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Chapter 1

Part 1

Diablo put the altar that he made float with magic down in the outskirts of Zircon Tower City. Since it was somewhat distant from the town, there weren’t any figures of people.
This area was mostly desert. At most, there were boulders of various sizes scattered about here and there.
The sun was already ascending from the horizon.
Last night──
Rem and Lumachina were taken prisoner by the Head of the Holy Knights, Baduta. Diablo marched into his underground facility, defeated Baduta, and rescued the two of them.
However, a problem occurred.
Rem raised her voice.
「Lumachina, please get ahold of yourself!」
「Y, yes……I am……fine.」
She had a voice that sounded like she wasn’t fine, but she somehow made a response
On top of the altar that was lowered onto the ground, a young lady was completely crouched down. She was the High Chief Priest Lumachina Weselia.
She was wearing priest clothing that had white as the basic theme, but that cloth was opened up, and her thigh was exposed.
A dark purple nevus had risen to the surface of her skin.
──The Marked Death Disease.
It is said that one would reach death once nine nevi had risen to the surface of the skin.
This wasn’t an illness, but a curse.
It was a curse that Baduta, who dyed his hand in wickedness despite having the position of Head of the Holy Knights who protected the Church, produced with Ritual Magic. It is said that it can only be dispelled through the 《miracles》 of priests.
However, Lumachina was different.
This young lady possesses an extraordinary power of miracles, but on the other hand, she herself is unable to receive any blessings from all miracles. Whether it be the healing of injuries, the recovery from illness, or the dispelling of curses……
As things were now, when the ninth nevus would rise to the surface, Lumachina would surely lose her life.
──I won’t let that happen, is what Diablo thought.
Lumachina wasn’t a person who could be allowed to lose her life in a place like this.
It was because she possessed that paranormal ability that she was set at the Church’s most prominent position. However, she was proactive and honest, and she did her best to try and carry out righteousness.
Learning of the Church’s corruption, she tried to control and regulate it. She did the right thing.
As a result, her life was targeted by those in the Church that indulged in selfish desires, and now she was afflicted with a curse that would bring her to death.
──Isn’t that just absurd!? It’s so sad!
Diablo happened to know of only one method that could save Lumachina.
An item that could dispel the 《Marked Death Disease》 was supplied in one of MMORPG Cross Reverie’s limited time events.
Though, in the game, it was an item that “cures Marked Death Disease and only causes an event of being thanked by the villagers” and was useless in battle
However, it should be useful to Lumachina as she is now.
A priest’s prayers didn’t have an effect on her, but it was confirmed that items such as potions were effective.
That item is called the 《White Cow Statue》.
Diablo stored it in his warehouse. According to the setting of the MMORPG Cross Reverie, the warehouse should be in the 《Treasury》 deep in the dungeon that he created in his personal s.p.a.ce.
And then, according to the information of the Gra.s.swalker Adventurer Horun, it seems that Diablo’s dungeon was close to this town.
──No choice but to go.
He wanted to save Lumachina.
Horun raised up one hand.
He had rabbit ears and a rabbit tail, and he had the outward appearance of a boy. The race called Gra.s.swalker would continue to stay h

aving the outward appearance of a child no matter how old they got. They were a race that were nimble and excelled in magic and covert actions. However, they fell behind in st.u.r.diness and physical strength.
「Danna, suddenly deciding to go into the dungeon, what happened -ssu ka? I mean sure, it’d make me happy though -ssu.」
「Something indispensable for Lumachina, is within a certain dungeon.」
「C, could it be, do you mean the newly discovered dungeon -ssu ka? I think that it can only be about that -ssu.」
「Umu. From what I heard from your story, it would be appropriate to think that.」
Lumachina asked a question.
「Diablo-sama, could that be about, being able to cure the 《Marked Death Disease》?」
She sent an imploring gaze at him.
He was unable to affirm that it would absolutely be there. However, going by Horun’s story, Diablo was able to guess that it was the dungeon that he created in his personal s.p.a.ce.
If that’s the case, then the event item, the 《White Cow Statue》, should also be there. It should also be able to dispel the Marked Death Disease.
Everything was a possibility
He didn’t say that it was certain.
He might have to honestly tell them about those circ.u.mstances.
──However, to say ambiguous information without any confidence, that isn’t Demon King-like! It isn’t Kami-sama-like either, is it!

