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Part 12

They moved from the tent where the slaves were displayed to another tent that was a bit separated from the first tent.
In the smallish tent, there was a large bed. It wasn’t something crude like spreading a sheet on top of some straw, it was a cotton filled mattress.
And then, there was a table and four chairs.
For a trader’s private room, it didn’t have a work desk. For a reception office, it had a bed. It was a strange room.
Medios sat in a chair, and crossed her finely shaped legs.
She lit up a tobacco pipe.
「Erm……Diablo-san and, Shera-chan, right? Well, please have a seat wherever you like.」
Shera talked looking like she was excited.
「That was the first time I’ve seen a slave store!」
「Fufu……Is that so. How is it?」
「I’m kind of like, relieved that it’s not as terrible as I thought!」
Diablo was in agreement.
When he heard about the slave store, the image he had of it was something much more gruesome.
However, the people of the Races that were handled here, although they were put in cages, they didn’t look like they were in that bad of a condition.
Medios raised her voice and laughed.
「Hahaha! Of course it isn’t! Shera-chan, if you were to come to buy a slave, would you want to buy a slave that was terribly injured or was sick? Would you want a slave whose eyes looked like they were dead?」
「I don’t think I would want that~.」
「That is exactly it. A weapons store would polish a weapon and put it on display. A tools shop would put the tools in order and put them on display. Keeping the slaves’ mind and body pure is only natural for a slave store.」
He consented with that.
After seeing the slaves in good health, he could probably be at ease and feel inclined to buy.
──No, I don’t have any intention of buying a slave.
Medios continued her speech.
「After that, I suppose it’s a question of personality? As you can see, I’m quite soft-hearted. If there was someone suffering, I would want to help them. And in order to make the owner be pleased with them, before they get bought, I want to make the slaves get an education. I think of all of them as my own children……I can’t do something like treat them terribly.」
「Now I get it~. Medios-san, you’re a good person!」
「…………I, a slave trader, am?」
Medios again raised her voice and laughed.

After taking a short rest, she then stood up from the chair.
「Well then, I guess I should teach you now. Practice over theory! To begin with, there probably isn’t any theory for a strange situation such as your, is there?」
I’ll allow it, teach me──is what he was about to say, but he corrected himself.
He thought that only this time, he should prioritize success over his Demon King role play.
Diablo opened his mouth.
「……If you would.」
「Yup. You’re much better that way.」
Diablo averted his eyes from Medios’ innocent smile.
She then gave an order to Shera.
「Alright, undress.」
「It’s because, from here on, I’m going to teach 《Slave Magic》 to Diablo-san using you, Shera-chan. For him to understand the flow of magical power, things like these clothes filled with magic enchantment will only get in the way.」
「Eh? But these are normal clothes that only have a bit of magical power flowing through them though?」
Medios touched her with her fingertips.
「……Normal clothes don’t have magical power flowing through them, right?」
「Come to think of it, that’s true~. B, but, being naked is embarra.s.sing. And Diablo will see me……」
「Nn? You guys don’t have that kind of relationship?」
Asked that question, Shera tilted her head.
About to blush, Diablo grit his back teeth and endured it.
「Can’t I do this using other clothing?」
「That’s fine but, the remaining clothes we have here don’t have normal appearances, you know?」

