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Hey there guys. Sorry about not putting up actual new content for awhile. Since my last batch of posts, I’ve been thinking about some of your comments, and I am unfortunately the type to brood over things for awhile. So here are a couple of my thoughts and responses.

To Dan and mark-18, about putting the series that I translate on Lightnoveltranslations and Sendai Yuusha on my Patreon, since I am translating that as Manga0205, I was thinking of doing that on a different Patreon account. But since it is kind of a pain to manage two different accounts, I might consider combining myself for that. Thanks for the suggestion.

To xias1, thank you for your suggestion about stocking up on chapters and releasing chapters earlier once a set amount of donations is reached. I may use that in the future for another series, but for right now, seeing as how I am pretty inconsistent with releases and in a bit of a hurry to get releases out for this series so that I can keep ahead of the official translations, I won’t use it for now.

To Irina Akashira, it’s not that I don’t like the novel being licensed and I’m not being forced to stop (well, for right now anyway). To be honest, I was sad about the idea of eventually not being able to translate the series. This series was something that I found easy and enjoyable to translate. I don’t mind having to take down my previous translations. I hardly look back at my work as it is. I only go back to check and keep myself consistent throughout. Though you are right, and I should probably take up another novel. I don’t plan to do so right now, but I would like to hear your suggestions.

To machinaforce, it’s kind of funny. Your suggestion is kind of similar to how I actually started translating this series. I put up a vote for which series I would translate out of several series. Once I get caught up, I might do that again.

To altenbrightblade, thanks for your suggestion about making a discord group. To be honest, I don’t really know how discord and that kind of stuff works. It’s probably because I’m not much of a social media (is it social media?) kind of guy. Heck, I have a problem and get nervous even about replying to comments. But that does sound like a good idea. If several people would like me to do that, then I’ll probably look more into it. Though, there’s no guarantee that I’ll be very active in it other than the updates and stuff. There is a chance that I might open up eventually though.

To TowerDruaha, thanks for the suggestion about having a price for each chapter. Similar to what I said to xias1, I might use it on a different series, but since I’m inconsistent with releases and since I want to hurry with releases, I won’t use it right now.

To moridin84, thanks for the words of comfort, but like I said to Irina Akashina, I don’t really have a problem with translating something when I know that is it going to be taken down earlier. I hardly look back at my own translations for some reason. I just find the idea of not being able to translate the series sooner or later to be sad. I enjoy translating this. Plus, I just really like seeing everyone’s comments. As long I get to see the initial comments, I wouldn’t mind taking the stuff down later.

To sodemaso, thanks for the suggestion about picking up another series for the Patreon. I just don’t know what to take up right now. If you have any suggestions, I’d like to hear them.

To hieu nguyen, thanks for the suggestion about the fanfic, but I’m not all that good with making fan fiction. I’m not very creative.

To SamTheHam, thanks for the suggestion about increasing the number of chapters a week depending on the number of patrons. I might use that for a different series if I want to increase my number of patrons. I won’t use it for this series for the reasons I said to xias1 and TowerDruaha.

To Conscript117, appreciativeleecher, and ‘Yuuki, lazy and lost’, thanks for the suggestion about using a discord channel/server. Like I said to altenbrightblade, I don’t really know how discord and stuff really work, but if there are several people that would like me to start one, then I will look into starting one.

And I would finally like to thank all of you that gave words of support for me and my translations.

Now then, this was really awkward for me so please don’t expect this to happen ever again.

Also, before I get into giving you guys the updates, two more things.

First, thanks to fones2411 and ron. They made PDFs and EPUBs. Here are the links:

Second, thanks to Son Mays and Carsten Thiel for your donations. But I think you donated way too much at once. At the very least, donate little by little so that I don’t notice and feel bad for receiving so much from one person. If anything, I think that $15 at most a month is enough. But I do appreciate that you think my translations were worth that much for a donation.

Now then, here is what you were waiting for. Here’s the entire chapter 1, to help make up for the lack of any real progress in the translation this month.

Chapter 1 – , , , , ,

And to those that would like to suggest other novels for me to pick up, make your suggestions on this new page:

I don’t really have any plans to pick one up now, but it would be good to come up with some options now. And who knows? There might be one that I’m really interested in and pick it up immediately.

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