「Believe in me! If you desire it, then I shall grant you a treasured article that will cause a true miracle!」

Lumachina prostrated herself before him on the ground.
「Yes, I believe in you, Diablo-sama! There is not even a faint shadow in my faith in you!」
Those probably weren’t just words. She held immense piety towards Kami-sama. It was for that reason that she was blessed with an uncommon power of miracles.
──If there really is a Kami-sama, then don’t leave such a good girl like this and properly protect her.
Diablo made a sigh in his mind.
The current Lumachina is convinced that Diablo is “Kami-sama hiding his ident.i.ty”. It is because when she prayed for salvation to Kami-sama, Diablo accidentally appeared.
Though in truth, he was just a “hikikomori gamer that acted as a Demon King”……
In any case, if he were to leave her like this, Lumachina would be killed by the curse within a few days. Even if it couldn’t be said that it would be the right one for certain, there was surely no other choice but to head to the dungeon.
And if they were to go, preparations would be needed.
Maybe due to the long trip, or maybe due to the Marked Death Disease, Lumachina’s physical condition looked bad. It might be best to have her wait at the inn.
「For the moment, I guess we should return to town and prepare.」
Diablo had almost no experience in mobilizing with a large number of people. It wasn’t meant to be a consultation, but him speaking to himself.
However, the young Pantherian girl, Rem, tilted her head.
「……I wonder about that?」
Normal Pantherians possessed reddish type hair and leopard print ears and tails, but she was a rare black panther. Her hair, ears, and tail were all a sleek black color.
It wasn’t like it was because of this, but her body was lacking in undulations for a fourteen year old Patherian female, and was slender and tightened.
To try and talk in detail with that Rem, Diablo prompted her.
「I allow it, say what you will if you have something bothering you.」
「……Earlier, we displayed magic in a considerable showy manner, and astonished the inhabitants of the town. If we were to returned to Zircon Tower City just like this, I was wondering if the residents would take notice of us. By some chance, we might be asked about the situation by the vigilance committee or the armed forces.」
「That would be troublesome.」
「I do think that we should report the Head of the Holy Knights Baduta’s misdeed, but considering Lumachina’s condition, right now, it might be best if we head to the dungeon first. Since it was quite a major incident, with us being important people concerned with it, by the time we would be able to move about freely……There’s no telling just how much time would that take.」
Rem was intellectual. She also had an abundance of experience as an Adventurer, and there were many times where her proposals were appropriate.
Certainly, he was able to agree with her concerns.
*Pa* The one that raised their hand was Shera.
「I agree~! Let’s hurry and save Lumachina-chan!」
Shera L. Greenwood was an Elf. Moreover, she was a princess. Though, right now, she is seeking freedom and is in the middle of running away from home.
Her mystical beauty and her body with undulations, it seemed as if she were sculpted and even some G.o.dliness could be sensed.
However, she was a disappointing girl where her thoughtlessness would be exposed when she spoke.
──Should we head to the dungeon immediately?
That would probably have less troubles.
However, for Diablo, he wanted to have a bit of rest at the town.
Due to his battle with the Head of the Holy Knights Baduta, at one point, his HP had been reduced down to 1.
Because of the effect of the 《Distorted Crown》 that he had equipped, he was able to recover even while they were just standing there, but that was something that went slowly.
Even if he were to use up all of the HP Recovery Potions that he had on hand, it probably wouldn’t even recover half of his HP.
Making some with the materials that he obtained in Faltra City, it would only go up to R (rare) cla.s.s potions. If they were to think about trying to recover Diablo’s HP, a potion made from SSR (double super rare) materials would be needed.
With his current equipment, even if he had a week, it might be impossible to get a complete recovery.
It was astonishing that he was alive even though he was pierced through the heart but……it truly is magic.

──In a gamer’s perspective, first would be to recover though.

The result of going along with the story and heading to the next objective without healing, it would often be a pattern where a fairly strong enemy would be waiting, and the player being easily defeated. Even in cases where the development of the tale was “hurry on to the next one”, properly making every preparation was part of the basics.
He was worried about Machina’s situation, but the nevi shouldn’t increase to nine in just one or two days……
Come to think of it, Lumachina can use Healing Miracles. Moreover, it was most likely of the highest level in the Lifelia Kingdom.
Going “No no”, Diablo shook his head left and right.
Diablo’s equipment, the 《Demon King’s Ring》, would end up reacting to even Healing Miracles. He could receive the healing if he took off the ring but……Rem and the others should be thinking that the Magic Reflection is the special ability of a Demon King. Divulging that it was actually an effect of the ring would be way too uncool.
Besides, a Demon King getting healed by a priest went against his mental image of Demon Kings. Of course, it would further go against it if it was Kami-sama doing it.
As an efficiency troll Gamer that prioritizes efficiency, it would be completely alright but……
If he were to expose his original self without going along with his created character of a Demon King role play, he would be come unable to hold a decent conversation. It was something like challenging a snowy mountain while naked.
──That’s out of the question.
Putting that aside, there was also a point to Rem’s worry. If they were to return to town, it seemed like the unnecessary troubles would increase. In particular, it didn’t seem like he would be able to get through to Zircon Tower City’s Feudal Lord, Farnis Lamnites……