Having finished changing, Shera twisted her body on top of the bed looking embarra.s.sed.
She had an appearance looking like she was in underwear.
Her clothes covered so little, he couldn’t tell if it was string or if it was cloth.
Beads decorated the delicate parts, and they flutteringly swayed.
──These beads, do they have some kind of purpose!?
Medios nodded as if she were admiring it.
「These are the clothes of a s.e.x slave, but it suits you quite well, doesn’t it.」
「Oi!? Weren’t these for your own children!?」
Diablo reflexively made a retort.
Medios puffed up her chest with pride.
「All Cla.s.ses are equal! If there’s no choice but to make a living with that, then I’ll teach them that. Though, if you say that you can immediately save all of the poor, then I’ll apologize and say that I was wrong, you know?」
「Tsk……You really are a skilled talker. You’re a huge difference from Celes. I get it……What should I do?」
「Yeah, yeah. Now then, touch Shera-chan’s skin, okay? It doesn’t matter where but it’s better to touch the torso rather than the arms or the legs.」
──She says some difficult things really simply.
Diablo got on top of the bed that Shera was waiting on.
His hands trembled.
This wasn’t the first time that he touched Shera’s body but……
No, this was the first time not through her clothes.
For now, he placed his hand on her collarbone.
Shera twisted her body, looking like it was ticklish.
「Don’t let out a strange voice.」
「I, I mean……Diablo, your hand was…………」
Medios called out to them from outside the bed.
「Hey there~? Isn’t it a bit too quick to be putting out that kind of atmosphere? Now then, Diablo-san, read the magical power.」
「Kuh……That was pretty sudden.」
「If you can use magic, then you can do it. Even if you can’t see it, at least feeling it is normal, normal.」
If it’s like that, it should probably be a sensation close to when he was using magic.
He tried to be conscious of the staff without thinking about her body warmth.
He felt a flow within her.
It was something different from circulating blood.
It was going around and around. It sprung out from the heart, and streamed to the abdomen.
And then, the flow that went from himself to the base of Shera’s neck was……
──This is!?
「Uu……It disappeared?」
The thing that he felt, it suddenly disappeared from his hand.
Medios explained.
「Magical power is something that can’t be seen if you try to see it, and can’t be felt if you try to feel it. So you look without looking, and feel without feeling.」
──Like I said, don’t say something difficult like it’s simple.
「Now then, why don’t we try touching the place where the flow of magical power is a bit more concentrated?」
「So there is a place like that. You should have told me from the beginning.」
「If you felt it for even an instant, shouldn’t you already know where it is?」
「……From the heart……to down below, huh.」
「That’s right. Then, there! Once you’re able to feel the magical power, we’ll get into the lecture for 《Slave Magic》.」
In other words, they still hadn’t reached the entry point of learning it.
Diablo leaned forward over to Shera. He couldn’t take his time doing it while being reserved.
「Here I go, Shera……prepare yourself.」
「Y, yeah……Diablo……I might be, kind of……scared.」
「Leave everything to me.」
──I will definitely learn this magic, and remove the 《Slavery Choker》.
Just as he was ordered to by Medios, Diablo extended his hand.
He placed his hand on top of her heart.
His rough fingers sank into her soft bulges.
The cloth that was too small pretty much didn’t make any hindering-like hindrances.
Shera raise her voice through her nose.
「Kuh……It’s far.」
He pushed up. The cloth on her b.r.e.a.s.t.s for the most part looked like they were going to come off.
However, he could only sense the flow of magical power up to that extent.
「Nnnu……Dia……Ah, if you go……that strongly……Hafuu……I, that place, it’s kind of……weak……so……Nnn」
「You need to endure it. Magical power is gathering here.」
*Guri guri* He tried changing this hand position. The way he saw things changed.
The flow of magical power that he saw as something planar became three-dimensional, as if he could grab it.
「Hafuu! Ahnn! Ah! Ah! Hiuu! Something, like that……Ahn, you can’t do thatt……Hiu!」
「Just a bit more!」
「Ah! Ahh! If, if you do……a little more……I’ll! I’ll!」
Medios fired off instructions.
「Looks like you can pretty much see it, can’t you? Well then, why don’t we try going down. Once you’re there, this time, Diablo-san, you’ll pour in your own magical power. The programming of this magic is to understand the target’s magical power. And then, interfere with it using your own magical power. Then finally, materialize that interference and fixate it──」
While listening to her, Diablo slid his hand.
He did that because he felt like he would never feel it again if he were to separate from the skin.
Shera’s skin was smoother, silkier, and softer than anything that he felt up until now. This thought was reverberating in his brain.
──So this is what it means to feel magical power?
It felt like there was an eye that was attached to his hand that could peek inside her and felt like he could see not only her magical power, but even see her respiration, her pulse, and her perspiration.
If this information could be obtained without touching and just by looking, even Rem’s secret would probably be noticed, and one could probably tell that Diablo wasn’t a normal Magician.
From her breast, he gently brushed her naked navel.
With a jerk, Shera arched her spine back, and raised a voice that sounded like a scream.
「Nn!? Ow, that……didn’t really hurt……this is……what is it? I can feel some mysterious waves but……」
Medios urged him to go on.
「If it looks like something dangerous will happen to Shera-chan, I’ll be sure to stop it, so keep on going.」
「I see……I leave it to you.」
His middle finger rubbed her navel.
Shera raised her voice again.
「Ngyuu! Nnnnnuuuu!」
「Does it tickle? Endure it……So the location where the magical power is concentrated, is below here.」
He touched her abdomen.
「Ah!? Ah! That place, is kinda……don’t! Not, inside me!」
「There’s magical power here!」
The form of the magical power that was going around inside of Shera started to feel moist.
Medios called out to him.
「Now then, try interfering with the magical power. You need to slowly go in……As if you’re pouring honey into a small bottle, without rushing, nice and slow.」
Diablo poured magical power into Shera.
「Nnu!? Ah……Dia……blo……fuan……nn, it kind of……feels like the part below my stomach, is getting hotter.」
Medios delightfully nodded.
「Ohh, as expected of someone that Celestine gave high praises to. To think that in this short amount of time, you’ve already gone through the surface and arrived at the core.」
「Is it fine with this?」
「If we keep on going slowly like this, no matter how much time we have, it still wouldn’t be enough. Since it looks like you also went through the trouble of opening Shera-chan up, just dump it in, okay?」
「Is that alright!?」
「If it’s just pouring magical power, it’s the same as drinking an MP Recovery Potion, you know? Once you’re able to do that, I’ll teach you 《Slave Magic》.」
「Alright……Shera. Here I go, okay?」
While tears were coming up to the corners of her eyes, Shera’s cheeks became red, and her breathing got lively.
She nodded.
「Y, yeah……I’m fine……You can, come……?」
He gathered magical power in his hand.
As if he were putting it into 《The Staff of Tenma》, he poured magical power into Shera.
There was a sensation like pa.s.sing through some kind of soft wall, and the thing that had been held down, was then drawn in instead.
Diablo released the magical power inside Shera.
*Bikun* It made her body convulse.
「Ah! Nah! Hiaaaaaaaaaaaa──────ッ!!」
A pure white flash gushed out, and filled his field of vision.

