceway.
The Lifelia Kingdom was a territory that spread out to the south from the royal capital. The south gate was the one that had the most people coming in and out, and stores that were targeted at individuals were gathered in the Sixth District.
What Adventurers used was usually the Sixth District──That sort of thing was the same in the MMORPG Cross Reverie.
──As I thought, this town, it seems to be the beginning town, the Royal Capital Seven Wall.
Although the appearance had drastically changed, there wasn't a great difference on the map. Though, as usual, it was several times larger than it was in the game.
The stores that Adventurers used were in the Sixth District, but the Town Quests would occur in all districts.
He did not know how similar it would be to the game, but things like searching for kittens and thief suppression……by remembering those various quests he had completed, Diablo ended up feeling nostalgic.
In regards to the MMORPG Cross Reverie, the royal capital (the Sixth District) was the town where the game started.
Diablo spread out the map to verify one thing. It might be different from his own knowledge.
「Where is the Church?」
It wasn't Alicia but Lumachina who was listening in next to them that answered that question.
「The Northern Twelfth District──That is where the Grand Chapel is.」
She tightly clenched her hands.

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