「Diablo, over there!」

Rem pointed something out.
When he looked, black dots that looked like sesame seeds increased in the horizon. He noticed that there were things that were raising up a cloud of dust and approaching.
「What is that?」
「……They seem to be the army’s sand ships.」
Rem the Pantherian had good eyes. Even though they were still far away, it seemed that she could identify the crest that was drawn on the sand ships’ sails.
Hearing the word army, Shera and Horun made frightened-looking faces.
Rem made a follow-up report.
「……On the sails of the especially large sand ship, there’s a crest with two guns piled up……That is, by some chance, could it be the Feudal Lord’s ship? It’s the same as the one that was printed on her armor.」
「Hmph, that leisurely fellow.」
Diablo showed a Demon King-like haughty att.i.tude.
However, he was feeling shaken on the inside.
His HP was lower than 10%, and to go against a high level Magi Gunner, to say it concretely, was relatively bad!
Even though his MP was also meager……
If a Magician were the opponent, Magic Reflection was possible with Diablo’s 《Demon King’s Ring》, but it had no effect on a Magi Gun’s bullets.
However, panicking and running away here, would really be uncool.
──Somehow, I need to avoid battle while maintaining the majesty of a Demon King!
While breathing heavily, Lumachina stood up.
「It would seem, that Lord Lamnites is coming……I will tell her of the situation.」
「……It would be nice if she understands though.」
Rem looked worried.
「If I make a heartfelt explanation, there is no mistake that it will surely get through to her.」
Lumachina wasn’t stupid, but she has a tendency to believe in other people too much. Even if she were to make a heartfelt talk with her, the possibility of a bullet packed with magic coming back at her was high.
She was that sort of dangerous opponent.

Part 2

While thinking about this and that, the Zircon Tower City army surrounded them with sand ships. The number was about 10 ships, so were there about 2000 soldiers?
As expected, on the deck of the especially large sand ship, the figure of Feudal Lord Lamnites was there.
Equipped with a mantle endowed with Flight Magic called 《Deep Crimson Wings》, she wore armor hemmed with gold.
However, there was a difference from last time.
Her right arm was hung with a bandage.
──Did she get injured? Did something happen?
Lamnites looked down at them from the deck of the ship.
「There was a report that you appeared from the bottom of the ground. There are many suspecting that you are the Demon King. Answer without any deceit──Are you the Demon King?」
It was a question that went straight to the point.
With a *fuh*, Diablo laughed scornfully.
Once he was asked that question, the answer was already decided.
If he could come up with a clever comeback here, then he wouldn’t say that he had a communication disorder. He wouldn’t live the life of a game addict NEET as someone incompatible with society, nor would he have been a solo Player even in those games.
Above all else, when asked “Are you the Demon King?”, a Demon King that would answer with “I don’t know who that is” would be the lowest and uncoolest.
He boldly replied.

「I am the Demon King of another world, Diablo! I will not hesitate to say that to anyone!」

He was holding his head on the inside.
──Ugyaaah! Not good!? Is that not good!?
*Zawa* The soldiers on the sand ships made a commotion. There were even some that drew their swords.
Rem made an uneasy face.
「W, was that alright, Diablo? To say something like that……!?」
──Was that really no good!?
Shera tilted her head.
「By some chance, even if you are a Demon King from another world, wouldn’t you be subjugated by the army, Diablo?」
──Would I be subjugated!?
In order to hide his fear inside of him, Diablo made a loud laughter.
「Fuuーhahaha! I will neither run away nor hide! Those that wish to die should come forth! I shall teach you true fear! 」
Horun was trembling.
Diablo was also trembling on the inside.
Feudal Lord Lamnites raised her left hand up high.
「Hmph……You barked well. Just as you wish, we shall give you ruin. Go and continue your sleep once more, Demon King! All hands, at the ready!」
The soldiers riding on the sand ships pointed Magi Guns at him.
He was surprised. Magi Gunners are a high cla.s.s of Archers. Unless they had skilled hands that extended their abilities as Magicians on top of being skilled as Archers, one wouldn’t become a Magi Gunner.
There were this many of them!?
──Come to think of it, even Summoners were overwhelmingly more popular than in the game. There might be some kind of reason that made a majority of Archers into Magi Gunners.
If he were to be attacked all at once by this many people, there was a high possibility that it would shave off the rest of his current HP. It would depend on their level but……
──I guess I’ll have to annihilate them before I get struck!?

