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Chapter 6.2

Part 2

There is probably no need to say this, but the transfer was a success.
They gathered information at Zircon Tower City, and with Rem and the others using a sand ship──Diablo headed to the battlefront with Flight Magic.
By the time he arrived, the hostilities had already opened.
Moreover, the armed forces of the Races was on the verge of annihilation.
Several of the sand ships had fallen into a tear that seemed to have been created with magic, and they were only raising screams from the Demon King Army’s a.s.sault and were unable to make an organized resistance.
Diablo looked down from the sky, and used magic.
「《Lightning Meteor》!!」
Countless thunderbolts burned away the Demon King Army’s a.s.sault force. When they were crowded together, the effect was huge.
In places where it turned into a melee, magic was hard to use.
In the game, damage would be given only to enemies, but in this other world, he would end up blowing them away with magic regardless of whether they were friend or foe.
「I suppose I’ll leave that area to them.」

A Summoned Beast clad in a white aura charged in.
It was a gigantic, three-horned bull. Due to the summoner’s equipment, it had been drastically strengthened.
「Go forth, 《Aslau》!!」
Rem shouted.
It hurled itself at Demonic Beings within the melee.
One with a lion head and large build was sent flying. With only that, there wasn’t enough damage done to kill it, but the fact that this was a melee meant that there was a great number of soldiers of the Races around.
Against the Demonic Being that fell over onto the ground, they swung their swords and axes down as if they were plowing the fields with a hoe.
「Gah!? You, bashtards! Even, though, you, jusht, weak, Humans……!?」
「That’s right, we are weak Humans! That’s why we’re ganging up on a collapsed Demonic Being with a large number of people like this!」
Due to a blow that smashed its head, the figure of the lion-headed Demonic Being changed into countless particles of light.
When Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts die, they turn into light and vanish.
This was their difference from wild animals.
Rem shouted.
「Next! A bear-looking Demonic Being is coming!」
The soldiers replied.
She was an Adventurer that suddenly appeared, and moreover, she was a Pantherian woman but……Due to her precise decisions and instructions, the surrounding soldiers naturally settled down under her command.
Every time she raised the war results, the number of soldiers that obeyed her actions increased.
The existence of the strengthened Summoned Beast that could give a hard blow to even large sized Demonic Beings, and the several MP Recovery Potions that she carried were big factors.
Within the front line that was filled with chaos, Rem’s surroundings regained control despite that.

From the sky, a Demonic Beast that looked like a carnivorous bird came falling down. The breadth of its opened wings was close to about 10 meters.
「Here’s a 《Triangle Shoot》!!」
A high-pitched voice of a young lady resounded.
Three arrows were fired at almost the same time.
Moreover, all of them were 《Squall Arrows》 that could penetrate the Demonic Beast’s powerful Physical Defense.
If damage was made, there was the possibility of 《Petrification》. Moreover, since there were three shots, the chance of it happening also happened three times.
The gigantic Demonic Beast quickly turned into a stone statue.
It fell down, and smashed into pieces.
It turned into light.
Shera had attacked using special arrows.
She moved about on top o

f the sand ship sails as if they were trees of a forest──With her outstanding skill and the strongest bow and arrows, she brought down the atrocious Demonic Beast.
Moreover, her figure was beautiful to the point of being divine.
The soldiers that were rescued from the dilemma spread rumors that they were “saved by a G.o.ddess”.

From the back, a large number of soldiers came rushing in as reinforcements.
「Oi, we’ll lend ya our strength!」
「That really helps! Wait, you!? Weren’t you injured and brought to the back earlier……!?」
「Hear this and be surprised! Amazingly, we were able to be healed by the High Chief Priest-sama!」
「A huge injury like that was healed!? That’s incredible!」
The Healing Miracles didn’t only bring injured soldiers back to the battle.
It gave the soldiers a sense of security saying that “even if they injured, they can get healed”.
In Zircon Tower City, the chapel was closed down, and distrust of the Church had spread due to the expectation of large donations but……
Even so, to many of the soldiers, religion was a pillar of spiritual support.
The most prominent person of the Church──The High Chief Priest had come running to their aid. There was no rea.s.suring support greater than this.
Their fear against the Demon King’s Army faded, and the increase in war potential due to the reinforcements recovered the situation in the local area.

In only one spot, there was a strange place.
The Demon King Army forces that existed there suddenly disappeared.
Anything that could be called a battle did not occur.
Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts had their corpses turn into light and vanished. Because of that, not even traces of a phenomenon remained.
A young lady was loitering there.
She was a young lady that wore an outfit that seemed to be a maid uniform that had her back largely open and exposed.
The one that had her emerald eyes looking up at the sky was the Magimatic Maid Rose.
「Ahh, Master……How can you be so wonderful! That great figure of you lording over the land and raining down thunderbolts, truly a Demon King! All of you fools that crawl on the ground, look up! That is a Demon King! He is this Rose’s Master!」
「What……this woman? Small, look weak……want eat……」
A Demonic Being possessing an amphibian head approached.
There were also about three other Demonic Beings there. As if it were making a collection of them, they hung several heads of the people of the Races that they killed from their waists.
If she were a normal young lady, it wouldn’t be strange for her to raise a scream.
However, being hindered as she was gloating, Rose made a plainly displeased face.
「How could you be such a foolish frog? To interrupt as this Rose was giving praise to Master──」
A thick tongue stretched out from the amphibian Demonic Being’s mouth.
In an instant, Rose was wrapped up by the tongue, and had her movements sealed.
「This girl, eat!」
「What will you do about this? A Demonic Being’s vulgar stench has gotten on the Western clothes that I received from Master. Only you, I will not kill in an instant, understand? 《Asterismos》!」
At Rose’s back, a gigantic double-headed sword appeared.
The Demonic Beings were frightened and stiffened up──such a thing didn’t happen. At times of battle, Demonic Beings, without hesitating, without faltering, would not stay idle.
A double-headed sword that appeared, and a mechanized hand that handled it. Against that, the four Demonic Beings made a counterattack.
Rose sneered.
「Fufufu……Ahahaha! So you mean to challenge this Rose with such poor abilities!? Against Demonic Beings whose bodies are only big and brains are lacking, I shall teach you about what true fear is. Now then, go and die! 《Didymoi》, 《Karkinos》, 《Leon》, 《Parthenos》!!」[1]
As if she were singing, she announced the constellations.
As if to trace the locations of the stars, the gigantic double-headed sword chopped up the air.
It cut the skin of the Demonic Beings that would not let the weapons of the Races go through, severed their flesh, and smashed their bones. They were unable to chase after her sword slashes with their eyes which should be able to see even a bullet fly. They possessed bodies that would regenerate limbs even if they were cut or torn off, but they ended up turning into particles of light before that ability could be exhibited.
In this place, anything that could be called a battle did not occur. Only cleaning done by the Magimatic Maid Rose had taken place.
Against her, who could overwhelm even a Huge-cla.s.s Dragon, a means for lower grade Demonic Beings to oppose her did not exist.
In that place where, once again, nothing was there, Rose breathed a sigh.
「Ahh, what has this Rose done……Even though I intended to punish it, once again, I killed them in an instant. Oh dear, since I am little miss clumsy……With things like this, Master will be exasperated with me.」

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Greek names for the constellations Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.

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