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Part 3
The Adventurers a.s.sociation was located in the western part of Faltra. It wasn’t that far from the inn.
It was a building made of stone and its roof was triangular. The door was made of wood——these were the characteristics that it had in common with the building it was lined up with, but the Adventurers a.s.sociation could be recognized with a single glance.
The building’s size was about three to four times bigger than the other buildings.
The doors and the roof, even the structure of the windows was big. It was as if something that was one size bigger than the other citizens was living there.
Diablo’s group went through the huge door and entered the Adventurers a.s.sociation.

Inside, it looked like a bar.
It was similar to the one at the inn. As expected, with the counter that used timber that gave off a smoked-like l.u.s.ter, and the tables lined up, the impression of being very s.p.a.cious seen from outside stayed the same.
However, the one at the inn had a sense of cleanliness. This place had dirt that stood out and even had broken chairs.
There were dark red stains that looked like blood stuck on the wall, and there was a strange intimidating air on the counter that was carved up with sword cuts.
Even the atmosphere of the people inside was different from the many townspeople that went back and forth in the town. And then, even though they had the same physique as in the game, a strange intensity could be felt.
A sharp eyed Human man that looked this way.
A Pantherian woman dressed in clothing that looked like a dancer’s with lots of exposure.
A child-looking, short Gra.s.swalker boy carrying a large sword on his back.
A calm-looking young Demon man wearing a white robe.
A Dwarf man equipped with dogged armor.
——I didn’t see those kinds of dangerous guys in the game, though?
It would seem that a quarrel broke out.
An Elf woman and a Dwarf man were quarrelling, but before long, they took out their hands.
Since the surrounding people stood up out of their chairs, when he thought that they were going to stop the fight, they removed the tables, made s.p.a.ce, and cheered.
A fist fight started.
It would seem that there was a single quest that went around, and it became a fight over who took it first.
——What the heck is with this barbaric room!?
Diablo received a shock.
The Adventurers a.s.sociation was in the game as well, but since that place only had chat windows flying about, it didn’t involve fights, the stench of liquor, and yells that sounded like beasts.
Even the scramble for quests didn’t exist. Anyone was able to take on the same quest.
However, these were 《Adventurers》.
In the game, it was the general term used for players……
In this world, it was the general term for those that fight and do life threatening jobs due to various circ.u.mstances.
If Diablo was alone, he might have been intimidated and gone back to the inn.
He understood the reason why Shera, who should be excellent as a bow-user, didn’t do the Adventurers Registration alone.
It would seem that there were people that noticed them.
They tilted their heads.

「……What is up with that Demon?」
「People that grow horns, I’ve never seen that even among Demons. He couldn’t possibly be a Demonic Being, could he?」
「The ones with him are Rem-san and that Elf Onee-chan carrying that surname, right? But both Rem-san and that Elf girl should be fairly skilled……?」
「Those are, slavery chokers, aren’t they?」
「That Demon, just who is he?」

It would seem that the effect of 《The Distorted Crown》 made them think he had genuine horns.
Being equipment he chose for its ability, he didn’t worry about the appearance changing effect of 『making him look like horns of that of a devil were growing of from him』 at all but……
He didn’t think that it would become the cause of the strange eyes being directed at him in another world.
However, he couldn’t take them off at this point. If a Demon King were to suddenly take off his horns, he would surely be a spoilsport.
Rem ignored the strife and pointed in the direction of the stairs.
「……Let’s go. It’s a bit noisy but……It’s what usually happens. It’s because the Adventurer Registration is done on the second floor counter.」
Hiding his internal unrest, Diablo nodded.
Shera was afraid of the people that were openly fighting.
「U, un.」
The three of them headed for the stairs.

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