「Wait a moment!」

The one that stepped forward was, Lumachina.
「I am the most prominent one of the Church──The High Chief Priest, Lumachina Weselia. Although this person declares himself to be a Demon King, he is not an antagonist of the Races, and is not an opponent that you should point your weapons towards!」
Lamnites glared at her.
「Hahn! The boss of the swindlers, is being backed by the Demon King!?」
「Surely there is no way that you would not know that this gentleman had repelled the Demonic Beast that drew near Zircon Tower City. Why would an antagonist save the town.」
「It seems that that 《Sand Whale》 was manipulated by the Demonic Beings. To begin with, isn’t it suspicious that he was able to repulse it with mere Chemical Elemental Magic!」
「Diablo-sama is an excellent Magician. Saving this town, saving me, now and up until now, he has fought in order to help people!」
「In that case, why does he take the name of Demon King!?」

──It’s because if I don’t do a Demon King role play, I can’t talk other than saying “Ahー” or “Uhー”!

There wouldn’t be any trouble if he were to say that, but whenever he tried to talk with his own words, his voice didn’t come out.
If he were to expose his true self, and then be disdained, scorned, or scolded……When he thought of that, he would freeze up.
If it was an act, even if he was given such negative responses, he would be convinced with “it can’t be helped since it’s a Demon King role play”.
Even he thought that it was too clumsy, but he had that sort of disposition.
He couldn’t say something like “actually, I was just acting as a Demon King, tehepuu” at this point.
Not just Lamnites, the reactions of the people who he called companions, he was so afraid that he couldn’t even imagine what it would be like.
──Although my life is important, I would die if I embara.s.s myself! I might not actually die, but I would die mentally!
Just by thinking about it, an unpleasant sweat went down along his spine, his body trembled, and his vision distorted.
Diablo pointed his 《Staff of Tenma》 towards the sand ship.

「You should move out of the way, Lumachina. If they are to obstruct my path, I only have to annihilate them.」

「P, please forgive them! These people are also people of honor that protect the people of the country. Even if they seem to go against you, please do not take away their lives.」
Lumachina spread her hands out between both sides.
This small, young girl, stopped the opening of hostilities alone.
──That’s incredible.
He was honestly impressed. Despite being afflicted with a curse that would take her life after a few days, she was able to move her body with just the feeling of wanting to protect people.
If he himself were in a situation where he would live or die──Most likely, he wouldn’t have the composure to be concerned with the life or death of other people.
Diablo lowered his 《Staff of Tenma》.
「You d.a.m.ned fool. Out of consideration for you, I shall forgive the disrespected shown towards me just this once.」
「Thank you very much!」
Lumachina lowered her head very deeply.
After that, she then turned back towards Lamnites.
「Lord Lamnites, do you believe it is possible for the Demon King to save people’s lives? I have been saved by Diablo-sama several times. And then, he has told me that after this, he would grant a treasured article meant to cure the Marked Death Disease that has spread in the town. Even if this gentleman is a Demon King, there is no mistake that he is a Demon King of virtue!」
A Demon King of virtue huh.
Most likely, Lamnites wouldn’t accept that.
Diablo thought about when the attack command would be given.
Rem also stepped forward next to Lumachina.
「……O Feudal Lord of Zircon Tower, please listen to my story as well. From here on, with Diablo’s guidance, in order to obtain the treasure that will cure the Marked Death Disease, we intend to head towards a certain dungeon.」
Lamnites spat out with eyes like she were looking at someone suspicious looking.
「What nonsense are you──」
「Therefore! If we do not retrieve the treasured article from the dungeon, wouldn’t it be valid to place your suspicions of him being a Demon King on him once again at that time!?」
「That is not permitted. First comes inspecting your suspicion! If you are innocent, then you can go wherever once you are freed. Though, that is only if you are innocent.」
「……Please wait. In fact, one of our group has contracted the Marked Death Disease. We do not have much time.」
Lamnites narrowed her eyes.
「This isn’t a fib or lie, is it? Where is your proof?」
「……The proof is──」
Rem hesitated to say it. At that moment, Lumachina raised her voice.
「It is right here.」
She raised up the hem of her priest outfit.
She exposed as far at the base of her thigh.
Exposing her skin before many people watching, a still young girl would probably oppose doing that……She was probably that serious in thinking about trying to stop the fighting.
Seeing the nevus that surfaced on her skin, Lamnites breathed a sigh.
「I see……To think the High Chief Priest would have it.」
「I believe that this is also trial given to me by Kami-sama. Or, it might be a oracle in order to bring back the treasured article in order to save the people.」
The story steadily became heavier.
──What should I do if it turns out that this dungeon is something different, and the 《White Cow Statue》 isn’t there either?
Just thinking about it sent a chill down his spine.
Lamnites nodded.
「I am not an imbecile. I understand what you all have to say. Certainly, it would seem there is a limit to your time. And then, as to whether it is indeed appropriate to punish that fellow who purports himself as the Demon King……There is truth in your words in that he should be judged in view of his actions.」
Lumachina and Rem brightened their expressions.
Because her way of speaking was difficult, it seemed that Shera didn’t understand, and tilted her head.
Horun still had a frightened look.
Diablo didn’t remove his vigilance. He thought that she didn’t have the personality that would completely accept their proposal.
And then, sure enough──Lamnites said something unexpected.
「Very well, go and bring back that treasured article from the dungeon! With that, I shall acknowledge it as proof of your innocence.」
「Thank you very much!」
When Rem said her thanks, Lamnites shook her head sideways.
「Wait. There is however a need of proof that you all shall definitely return.」
「Eh? But since we’re going to dive into a dungeon……」
Lumachina’s question was due to her lack of Adventurer’s experience. Naturally, that was something that needed to be taken into consideration.
Lamnites was astute.
「The possibility of there being a different exit must be taken into consideration, should it not? Leave one of your companions behind. Let us see, if you do not return within seven days, they shall be decapitated. They shall be decapitated if you do not bring back the treasured article either. If you have the resolution to do so, I shall believe in your words.」
For an inflexible Feudal Lord, that was an adequate compromise.
──But, in the worst case, there is also the possibility that the treasured article isn’t there.
Diablo asked a question in a low voice.
「……Horun……In which direction is the dungeon?」
「……Eh? The north of town -ssu.」
「Yosh, once I make the signal, start running.」
「U, ussu!」
Rem and Lumachina made surprised looking faces.
Diablo struck the ground with the 《Staff of Tenma》.

