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Part 6

Rose tilted her head.
「This Gra.s.swalker, why is she naked? I don't understand the meaning of it.」
「I had burned her clothes.」
With this explanation, it seemed that it was still impossible for her to understand. Rose kept her head tilted.
Horun blushed.
「Uuu……I would have liked it if you had at least left me my pants -ssu.」
「Think if it as fortuitous that at least your life was saved. Besides, I shall prepare clothes for you.」
「I'm grateful -ssu! I wouldn't be able to return to town like this -ssu!」
「You were a 《Thief》, weren't you.」
「I've said this minor detail several times already but -ssu kedo, I'm a 《Seeker》 -ssu.」
Pretending that he didn't hear her, he chose the most suitable items from the arms that were in the treasury from inside of his head.
When it came to level 20, there weren't that many choices.
Telling them Rose, he had her bring them over.
Since it was hard to see the top of the pedestal with Horun's height, they were lined up on the floor.
「This is the 《Treasure Mini》. Not only does it increase speed, it also raises Magic Resistance just a bit. Naturally, it also has a Physical Defense magical endowment on it.」
As armor that could be equipped at level 20, it was a piece of excellent SR (Super Rare) cla.s.s equipment.
Even leaving that aside, there was a point that it was much better than the clothes that had been burned.
Horun's eyes went wide open.
「It's a skirt -ssu ka!? Moreover, a mini-skirt -ssu ka!?」
「For you to notice that, you are pretty good.」
「Of course I would notice -ssu! That's normal -ssu!」
「Well, don't mind it.」
「I do mind it -ssu! At times like when climbing ladders, like when squatting, or like when I've fallen over, my panties will be seen -ssu! Anyone that dives into a dungeon with a mini-skirt is a female pervert -ssu!」
──Oi, stupid, stop it.
Just how many people was she planning on picking a fight with?
Diablo crossed his arms and thought about how he could stop Horun from making anymore of this dangerous speech and conduct.
「It might have an effect of increasing the male members' fighting spirit, you know?」
「I don't want to be put in a party together with a guy that gets enhanced with my panties -ssu.」
She was twelve years old after all.
「However, when it comes to clothes with a magical endowment for level 20, this is the most superior one.」
Next to him, Rose made a thin smile.
「To drop complaints over Master's management……Let me leave you in the fifth underground floor just like this.」
Horun was frightened.
「By fifth floor, isn't that the snow floor -ssu ka?」
「Fufufu……It's alright. If you give it 10 minutes, the cold will disappear after all.」
「That means that I would die -ssu! No way -ssu! I don't want to die yet -ssu!」
Going 'Wait, wait', Diablo went between and separated them.
「If you do not want it no matter what, I have other things. However, you might be able to just barely evade an attack or get off lightly with an injury that you received with it……do you not want it despite that?」
Going *Uu*, she gulped.
She stiffened up for a short while.
Most likely, the "situations that she thought that she would have died from" that she experienced up until now were running through her mind.
「……Uguh……I, I get it -ssu. Certainly, as an Adventurer, it's life over panties -ssu.」
「That is just reasoning.」
There were many people that would risk their lives over panties though.
Next, he handed over a mantle and a dagger.
「This 《Ignore Mantle》 strengthens the Hide Skill. And then this is a 《Shadow Knife》. It has a strange ability of raising evasiveness even though it is a weapon, but it will surely be useful while your level is low.」
「Ah……Is it no good if I don't leave the old one behind -ssu ka?」
Horun stroked her own dagger.
It was a cheap, normal dagger that had no magic endowed on it. If this were the game, it would be iron trash that he would have automatically turned into strengthening materials.
「Is there a reason?」
Seeming like it was a bit hard for her to say, Horun made a seemingly lonely expression.
「Well……It's a memento of my Shishou -ssu. He got caught in a trap that fell from the ceiling, and was crushed flat, and only this……is what remains of him -ssu.」
So a 《Thief》 got caught in a trap. Moreover, to have nothing but this iron trash equipped on him, he probably wasn't at a level for him to take on a disciple.
Diablo was troubled over what he should say.
Rose made a declaration.
「To call himself a teacher with only that level of ability, how utterly foolish. He overestimated his abilities and went beyond his means.」
She was a girl that could say seemingly hard to say things without hesitation. If he had to say whether or not she was Magimatic-like, she was.
Horun scratched her head.
「That true -ssu ne. I also thought that Shishio wasn't an amazing person -ssu……But, that's why, I'm grateful for how he still raised me despite that -ssu.」
Rose faltered.
The inside of Diablo's nose became a bit stuffed. He was weak against such nice/sad stories since long ago.
He placed his hands on both of Horun's shoulders.
「Go and carry both of them! Even if it is not magically endowed, that dagger will surely protect you!」
「Ah, thank you -ssu, Danna!」
Horun expressed a smile.
Not having any sense of her position as a part of her race or as an Adventurer, that was a smile becoming of a twelve year old girl.

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