「……And so, as you saw, if you’re able to make an interference, what’s left is something like tying a shoelace. You pa.s.s magical power through in that exact process, and then tie it tightly, got it?」
Medios manipulated a string with her ten fingers as if she were doing a cat’s cradle, and made some kind of shape.
She was sitting in a chair and her legs were crossed.
Diablo was sitting on the other side and his arms were folded.
A sense of languidness was remaining in the core of his body.
「It’s still impossible for me to do it without concentrating but……I certainly do feel like I can sometimes see magical power. If I touch them, it’ll be perfect.」
「Fufufu……Starting from when I was six years old, it took me until I was eighteen year old to learn that though?」
「I am a Demon King. It’s foolish to compare me to someone of the Races.」
──Even I had invested a great amount of time after all. It was in the game though.

In this world, probably due to an effect of him using magic to his heart’s content, Diablo was able to learn it to a certain extent with a surprising speed.
Medios shrugged her shoulders.
「But, it looks like it’s impossible, doesn’t it?」
「I don’t think that it’s impossible. However, with my current accuracy and sustained concentration time, it doesn’t seem possible no matter how I contend with it.」
「Shera-chan being a genius was also a catastrophe, wasn’t it?」
「It got reflected, became sloppy, materialized and got fixated.」
Diablo nodded to Medios’ words.
Magical power was seen.
Even on the 《Slavery Choker》 that was on Shera’s neck.
Diablo talked with a sigh mixed in.
「……It were as if there were a countless number of yarn b.a.l.l.s in a limitless room, and they all seemed to be entangled with one another……And even though each and every one of those needs to be untangled, that room is teeming with smoke, the visibility is bad, and you can only stay as long as you can hold your breath……It was something like that.」
「Uh-huh, how about giving up?」
He didn’t have the intention to do so, but it was certainly true that it was a severe situation that seemed like it would crush him.
Right beside him, with a blanket placed on her, Shera was soundly sleeping on the bed looking happy.
The 《Slavery Choker》 was still stuck on her neck.

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