「《Earth Bounce》!!」

This was his first time using it on sand but……
Just like in the game, the screen──no, the ground shook. An earth tremor occurred, and the view went up and down. It was Earth Attribute Magic.
The sand ships that the soldiers rode also shook up and down.
「U, uwah!? What’s going on!?」「It’s shaking……shaking……Is the ship moving!?」「Who said to move them!?」「The ground is moving!」「Could it be magic!? Wh, what incredible……!!」
The sand ships slanted.
The soldiers raised screams.
When living in j.a.pan, one would get used to small earthquakes, but it seemed that the inhabitants here were inexperienced.

For an instant, Diablo lost consciousness. He wanted to lie down in the sand just like this──that desire welled up inside of him.
So he was out of MP.
His body became heavy with lethargy.
However, he felt that he wanted to save Lumachina. He couldn’t allow himself to be caught by the Feudal Lord in a place like this.
Diablo broke into a run.
「Do not separate from me! The ground will shake due to magic.」
There was no effect of 《Earth Bounce》 within about a three meter radius of the caster. When separated more than that, the ground would shake, and it should become difficult to even walk properly.
Obeying his instructions, Rem, Shera, Lumachina, and Horun firmly chased after him.
──With this shaking, it’ll probably be impossible to aim at us with their guns.
Only Lamnites who possessed the sole 《Deep Crimson Wings》 had the potential to attack them without any concern for the magic by floating in the air but……
It seemed that she had injured her right arm. She probably isn’t able to display her usual power.
Above all, if she were to float solo, then she was a suitable mark for a Magician. He would throw at her a magic with an inescapable vast range.
Thinking that, Lamnites glared.
Without fl.u.s.tering, she stared and watched Diablo from on top of the shaking sand ship.
She was calm.
It were as if she antic.i.p.ated that Diablo would invite disorder with magic and escape from this place.
──What are you thinking? Was it just a stalemate because of your injury? Or could it be……
She had a position to think about. Arrest him because he’s a Demon King, and kill him after he opposes──It might not be that sort of simple way of thinking.
Pa.s.sing through the gaps of the disordered army, Diablo’s group escaped from the siege ring.

