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Part 7

The people of the town raised screams and were running away.
There were also guards that noticed the uproar and headed over, but the opponent was Gregor who was able to pulverize the tenacious Summoned Beast with one attack. They just meaninglessly increased the number of victims.
The presence of people disappeared from the front of the inn.
There was only Celes who had frozen up making her unable to even run away and Rem who, although protected Celes at her back, had no way of opposing the enemy.
The giant that possessed hard scales on its lizard head——Gregor was getting closer.
Among all of the Warrior types, he was a 《Fistfighter》 type that did not use weapons and fought with his fists.
Those fists had pulverized even the strongest Summoned Beast that Rem could call upon with one attack.
——I can’t win!!
There was a person that was running to the main street that was becoming devoid of the presence of people.
「Kuh……I made it in time!」
She turned to look at the footsteps.
She saw golden armor. She recognized that appearance that was way too gaudy.
That person only had one tuft long bangs combed up.
「Are you alright, Rem-chan? Also, Celes-sama?」
「……E, Emil!?」
The Adventurer Warrior Emil stood in front of Gregor in order to protect Rem and Celes.
「Good grief……Just when I heard the uproar and came running to check it out……I don’t know how it got in, but to think that a Demonic Being would be rampaging within the town. And above all! To think it would be aiming for women, I can’t forgive that!」
It was an unusually theatrical and pompous way of speaking.
At the back, shouts of joy were raised.
The ones that came running together with him were the other Adventurers.
Emil was the strongest Warrior in the Adventurer’s Guild.
He was both popular and had popularity.
Gregor gripped his fist.
「Who the h.e.l.l are ya!?」
Emil prepared his long sword in front of his body.
「My name is Emil Byushelbeljel! I am the Guild’s number one 《Herculean Warrior》 and an ally of all women!」
「Ya sure are interestin’, Human! Show that ya can make this Gregor-sama enjoy himself!」
「Though, for you, it probably won’t be an enjoyable outcome!」
Emil swung his sword.
A phosph.o.r.escence of magic power surged from the blade.
He had received the a.s.sistance of magic power bestowal on his sword from this Adventurer comrades.
Furthermore, piling up Martial Arts, an intense attack had struck.
It hit the back of Gregor’s neck.
A hard sound that one wouldn’t think would come from a creature that was just killed had resounded. Emil wasn’t able to break the obsidian-like scales.
Even so, Gregor stepped back a couple of steps and fell to a knee.
「Oi oi oi oii? Despite bein’ a Human, yer pretty strong, ain’t cha!」
「There’s still more to come! This isn’t all that I’ve got!」
Emil attacked while pursuing him. He unleashed slashes that eyes couldn’t keep up with continuously. Was that also one of the Martial Arts?
Gregor covered his head with both arms.
Every time the sword hit his arms, a high-pitched sound resounded, as if he were slashing at iron or rock.
And then, it was only a little bit but black fragments flew about.
「If it weren’t enhanced with magic, although it is my sword, it might have broken! However, my sword right now, is invincible!!」
「Guh, kuh……!?」
It was hard to tell if it was effective or not but……
Emil was pressuring him!
Gregor was on the defensive.
「Annoyin’, annoyin’, this is tha best!」
「HA! Do you like one-sidedly receiving attacks!? In that case, I’ll let you eat even more slashes! Until all of those scales you’re so proud of disappear!」
「Kukuku……What I like……is makin’ Humans that are brimmin’ with confidence like you fall into despair. That face at that moment, I just can’t get enough of it!」
Gregor muttered something.
A radiance of magical power spread out.
Emil who was repeatedly attacking was blown away.
Tumbling on top of the stone paving, and caught by the Adventurers that were surrounding them, he finally stopped.
Gregor puffed out his chest looking self-important and stood up.
For Rem, all she knew was that he had used magic.
Moreover, it wasn’t Summoning magic, but Chemical Elemental magic like Diablo used?
While being supported by those around him, Emil stood up.
His Magician comrades were chanting Healing magic. That kind of support was to somehow let him return to the fight.
「Kuh……You, just now, what did you do!?」
「It was magic, Human! Ya know, this Gregor-sama is tha number one 《Magician》 in tha Man-Eatin’ Forest!」
「What was that!?」
So his way of fighting like a Fistfighter was all a fake.
Gregor spread open his right hand.
In that hand, phosph.o.r.escence of magic power congregated.
「Is that alright? If yer not gonna come, you’ll one-sidedly be my magic’s prey!」
「d.a.m.n it! 《Sword Smite》!!」
Spurring on his damaged body, Emil used a Martial Art.
Getting close in an instant, he unleashed a horizontal slash.
However, Gregor’s left arm easily stopped the blow.
「Gufufu……Even as a Fistfighter, I’m stronger that you Humans!」
「As if I’d lose!!」
Gregor’s magic was completed faster than Emil’s pursuit.
His magic was invoked simultaneously with his right fist’s strike.
「Oraa! 《Dark Bullet》!!」
Relentlessly, a black light bullet was shot at Emil who had barely stopped Gregor’s fist with his sword.
Making a thick sound, a hole opened up on the left shoulder of Emil’s armor. Fresh blood fluttered about.
「Oraa! Next is the right arm!!」
Simultaneous with a kick, magic was once again fired.
The armor was crushed, and from that gap, bright red blood spurt out.
The Adventurers in the surroundings that saw that raised screams.
It wasn’t that they were being cruel. It’s just that they had no way of attacking the enemy that not even Emil’s attack could make a telling blow on.
At the most, they could nothing but Healing magic and Support magic from a distance.
If they were to get closer, they would instead be getting in the way. Even if they were bravely volunteer themselves, Emil had a personality where he would defend against attacks that went towards his comrades.
Rem shouted.
「Emil, please run away! You’re too poorly matched against him!」
However, he stood up even while his legs were shaking.
He expressed his usual pompous-like smile.
「Run away? This great me leaving behind a woman? Oi oi, please don’t go saying such stupid things, Rem-chan.」
Emil combed up his only one tuft long bangs.
「Doing something like turning my back on an enemy in front of a woman is something I will never do! My name is Emil Byushelbeljel! Although I’m the Guild’s number one 《Herculean Warrior》——I am the guardian of all women!」
Gregor narrowed his eyes.
「Now~ then, I guess it’s about time I get serious! When it looks they’re gonna lose, Humans will abandon their comrades and run away, right?」
His reptilian eyes turned towards Rem and Celes.
Right now, if they were to run——
Most likely, Gregor would ignore Emil and start shooting magic at them.
From the beginning, if the two of them looked like they were going to escape, he was able to fire powerful magic at them at any time.
——We were being played with!?
Emil shouted, raised his sword overhead with his bloodstained hands, and charged in.
With a Fistfighter-like stance, Gregor carried a light of magic power in those fists.
「It’s about time, that ya die, Human! 《Dark Press》!!」
The powerful magic crushed Emil’s body.
But even so, he did not step back.
He absolutely did not step back.

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