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Part 4

「I……will do it!」
The lizard tailed female Demonic Being lined up next to the man, and fired magic. She raised a high-pitched voice.
It was a special chant.
Diablo sneered.
──You'll put your hands on top of each other's hands, cooperate and fight together, is that it? So you're boasting.
She seemed to be a Magician that specialized in the Earth attribute.
Small fist-sized rocks came flying at him at a speed faster than sound. The power of the magic that Demonic Beings use was remarkably different even at low levels.
It seemed like the level 70 《Sling Diamond》. When people of the Races use it, it would fly at a much slower speed though.
──Well, anything is fine.
《Demon King's Ring》
It would reflect all magic. The moment they reached Diablo, the small rocks were reflected back to the caster at supersonic speed.
It seems that the lizard tailed female Demonic Being was a pure Magician type. She did not evade it nor defend against it.
Fist sized holes opened on her slender body.
Spitting up green blood from her mouth, her eyes opened up wide.
Vanaknes, who was right next to her, became dumbfounded.
「What……in the world!?」
While calling out the man's name, the lizard woman's body turned into particles of light, and vanished.
The mermaid shaped female Demonic Being shouted out something that seemed like the lizard woman's name.
Diablo landed on the large sized Demonic Beast's sh.e.l.l.
He was about ten steps away from the opponents.
It was already a distance meant for close combat.
This short distance that could be said to be disadvantageous for Magicians──it was something that the serious Diablo preferred the most. Even if the opponent excelled in close combat.

The shadow under his feet distorted.
From Diablo's own shadow──talons came rushing out.
「How dare you! You went and killed my little sister, didn't you!? You, will die too!!」
The female Demonic Being possessing crow wings huh.
The attack extended up towards Diablo's chest.
He avoided it with a small movement. At the same time he did that, he grabbed the opponent's wrist.
He activated magic where "contact" was the requirement.
「……Everything should vanish to a world of repose ……《Absolute Zero》.」
From the wrist part that Diablo was touching, the opponent's body became white and froze over.
Her eyes opened wide.
「N, no……I don't want to disappear! To die……!! S, save……me……!!」
「Ahh, come to think of it……The one that said something like "if you don't want to die, then it would have been better if you weren't born in the first place", that was you, was it not?」
「Don't kill me!」
「……It's already, too late.」
Due to 《Tonnerre Empereur・Libéré》's effect, sevenfold's worth of 《Absolute Zero》 was stacked up.
He supposed that he should praise the Demonic Being.
After all, she received magic that originally should have frozen her in an instant, and held out long enough for her to beg for her life.
The female Demonic Being that possessed crow wings──
In a state where only the upper half of her body came out from inside his shadow, turned into a transparent-looking ice sculpture. Before long, she turned into grains of light.
「……What the heck……Baduta was much stronger, wasn't he?」
Diablo muttered.

The mermaid shaped female Demonic Being shouted something out. Her voice was so quiet that he couldn't hear her.
She held both of her hands out.
Was it magic? Or, could it be a special attack?
Vanaknes stopped her action with one hand.
「Stop what you are doing. This man possesses Magic Reflection. Even if you fire your special Water attribute magic, you will die, you know?」
──Hou, so he was able to understand just by seeing it once.
Vanaknes' movements were refined even at a time like this.
「I did not think that two of my wives would be defeated. I cannot see you as a mere person of the Races.」
「You sure do have a lot of composure, don't you, lover boy. Just try and protect the third one──O flames of scorching heat, burst open, 《Flare Burst》.」
Finally, the opponent's expression changed.
「What are you doing……!?」
The explosion of the 《Flare Burst》 which had become sevenfold, thoroughly burned even the sh.e.l.l of the large sized Demonic Beast.
The large sized Demonic Beast's scream reverberated, and the sh.e.l.l that acted as the floor shook.
The red sofa that those guys had flirted on was incinerated.
During this time, Diablo drank an MP Recovery Potion. He recovered the amount that he consumed.

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