Part 3

Rem, Shera, and Horun were Adventurers that had acc.u.mulated a fair amount of experience. Lumachina had trouble, but with Diablo holding her in his arms and carrying her, they were somehow able to run and separate themselves from the Zircon Tower City army.
They hid themselves in the shadow of a boulder.
Lumachina started to breath roughly again.
Shera held out a flask. She was well prepared.
「It’s only a bit but, drink, some water. Is it hard for you to walk? I wonder if it’s because of the Marked Death Disease?」
「N, no……Since we were running on top of sand, I am just worn-out. It looks like everyone has a lot of stamina. As expected of Adventurers.」
「Ahー, it’s because I was thinking that wanted to go on a journey, so although I look like this, I’ve tempered my legs and loins.」
Shera said that looking bashful.
Rem nodded.
「……I have also tempered myself. Plus, Pantherians are originally a race that excel in running for long distances.」
「Me too. In dungeons, you die if you become unable to walk anymore after all.」
Horun was a bit proud.
Diablo didn’t temper himself. However, a level 150 body wouldn’t feel fatigue with just a bit of running.
It was different from a body that would be short of breath just from going up stairs.
Lumachina narrowed her eyes.
「Everyone, you are all so amazing. I also need to move my body more, don’t I.」
Shera sat down next to her.
「Why don’t we take a bit of a break? They won’t find us here so easily, and Diablo will do something about them if they chase after us!」
「Lumachina-chan, do you not go out that much?」
「That’s right. It’s because in terms of my position, I wasn’t really allowed to leave the temple that is in the royal capital’s great chapel.」
「H~n, so you were the same as me.」
「The same as Shera-san……?」
Rem cut into the conversation.
「She’s a bit of an idiot, but Shera is the Princess of the Elves. Though, right now, she’s in the middle of running away.」
「Oh my!」
Lumachina opened her eyes wide in surprise.
After going *Ehehe* and being bashful──She went *Ha!* and noticed.
「Wait a sec, Rem!? What do you mean, a bit of an idiot!?」
「……That was a slip of the tongue. I should have a.s.serted it without the vagueness of using “a bit”. How could I have done such a thing.」
「I’m not an idiot!」
They quarrelled like usual. Their verbal fights were something that happened every day.
Diablo dropped his eyes on the flask that Lumachina held in her hands.
Maybe because she noticed his gaze, she called out to him.
「Ah, would you like some water?」
「That is not the case.」
Certainly, he had kept on fighting since last night, so his throat was dry.
However, that was no good.
To accept the flask that Lumachina used, and then put his mouth on it……
──That’s an indirect kiss, isn’t it!
It was obvious that he would absolutely end up acting strangely.
That wouldn’t be Demon King-like.
An indirect kiss is totally embarra.s.sing──Just as Diablo was thinking such a thing, Rem nodded.
「……Diablo, could it be that you are thinking about our water and food from now on?」
She went and said something like that.
He was thinking about something more shallow and embarra.s.sing, but Diablo nodded while looking wise.
「Umu, that is right.」
「……Now that we’ve escaped from the army, there is no way we can approach the town. That being said, facing a dungeon without any food or water is just reckless.」
Horun stood up.
「In that case, I want you all to leave it to me -ssu!」
「……What are you going to do? Are you going to steal stuff in the town or something?」
「I am a Seeker, not a Thief -ssu!」
Diablo remembered that Horun had snuck a bite of curry last night, but he didn’t make a retort.
Horun continued talking.
「Since my face was seen perfectly by the soldiers, I wouldn’t want to go back to town even if it was just me -ssu. If we don’t bring back the treasured article, we can’t go back to Zircon Tower City anymore -ssu yo.」
「……Then, do you think we could get the peddlers at the outskirts to sell us thing?」
「That also isn’t a bad idea -ssu, but for now, I would like for you to leave it to me -ssu. I’m going to appeal that I can be useful -ssu yo!」
「We will need food and water by nightfall, and if possible, it would be better if there were a cot to sleep in though?」
「It’ll be alright -ssu!」
「……I am a bit anxious, but if you’re going to go that far, I guess I’ll trust you. In regards to capturing dungeons in this vicinity, Horun, you are the most experienced after all.」
「Leave it to me -ssuー!!」
His light-hearted att.i.tude fanned the anxiety, but Diablo didn’t deny it.
「How much distance is there until we arrive at that dungeon?」
「Erm……Since it would take about half a day with a small sand ship, it would take about 2~3 days on foot -ssu ne.」
Diablo’s personal dungeon wasn’t displayed on the MMORPG Cross Reverie’s field map. It was an existence that was only in the settings.
The place that they would head to from here on, although it was a dungeon that he know best about more than anyone else, it was an unknown location.

