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Chapter 5.8
Chapter 5: Trying Out Renewing Equipment – Part 8

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Part 8

「Mu? So you’ve awakened.」
Lumachina opened her eyes.
Having been noticed by Diablo, she tried to stand up in a hurry.
She staggered and ended up looking like she would collapse again.
Diablo supported her, and made her sit down a bit forcefully.
「It is still too early for you to move about. Although it was dispelled, you had taken in the hex for several days after all. It is only natural that you are fatigued. In addition, I had heard that you had even used a large Healing miracle, doing something so foolish.」
Moreover, it was for the sake of saving the enemy that tried to kill her……
She truly was a good-natured person.
After Lumachina made a small nod, she obediently sat down on top of the mantles, grasping her knees.
He received a somewhat strange impression of it, but the people of this country did not have a habit of sitting on the ground. There wasn’t a culture of sitting cross-legged or sitting a way a girl sat. The form of lowering one’s bottom while still in the position of sitting in a chair was probably what sitting on the floor while holding one’s knees was.
She fixed her disheveled clothes, and concealed her exposed thighs.
Her cheeks were dyed slightly red.
「I am sorry. I ended up showing you an unsightly scene.」
「No, I was able to see something goo──」
He ended up nearly saying something strange. Diablo cleared his throat to gloss over it.
「Ahem! Do not mind it, it was due to their sorcery.」
「Thank you very much……It is rea.s.suring to have you say that.」
「Just now, I had given Rem and the others arms of the treasury. However, it would seem that you are the same as Shera where you are already wearing sufficiently superior goods.」
「Eh? You mean my clothes? This is an outfit that the Head of the Holy Knights Baduta prepared but……I believe that it is an appearance that I would not be embarra.s.sed to be in as the High Chief Priest.」
It seemed to have considerably strong Physical Defense and Magic Resistance applied to it. Even its appearance was polite and refined.
Within the treasury, there is armor with much higher abilities than what Lumachina was wearing. Since her level as a Healer had signs of having pa.s.sed 100, she could probably equip them.
However, she had her position as the High Chief Priest. When it came to appropriate clothing, he thought that the priest clothing she was wearing right now was the most suitable.
No matter how much greater the abilities are due to magical endowments, there would surely be a problem with clothes that exposed her navel or chest.
──The clothing for use by women, for some reason, the surface of cloth decreases the higher the level is.
Diablo showed her items that he had prepared.
「There are also necklaces and bracelets. Go and take whatever you like. If you are still going to continue your fight to rectify the Church, they should be useful.」
「To give me this many……Thank you very much, Diablo-sama.」
Lumachina sent her gaze around.
「Nn? Is there something that bothers you?」
「No……Um, where is everyone?」
It was only natural that would bother her.
He was the weird one for first talking about equipment before talking about where the others were──Diablo understood that. It seemed that his loner habits also come out at times like this.
If not for his Demon King role play, his senses would have been doubted. That was close.
「There is no problem with them. They were considerably tired, and are currently sleeping in the 《Demon King’s Room》.」
「Thank goodness.」

expression softened.
After that, she returned to talking.
「Um, there is something I would like to have.」
It was a bit surprising. Going by her personality, he wondered if there was anything that she would want but……
Lumachina turned her gaze.
「Could I have you give me that 《White Cow Statue》? There are many people in Zircon Tower City that are still suffering from the Marked Death Disease.」
「I see, that is very much like you. So rather than yourself, you would first help other people.」
「I believe myself to be normal but……am I strange?」
「You are strange. But, stay that way. The sparks that will fall from it, I shall clear them away. You should just stay the way that you are.」
Monsters wandering aimlessly, racial discrimination running rampant, and the Church being corrupt──The fact that there is a young lady of pure disposition in such a world, Diablo believed that to be precious.
He wanted to a.s.sist her.
Lumachina wiped the corner of her eye.
「That makes me happy……To have that said to me, by Kami-sama……」
「Ah, no……」
Come to think of it, she believed that Diablo was Kami-sama. That, for certain reasons, he was acting as an Adventurer that claimed to be a Demon King on the surface, but was actually G.o.d.
Moreover, because he had seen as far as her most precious place, if Diablo were a person of the Races, the she would have to marry him! That seemed to be what she was thinking.
Lumachina was virtuous, a beauty, and there were no complaints about her figure.
However, he did not believe that someone with a communication disorder like himself could be the groom of the High Chief Priest. That was as absurd as an earthworm flying through the sky.
Because of that, even if he was called Kami-sama by her, Diablo was unable to deny it.
──But, Lumachina is clever, so it seems like she would be to notice my lies though?
He stared closely at her.
The other party looked his way without even blinking.
She was cute.
She was cute but……Being bad with people’s gazes, Diablo felt like he would instictively avert his eyes. He felt like a frog that was being glared at by a snake.
Lumachina opened her cherry blossom lips.
「Um, Kami-sama……Could I have you give me the 《White Cow Statue》?」
「Eh? Ah, the talk about that. U, umu! Go ahead and take it. No, since it looks considerably heavy, I suppose a cart is needed.」
「No, I, will do my best. I will carry it back. I want to deliver it to the town even a minute faster.」

「……Let us help you out as well.」

With a voice suddenly calling out, Diablo turned around.
Rem was making a wry smile.
「……As usual, you do rash things for the sake of helping other people, don’t you, Lumachina.」
「Rem-san. And everyone else.」
Shera rushed over to her.
「Lumachina-chan, you’ve become healthy now! That’s great!」
She suddenly hugged her. Lumachina also hugged her back.
「Thank you very much. Shera-san too, I have received much of your favor.」
「It’s fine! Companions help each other out!」
「Companions……It makes me very happy to be called that.」
Rem shrugged her shoulders.
「That’s disrespectful, you know, Shera? To call the High Chief Priest a companion……No, come to think of it, you were royalty, weren’t you.」
「Things like positions don’t matterー. Rem, Lumachina-chan, and Horun-chan……Plus Diablo and Rose-san, we’re all companions!」
Rem blushed.
Horun’s eyes went round.
「Me too, I’m a companion -ssu ka!? Really -ssu ka!? Ah, is that only for now -ssu ka!?」
「No it isn’tー. We’re companions foreverー. I mean, we did our best together on an adventure.」
In a place a bit separated from them, Rose made a troubled-looking face.
「Rose did not go on an adventure.」
「Then, how about we have an adventure together from hereon?」
Rose displayed a baffled looking expression at Shera’s words.
「No……I was stationed on the thirteenth floor by Master after all.」
Suddenly, Diablo was interested in something.
「Are Magimatic Maids unable to leave the places they were stationed?」
「I do not know. This Rose has never left the dungeon.」
「I see. In that case, we should try testing it. From now on, we will head to Zircon Tower City. Since there are many inflicted with the Marked Death Disease, we shall bring the 《White Cow Statue》──Or so that is what Lumachina says.」
A Demon King that would shed sweat for the sake of helping others, that was probably a bit different from his image of Demon Kings. No, if he was going to say that, even cooperating with the High Chief Priest was strange.
However, for Diablo’s true opinion, he was thinking that he “wanted to help people if he could help them”.
His inner self was an average person that was raised in a country where “they help each other in times of trouble”.
Rose knitted her eyebrows.
「Zircon Tower City is it. Even if you were to carry the statue there now, I do not know if there is any meaning to it……」
「What? What you mean by that?」
Could it be that the Marked Death Disease had progressed faster than they had expected?
Lumachina gulped. Rem and the others hardened their expressions.
Rose told them with an indifferent tone.

「It seems that the Demon King’s army is advancing towards Zircon Tower City.」

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