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Part 1

The next day——
Early in the morning, Diablo’s group was called to go to the Adventurer’s Guild.
They were in the Guildmaster’s office which in the inner area of the counter.
Diablo was sitting on a hemp sofa. Shera was sitting next to him and Rem was the only one standing.
The small Sylvie was at the large official duties desk.
「Sorry about continually doing this to you, but there’s a commission designating you, Diablo-san.」
「Is it another trap?」
They should have received their first quest yesterday, but instead they received the Elves’ ambush.
They were able to repel them because it was Diablo but if they were normal, Shera would have been s.n.a.t.c.hed away and if it were handled poorly, they might have been killed.
Even this time, it wouldn’t be guaranteed that things would end with them being uninjured.
Sylvie smiled.
「It’s natural that you’d be cautious but this time it’s alright. After all, the requestor is the Magician’s Guild’s chief. Since I received it from the person herself, it’s certain.」
It would seem that the requestor was Celes.
Diablo turned his eyes towards Rem.
「What kind of talk did you have yesterday?」
It had bothered him but because of what happened last night, he didn’t ask.
Rem was as she normally was on the surface. Though it felt like her voice was a bit stiff.
「……She apologized about yesterday’s matter. She said that she wanted to give us a solatium, but I declined it.」
「Fumu, if that’s the case, it’s a commision in place of a solatium.」
Sylvie told them the outline of the commission. Certainly, it looked like the reward was high in proportion to the labor.
「……Good grief, that Celes」
Rem breathed a sigh.
「There’s no reason to flat out refuse it like that, right?」
Shera sprang her voice out.
「If it’s a profitable quest, it’s a warm welcome!」
However, Rem seemed to have a different thought.
「……I, don’t want to create a debt with Celes. I’d accept it if it were a normal commission, but a quest with a reward that is too high, I’ll have to decline.」
「But you know, it’s a commission that designated Diablo, right? In that case, wouldn’t that make it so that a debt isn’t created even if you help out, Rem?」
「……Considering it’s you, you talked after thinking about it, didn’t you.」
「Amazing, isn’t it!」
「……Preparing it to even include that kind of excuse, that’s very much like Celes……I won’t be going. Seeing as how you two are on such good terms, it’s fine if the two of you go, isn’t it?」
——On good terms?
Shera’s face went red.
Rem pouted.
「Rather than flat-chested me, Shera who has pointless meat in her chest is much better, right?」
——Ahh, I knew it, so she’s still mad.
It seems that Rem is the type to get mad quietly, deeply, and for a long time.
It looked like it would still take time until it would subside.
Maybe also for that reason, Shera looked like she wanted to go together.
「If, if you’re going to say that, only Diablo and I will go, you know!? We’re really going to go, got it!?」
——Well, I guess it’s fine if I just pay the money earned by this commission to Rem for the inn fees.
「Hmph……If you don’t want to go, then just stay in town.」
「……That I will.」
Rem muttered sounding like she was sulking.
Sylvie clapped her hands.
「Yosh! So Shera-chan and Diablo-san are going, right? Then, that’s that! Please take care of it!」
With a “Here”, she handed over the written request.
He couldn’t read the letters.
Diablo handed it over to Rem, who held it out to Shera.
She delightfully read the quest contents out loud.
「Let’s see, let’s see……A delivery of refreshments……To Fort Bridge Ulg, is what it says.」
「I can’t imagine that this is a quest with any meaning to it.」
Sylvie bitterly smiled.
「You can see the gap in Celes-san’s trouble of wanting to give you guys a solatium by any means.」
Maybe she was worried about the hidden circ.u.mstance that Rem carried.
Or maybe, this might be the embodiment of the feeling of “thinking of Rem as a little sister” that Celes mentioned before.
Though, rather than an Onee-san, it’s more like an Obaa-chan wanting to give her some pocket money.
And then, a p.u.b.escent girl was being difficult.
Rem talked with a displeased sounding voice.
「……Did she really believe that I would consent to such a quest that is blatantly way too easy and accept the reward? I’ve been seen as being cheap.」
Even for Diablo, he was a little reluctant.
「I can’t imagine that there’s any value in me going.」
Shera panicked.
「Eh~!? Let’s go together! I don’t want to be alone, you know!?」
「But I don’t think there will be any dangerous monsters.」
「I don’t want to be alone! Let’s go~!! Le~t’s~go~!!」
Is she a kid?
「You’re really incorrigible……Well, as long as I’ve accepted it, I guess I should go.」
「Yay! In that case, let’s go right now! This is our first quest!」
「Then what was yesterday?」
「I mean, that was a trap! That isn’t a quest! This is a redo!」
「Fumu, well, I suppose that’s one way of thinking about it.」
「……Celes is much too easy going.」
Rem breathed a sigh.
Sylvie gazed at the three of them, and cheerfully smiled.

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