Part 4

At one of the countless boulders that were scattered in the desert. When the sand under the shade of the boulder was removed a bit, there was a board.
It was a door.
When opened, the inside turned into a cave. A wooden staircase continued down it.
「Wawah, is this the dungeon!?」
Shera raised a high-pitched voice.
Rem breathed a sigh.
「……We just had a conversation that said that it would take about 2~3 days to get to the dungeon. Isn’t this a sand ship?」
When she asked that, Horun nodded.
「That’s right -ssu! It’s a shipwreck -ssu ne. I think that it was done in by monsters, but there weren’t any people -su yoー」
Maybe they escaped, or maybe they were eaten by those monsters that attacked them.
Everyone went down into the cabin.
The wooden staircase creaked.
Rem stroked the wall. *Para para*……The surface collapsed and fell. It seemed to be quite old.
「……Food and water is in here?」
「There is -ssu yo, it’s my hideout -su. Since I can replenish that stuff without going back to town and then go into the dungeon again, it’s super convenient -ssu.」
「……If you were to dig this up, wouldn’t it be a fortune?」
「Unfortunately, the cabin is the only thing that properly remains, and it seems that the bow and stern of the ship are gone -su yo.」
「……Is that so.」
Lumachina surveyed the cabin.
And then she put both of her hands together.
Maybe it was a prayer to Kami-sama for providing this place, or maybe it was a prayer for the sailors that rode on this sand ship.
Shera sat down on one of the chairs.
「It looks like ghosts or something will appear.」
「Ugh……!? I was trying to not think about that kind of stuff, so I want you to stop that -ssu.」
She laughed and pa.s.sed it off.
Rem brushed off the sand that was on an elliptical shaped table.
「……For today, since we also have last night’s fatigue, let’s rest here. Since we’ll be walking a lot starting tomorrow.」
Shera raised her hand, and Horun nodded.
Lumachina tightly clenched her fists.
「I, I will do my best.」
It seemed that she was suffering since she wasn’t used to venturing on foot. Even on the journey from Faltra City to Zircon Tower City, a majority of it was either on a carriage or a sand ship.
Rem looked over here.
「……Is that alright, Diablo?」
「Ah? Umu.」
Maybe she was seeking an opinion from him as well. That was probably it.
Only a small time has pa.s.sed since he started to act together with Rem and Shera but……he still wasn’t used to group action.
If he loses focus, at times where everyone has decided the plans, he unintentionally ends up thinking “it doesn’t concern me”. A habit of many years doesn’t change easily.
Horun brought out food and water from deep inside the cabin.
「We’ll grill ‘em outside -ssu!」
Shera jumped up.
「Alright~!! There are raisins~!!」
「There’s also jerky and various other things -ssu. There’s still time until night comes, and since we have the chance, we’ll cook outside -ssu.」
「……That’s true.」
Rem also approved, so things turned out like that.
It was cooking that used preserved foods, but they had continued to fight since last night, and today they walked for a long time.
It felt like a warm meal would be very delicious.

Part 5

Feudal Lord Lamnites returned to Zircon Tower.
Due to the sudden earthquake, a portion of the sand ships were damaged, and several of the soldiers were also injured. Though it was only at the level of them falling from the ship or falling over on the deck due to being fl.u.s.tered.
The soldiers’ proficiency wasn’t low.
However, when it came to opponents that possessed superhuman strength, it was difficult to make the best use of military strength.
Having a light seat in a large chair, Lamnites breathed a sigh.
With her current fighting power, she couldn’t win against Diablo.
And then, on the next full moon, that Demonic Being Vanaknes would come again. Even with preparing for the fight, could she win?
──This is tough.
More fighting power was needed.
There was someone approaching at a quick pace. They came before Lamnites and made a salute with good form. It was Henrick.
「Lamnites-sama, we were able to make a conjecture on where the escaped Adventurers are headed.」
「Among their company, there was a Zircon Tower City Adventurer called Horun. On the Guild registration, he has been listed as a dungeon guide for about a year. It was said that recently, he has been doing nothing but going to a certain dungeon that was newly discovered.」
In this former Demon King territory, there were Demonic Beast nests, former Demonic Being bases, and several dungeons. Since they were often discovered, she wasn’t curious just because he said that it was new, but she was interested in how he said that he was doing nothing but exploring that place.
「Is there something in that new dungeon?」
「According to the stories of the Adventurers, some excessively powerful monsters appear, but it seems that arms and tools endowed with outrageous magic have been discovered.」
「Things like a sword that emits flames, and a shield that intercepts the cold, they say that there are arms that have never been seen before.」
Lamnites thought about it.
──If we had those, wouldn’t we be able to augment our army?
「Fufu, isn’t that interesting. Henrick, chase after the fleeing Diablo and his group. At the same time, investigate that dungeon, and if there any of those special arms, retrieve them.」
The young knight saluted once again.
At that time, a soldier announced a new visitor.
Lamnites told him to let them in.

