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Part 3

Diablo caught the two of them.
「Are you alright?」
「Looks like Lumachina-chan fell asleep. I think it's going to be alright now.」
Her sleeping breath was calm and gentle. And going by the flow of magical power, he didn't feel and strange parts to it.
「Umu, it would seem that it is over.」
「Un! The curse has completely vanished!」
Looking delighted, Shera picked up Lumachina's skirt in her fingers and said that.
Certainly, the inner part of her thighs was clean, pure white, and didn't have a single stain. The dark purple nevi had completely vanished.
The Marked Death Disease was dispelled.
How joyous. Since there were many hardships, he could really understand Shera's feeling of happiness but……
Because she had raised up her skirt with all of her strength, he could see not just Lumachina's thigh but even her panties as well.
If not for the fact that she was asleep, she surely would have raised a scream.
The underwear of the young lady that was raising a coquettish voice just before this was being flashed right before his eyes.
Even though Diablo was feigning calmness, it was very hard for him to maintain it.
He had been acting together with Rem and Shera after having come to this other world, but up until then, he had a life where he didn't even have many chances to talk with real live women.
To be honest, the stimulation was too strong.
However, a Demon King that blushes has an innocent feeling and is different from his image of Demon Kings.
In order to gloss over his embarra.s.sment, Diablo had his gaze escape to Rem's direction.
「Finally, one of the problems has been solved.」
「……Ah, y, yes. As expected of you, Diablo.」
Rem's face was bright red. She was fidgeting and rubbing her inner thighs together. So she had seen Lumachina's state earlier and was feeling bashful.
Horun who was beside her was also in a similar state. Her eyes were moist.
「Ah, um……The toilet, where is it -ssu ka ne?」
At the very least, Diablo had not thought of that when he was setting up the place in the game. Something like that probably wouldn't be made in a Demon King's dungeon.
This here is the toilet, this here is the bath, this here is the kitchen, doing stuff like that……That sort of thing wasn't a Demon King's castle, that was more like Li○ca-chan's house![1]
However, he would be troubled if he were to confess that here. Since there was a high possibility that he would also to go eventually, a toilet was needed.
Diablo looked towards Rose's direction. For something like that, it was probably faster to hear it from this Magimatic Maid.
Rose made a thin smile as if she were looking down on Horun.
「Fufu……She sure is foolish, isn't she, Master? This place is the castle of the Demon King……Something as filthy as that, there is no way it would exist here.」
「Hiii!? The Demon King's castle, what a fearsome place -ssu!!」
Not just Horun, even Rem and Shera were shaking.
Diablo was also holding his head in his arms in his mind.
──How could this happen! If only I had properly made one within the game!
Next time, let's put one on every floor, is what he decided in his heart.
With her face having turned pale, Horun looked left and right……She then took a largish silver cup that was on top of a stone pedestal. Rather than calling it a cup, it was big enough to be a vase.
With a serious expression, Horun made a pet.i.tion.
「This! This thing! I want to borrow it -ssu!」
「U, umu.」
Since it seemed like it would lead to a catastrophe if he were refuse her, Diablo could only nod.
Horun ran off to a distance where her voice couldn't be heard. Her figure vanished into the shadow of one of the countless lined up pedestals.
Rose knitted her eyebrows. Even though she was mechanical, she was a girl with a pretty abundant number of expressions.
「Was that alright? That was……」
「I know. However, it was not something essential to me.」
──Although that was an item I obtained in a collab event, it had a pretty exaggerated name.
The 《Holy Grail》
If he remembered correctly, the item explanation went like this.
"If the Holy Grail's question is correctly answered, that person will be awarded with a blessing from the heavens."
In regards to Horun's use for it, he decided to not think about it.
Rose was still discontented.
「……Lending out a treasured article to someone such as that.」
「It is fine. I was just thinking of letting these people use the equipment that is here after all.」
「Wha!? Master's collection, to people such as these!? Impossible! Master's property, belongs only to Master, and this Rose manages them……」
「It is because having these people have proper equipment on will reduce my troubles. If you say that they belong to me, then there is no problem with me using them in the ways I see fit, correct?」
「……Kuh…………By your great will.」
While gritting her teeth, she made a bow.
He placed a hand on her head, and caressed her hair. It was silky, and felt a bit good.
「You have my grat.i.tude, Rose. If you were not here, we would have had a hard time just searching for the item of our objective after all.」
With a twitch, her shoulders trembled.
Come to think of it, he felt that he had seen on the internet that one shouldn't touch a woman's hair recklessly.
──Thinking about it more, even if she is a mecha maid, a woman is still a woman, right?
Was it s.e.xual hara.s.sment? Was he a s.e.xual hara.s.sment Demon King?
Did he go and screw up!?
However, apologizing to a servant for s.e.xual hara.s.sment, that was definitely not Demon King-like. How should he follow up?
As he was troubled over that, Rose raised her head up.
Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes were shiny and sparkling. Even her voice had become high-pitched.
「Please order me however you desire, My Master!!」
Diablo nodded.
He didn't really understand it, but it seems that she was able to come to an agreement with him.
After that, he talked to Rem and the others.
「I have kept you all waiting. Why don't I bestow upon you all some of my treasured articles.!」
The girls' eyes went round in surprise.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Reference to Licca-chan, a j.a.panese doll.

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