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Chapter 6.5

Part 5

The fumes from the explosion cleared away.
The ones remaining on top of the now mushy sh.e.l.l was only Vanaknes. Within his arms, the mermaid shaped Demonic Being was limp and vanishing.
Vanaknes glared at Diablo with his now deep red eyes.
「Why! Why did you drag her into this!?」
「I don’t understand what you mean. With you confronting me as an enemy, what is so strange about me attacking you? To begin with, aiming for the Healer first is a reasonable strategy.」
「d.a.m.n you! d.a.m.n you! I will absolutely kill you!」
The opponent kicked at the ground under his feet.
In an instant, he closed the distance between them.
As expected, this guy was a Fistfighter type.
Diablo devoted himself to evasion. He didn’t do anything like fight back with his sword.
The 《Tonnerre Empereur・Libéré》 was excellent even as a large sword, but he had equipped it for the effect that changes his attacks to become sevenfold──to strengthen his magic.
He wouldn’t do something as foolish as slash at a close combat specialist with an inexperienced sword.
Vanaknes opened his eyes wide.
「Why! How can you evade me!? I should have transcended the levels of the Races! Having received power from Demon King-sama, if translated into levels, it would definitely be 160!」
「Your equipment is bad.」
「What was that……!?」
「I know nothing about the power that you received from some Demon King from somewhere but……for something like level, it is only natural to strengthen yourself up to the upper limit. On top of that, superiority or inferiority is created depending on what kind of equipment you have. Finally, it is decided with individual skills──things like reaction speed and situational decision making.」
「Impossible……You, just what are you saying?」
「So you cannot understand. However, I have come from such a world. There is no factor that would cause me to lose against a mere Demonic Being that has meager experience in fighting against those with a superior level.」
「Do not bark such nonsense! So long as I can hit! Someone like you, with just one attack! With this one attack!」
He evaded the thrusted out fist.
And the next one.
And the next one after that.
「Now then……I have gathered enough. It is about time for me to put an end to this.」
「Once you receive this, you surely won’t think of something foolish like trying to attack a town of the Races a second time. Well, you probably won’t have a chance to even think about it though.」
He used the item that he pulled out from his pouch, the 《Phantom Secret Stone》. Its effect was that for only an instant, he would be able to absolutely evade the target’s attack.
With this, he was able to concentrate on the activation of his magic.
「O white! By means of purification from light and heat, everything return to white! 《White Nova》!!」
Diablo spread out one hand.
In the area slightly above the palm of his hand, a pure white photosphere the size of a ping-pong ball was created. He dropped that onto the sh.e.l.l of the large sized Demonic Beast that was acting as the ground.
The moment the photosphere made contact with the sh.e.l.l──
It burst open in pure white.
His sense of hearing was painted out by the thunderous roar. His field of vision had completely become white.

*Para para* Fragments fell, from his dry lips. Vanaknes was lying down on the sand ground.
「……Im, impossible……just about, everything……has vanished…………」
「To think you still had breath within you……」
Standing nearby, Diablo looked down on him.
It was surprising.
So this was the st.u.r.diness of a Demonic Being that was bestowed power by

a genuine Demon King.
No wonder Lamnites commented on how he “does not die”.
To still have breath despite having received a 《White Nova》 that was increased to be sevenfold.
The other Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts that entered the effect range, they were all extinguished without exception.
It was an annihilation.
And yet, amazingly, Vanaknes stood up. His eyeb.a.l.l.s turned completely red and he shouted.
「D, d.a.m.n you……d.a.m.n youuuuuu────!! I won’t forgive you! Ever!」
「……Be proud of the fact that you made this Demon King use his true power. You have, without a doubt, touched upon the utmost limits after all.」
「You are wrong! You are not Demon King-sama!」
Vanaknes stuck out his right hand. It exceeded its original length and stretched out.
Diablo had his neck grabbed.
「《Energy Drain》!!」
「……Fumu……Is this your trump card? For a hidden talent, it is boring.」
Diablo swept 《Tonnerre Empereur・Libéré》 sideways.
The gigantic blade made from magic cut through Vanaknes’ body.
「Gah!! Guh……What incredible strength……Even so……Demon King-sama is……stronger……」
「Hmph, no matter what kind of Demon King you all try to revive, this Diablo, the true Demon King, will pulverize them!」
Due to the weapon’s effect, the slash became sevenfold. He was smashed to the point that one could not tell that he originally had a human form──And before long, Vanaknes turned into beads of light.
Even the hand that grabbed Diablo’s neck changed into phosph.o.r.escence and vanished.
The remnants of the Demon King’s Army, having no rank and file nor any control, simply tried to run away and withdrew.
When they turned around, the soldiers raised shouts of joy.
Surely, the number of people that knew of what had actually happened were few. However, the fact that the enemy army had been extinguished was clear to anyone’s eyes.
Diablo drank up an MP Recovery Potion.
He then slowly walked over to where the people were excited from the victory.

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