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Part 7

Horun also took her new clothes in hand, and dashed away.
This time, it wasn't in order to use the 《Holy Grail》 for something, but in order to change her clothes.
It seemed that Rem was also still in the middle of changing her equipment. Saying that she would go and check on how she was doing, Shera also headed further inside of the treasury.
Diablo turned his gaze towards Lumachina's direction.
Since there wasn't anything decent to serve as a bed, they piled up thick mantles, and layed her down on top of that.
She still had not awoken.
「Fumu……well, I suppose I will prepare something for her. All that's left is, my equipment. Nn? Is something wrong, Rose?」
She was hanging her head down and her shoulders were trembling.
「……No……Because I am obeying Master's will, this Rose is delighted. However……to give so many treasured articles to ones such as them.」
「There is no meaning to obtaining them if they were not to be used.」
When he was playing the game, it was a collective feeling.
However, having someone to give them to, that in itself was fun.
It was also a fact that if those girls became able to protect themselves, then the burden on Diablo would decrease.
Rose nodded. That expression of her was something that looked like her feelings of crying and laughing had been mixed together.
「Yes. Being able to obey Master's commands, I am experiencing supreme pleasure. However, at the same time, I feel like I am going to go crazy with jealousy.」
「O, oi……」
「Even though the Master from before would be affectionate only with me.」
──That's because I didn't have any acquaintances to bring into my personal s.p.a.ce after all.
He looked back on his own past thinking 'Did I have a lonely life where I only talked to furniture?'
There weren't any good memories.
Shaking his head, he drove away his negative memories.
What was important was the present and the future. He decided to not be fixated on the past. It was because his current self was the Demon King Diablo.
「I preferred solitude. That was simply all.」
「Is it different now?」
「No, that isn't really the case.」
It's fun when Rem and Shera are there, that is how he felt. However, it was also a fact that he could calm down when he was alone.
Rose smiled.
「Master, if you desire silence, then shall I go right now and erase the unpleasant noise?」
「Stop it.」
She had a dissatisfied look, but she nodded.
He was troubled.
Even though his own mentality was constantly at its limits, he was unable to follow up on a person's heart. Even if she told him that she was jealous and felt like she was going crazy, he didn't have any arms to give to a Magimatic Maid……
Suddenly, Diablo had an idea.
──In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, there weren't any arms to give to a Magimatic Maid. However, this is another world. The terrain can be changed with attack magic, and it's possible to converse with Dragons and Magimatic Maids. The degree of freedom is much higher than a game with a production cost of 7 billion yen, and is another reality.
Diablo took a blue hair ornament that was on a nearby pedestal.
Rose tilted her head.
「What would you like to do, Master? That is a 《Water Hair Ornament》──It is an N (Normal) cla.s.s armor with no level restriction, and its 3% resistance against Water attribute attacks is……」
「This is, when I first started the MMORPG Cross Reverie……Ah, do you understand? The words Cross Reverie and game?」
「……I do not know them.」
So she didn't know that vocabulary.
It seemed that although Rose understood that "she herself and the dungeon did not exist in this world from the beginning", she was not aware that she "originally existed inside of a game".

The ones that knew of the MMORPG Cross Reverie really was only Diablo.

He changed his words.
「This was the first article that I had acquired since I was born.」
He tried placing it on Rose's head.
He was sorry that he didn't have anything good prepared and used anything that was available, but he wanted to demonstrate his grat.i.tude for her being here. If she was feeling jealousy over how he was doing nothing but giving articles to the others, he would be happy if her feelings would change a little with this, is what he thought.
Diablo wasn't skilled enough with his mouth to put those feelings into words.
That is why he kept silent and ornamented her hair.
Rose stiffened up.
With the nervousness of like when you try to stand a coin on its side on top of a table, Diablo separated his hands from her.
He didn't know if its effect would occur, but the 《Water Hair Ornament》 didn't get disconnected and fall. As he thought, this world had a high degree of freedom.
「With your strength, it probably will not be of use, but……」
「Is it alright to entrust this with me?」
So she couldn't understand with just him keeping silent and placing it on her head.
He went through the hardship of thinking of the words.
「You're wrong. That is not something for you to manage. That is……If you don't like it, I won't force you to accept it but, for you Rose, it's a pr, pr, pres……In, in other words, a Demon King is granting it so you!」
His hiding his embarra.s.sment turned into his Demon King role play.

She froze up for an instant.
In the game, he couldn't have a conversation with her, nor could he gift her things.
It was a somewhat strange feeling.
Rose's shoulders quivered.
「Y, you are……conferring, this? To me?」
「It is an item that does not amount to much, but it is a memorabilia of mine.」
It was probably hard for a Magimatic to understand such value though.
He might have made a mistake in the choice of goods.
This is why those with communication disorders are so……With that, he got disappointed with himself all on his own.
The irritated look vanished from Rose's expression. It returned to being expressionless like a mask.
「Thank you very much, My Master……I am terribly sorry for making you worry about me. Rose is fine.」
「I see.」
Diablo breathed a sigh of relief.
To think that he would end up giving a present in order to pacify a girl's jealousy in the world of the MMORPG Cross Reverie……
──This sort of thing, it isn't a Fantasy RPG, but a Romance Simulation, isn't it? Moreover, it's one of those nostalgic ones where the game balance is strict.
He was tired from doing something he wasn't used to, but since it seemed to have mended Rose's mood, he was glad.
Switching over his thoughts, he brought up the names of the arms that he himself would use.
Rose quietly nodded.

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