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Part 3

The Fort Bridge Ulg had a visage of two box-shaped buildings linked together with stone arches. At a sudden look, it resembled a castle gate.
Those box-shaped buildings were s.p.a.cious, and many of the guards usually lived there.
However, right now, because they readied their equipment and came down to the first floor, it was cramped.
The soldiers thought of their hometowns, encouraged themselves, shed tears over their nearing deaths……In front of the opponent they felt hopeless against, they showed the manifestation of various emotions.
Since Shera had handed the Grape Wine over to Boris, the quest was already achieved.
It would be fine if they just went back to town but……
——If I leave things as they are now, this place will probably be annihilated.
And then, before long, the Demonic Beings will probably invade up until the town.
It was a strange story.
Faltra City had a barrier. Even if the Demonic Beings were to attack, if the gates are closed, they shouldn’t be able to enter.
Would the Demonic Beings a.s.semble more than a hundred-something beings for the sake of a meaningless expedition?
Next to him, Shera was trembling.
「Diablo, have you seen a Demonic Being before?」
「You are a Demon King after all!」
「Well, pretty much……」
「Are they strong?」
「If it’s one-to-one, it wouldn’t be a problem but……Just in case, there’s something I want to confirm. ——In this world, existences that harm the races are called Monsters, right?」
「Yup. Like wild animals that attack people, and also Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts.」
「Putting Demonic Beasts aside for now, the ones called Demonic Beings have appearances similar to the races but are completely different living things. Is that correct?」
For something like this, as expected of the royalty of the Elves, it seemed that Shera also knew about this very well.
「That’s right, the Demonic Beings are the Demon King’s kin. And then, the Races are the Divine Beings’ descendants. That’s why they say we’re completely different living things. The current Demonic Beings seem to moving around doing this and that in order to revive the Demon King.」
So that much is the same as the game.
In that case, it’s very likely that the Demonic Beings’ aim is Rem.
Just where did the secret leak out from?
Or maybe, did they perceive the magical power?
Like sensing not specifically Rem herself, but the fact that the Demon King Krebskrem’s soul was in Faltra City. It might be to that degree.
He needed to be careful so as not to carelessly reveal her information.
——Still, a hundred-something of them, huh. Even if I’m level 150, it’ll be tough if I fight them squarely.
Should he just hurry up and return to town?
After all, the Demonic Beings can’t enter the town.
Boris, who had left holding the Grape Wine that was a refreshment from the Magician’s Guild, came back holding a letter for some reason.
「Um, here! It’s a reply of grat.i.tude. I believe it will be proof we received it.」
「Are you normal? Even though a hundred-something Demonic Beings are coming at any moment, you’re giving thanks for the Grape Wine?」
「Haha……You’re right. You might say that I’m not feeling nervous but……If today is going to be my last day, I believe that I want to live it properly.」
「Diablo-san, please have your group hurry and go back to town.」
「Are you people not going to withdraw? If you’re in Faltra, since there’s the barrier, wouldn’t the Demonic Beings not be able to enter?」
「No, if we were to withdraw, the field workers outside of the town and the slow-footed travellers would probably be troubled……Buying time so that everyone can escape into the town is our job.」
So those guards were preparing to fight with those feelings.
Shera was moved to tears.
「Diablo……Can’t you do something?」
——I guess I can’t help it.
With 《The Staff of Tenma》, *Kashin!*, he struck the stone pavement.

「Youngster, it’s unfortunate but your resolution will become useless. After all, today will not be your last!」

「Eh!? Wh, what are you……Diablo-san?」
And then, Demonic Beings appeared.
The guards of Fort Bridge Ulg raised voices that resembled screams.
Diablo turned his eyes to the point across the stone bridge.
There was a black group.
They were calmly approaching.
That lot was a group that possessed features that were in some respects similar to beasts.
For example, some would have faces like that of an ox.
Some would have hooves in place of hands.
Some would be unbelievably huge.
Some would have a skin color that was dark blue.
That group, despite all of them having disconnected appearances, they shared the common point of having an atypical appearance.
Would the one at the lead be the commander?
It looked like a knight that had his whole body fortified with pitch black armor. In its hand, it held a large, cone-shaped jousting lance.
It was riding alone on a Demonic Beast. It was a Demonic Beast that resembled a dragon whose size was about that of a horse.
——So it’s a Dragon Knight.
In the game, there seemed to be unique tamable Demonic Beasts that even Players could ride.
Since Diablo didn’t reach out to the Mount skill, he didn’t have experience with it, but it was said that among the Players, there were some that rode Wyverns.
There wasn’t a time where he didn’t think that he wanted to try riding one at least once.
——For the time being, right now, I need to overcome this situation.
Since he unintentionally said something great, there’s no way he could just escape now.
The Demonic Beings had drawn close enough that they were at a distance that bows and arrows could reach them.
The guards of Fort Bridge Ulg, ineptly fired arrows.
However, it looked like those arrows didn’t give any damage to the Demonic Beings.
The Demonic Beings howled.
As a counterattack, they hurled fireb.a.l.l.s.
An explosion occurred.
A portion of Fort Bridge Ulg collapsed from the enemy’s attack.
The guards that nocked their bows and arrows tried to get out of the way before they would get caught up in it but……
Diablo said this to Shera.
「You stay here. If you’re nearby, it will be hard to use my magic.」
「G, got it! Um……!」
「What is it?」
「Diablo, be careful out there.」
Something like being worried about by someone right before heading out to battle, this was a first for him.
Mysteriously enough, his chest became hot.
His face had become hot and he couldn’t even reply to her.
He turned his back to her.

Right now, he felt like he wouldn’t lose even to the Demon King.

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