Before long, a single man entered the room with a stride that had an air of composure.
He had a tall stature and a body type that had bulging muscles, and a large long sword hung from his waist.
He wore blue armor that contained the Church’s crest──He was a Holy Knight.
He made a respectful bow.
「I am known as the Holy Knight Geibalt. Feudal Lord Lamnites-sama, your fame has even reached the royal capital, and to lay my eyes on you like this is──」
「Enough of the flattery, I am tired of hearing it. I have no time to listen to the demands of the Church. Go back──That is the only thing I have to say to the dog that came from the royal capital.」
「N, no, I have not come to communicate the Church’s demands……Hearing that the High Chief Priest had come to this town, I have come to escort her. Ohoho.」
Geibalt’s true objective was different.
He was contracted to “a.s.sa.s.sinate Lumachina”. However, before he could accomplish his objective, he was smashed by Diablo.
If he were to return to the royal capital just like this, as atonement for his failure, and to seal his mouth──He would be killed. As someone that knew their secret on top of being useless, there was no way his client would let him live.
He had to carry out his job with certainty and prove his worth.
Geibalt had chased after Lumachina’s whereabout this far, but the estate that the Head of the Holy Knights Baduta, who should have been lodging here, used was partially destroyed. His whereabouts had become unknown.
──At this rate, won’t I be the one that’ll be killed! Like h.e.l.l I’ll let her escape, that little b.i.t.c.h!!
Suppressing and putting out the dark flame of his inner thoughts, Geibalt made an insincere smile.
「The safety of the High Chief Priest who announces the oracles from Kami-sama, Lumachina-sama, is of the utmost priority to the Church. Lamnites-sama, with your power as the Feudal Lord of this Zircon Tower City, could I please ask that you search for her whereabouts?」
Lamnites glared at him.
Normally, if a debt from the Church was going to be made, any Feudal Lord would gladly cooperate. The Church owned that much authority.
However, she was different.
Lamnites harbored unpleasant feelings towards the idea of something other than her possessing authority in her territory.
This place was former Demon King territory, and unless the power of the people is concentrated, they would be adjoined with insurmountable danger. Something that has a possibility of opposing the Feudal Lord’s opinion, she couldn’t allow that to exist.
「Hmph……A Holy Knight huh.」
Lamnites had a thought.
──It’d be fine to send him away but……It’s said that the Holy Knights are nothing but people that are around level 100 and possess superhuman power.
Right now, she wanted as many people as possible as fighting power.
That being said, if she were to tell the Holy Knight “since Demonic Beings are coming, lend us your strength”, she couldn’t expect his cooperation.
It seems that his objective is the protection of the High Chief Priest Lumachina.
「Fumu……If it’s about her whereabouts, we already have a grasp on it.」
「What was that!?」
「The High Chief Priest is together with a strange Magician, and seems to be headed towards a certain dungeon.」
「A Magician……It’s a Demon called Diablo, isn’t it -desu wa ne?」
Geibalt used an unmanly way of speaking, but having a disposition that didn’t mind the small details, Lamnites let it pa.s.s by.
「So as expected, you do know of him.」
「That person, he has deceived the pure High Chief Priest, and taken her away!」
Geibalt made it turn out like that.
To Lamnites, she didn’t care about the Church’s circ.u.mstances.
「It seems that there are arms that have never been seen before at the dungeon that they were headed for. I have an interest in those. If you cooperate in the retrieval of those, I shall have my subordinates guide you to the High Chief Priest’s location.」
「Ooh! Of course I will cooperate!」
Geibalt put his hands together with a look of deep emotion. In his mind, he was thinking “as long as I find Lumachina, who cares about the rest” though.
To Lamnites, she didn’t think that the Holy Knight would completely cooperate.
However, she was uneasy with the subordinates being dispatched being only Henrick and several other subordinates. It was enough if he just helped them on the way.
「I do not mind if you prioritize the High Chief Priest’s protection, but cooperate with my subordinates until then. If you promise that, I shall grant you the result you desire.」
「Thank you very much! I swear in the name of G.o.d!」
Geibalt drew the holy symbol in front of his chest.
Lamnites nodded.
Since the discussion had concluded, Henrick extended out his right hand.
「It is rea.s.suring to have secured the a.s.sistance of the famed Holy Knight Geibalt-dono. It is a pleasure to be working with you.」
「Ara, a surprisingly good man.」
「No no, same here, it is a pleasure to be working with you.」
Geibalt tightly gripped Henrick’s held out right hand with both of his hands.

Part 6


Three days later──
Within the desert, that building existed as if it were added after the fact. On the triangular structure that looked like a pyramid, a stone door was attached.
What protected the door was a lion statue.
Diablo’s magic made it burst.
An explosive flame spread out.
The moving stone statue that was encamped in front of the building was blown away, and scattered about on top of the sand.
Since it possessed the wings of an eagle, and its tail was a snake, it was a so-called chimera. It used Petrification Breath and lightning magic──That was the configuration, but it wasn’t given a chance to counterattack.
The moving stone statue became unable to move.
Horun clapped his hands.
「Uhyoh~!! That’s incredible -ssu, Danna!」
「Naturally. It isn’t even a warm-up.」
「Last time, I came here with the town’s strongest Warriors, and defeated it after quite a bit of hardship -ssu yoー.」
「When you say Zircon Tower City’s best, around what level were they?」
「I think they were about level 80 -ssu.」
That was by no means a low level.
Possibly, could their weapons have been bad. The circulated arms in this other world were of low quality when compared to the game.
Diablo’s dungeon adjusted the monsters’ strength to match the game’s Players.
He didn’t understand the theory behind it but──Most likely, the dungeon that Diablo created in his personal s.p.a.ce.
By gathering the special items, the 《Treasure Map Fragments》, in the game, the other Players would obtain the right to challenge it.
(Since Diablo’s group currently didn’t possess the 《Treasure Map Fragments》, it seems that setting was restricted to the game.)
The result of capturing a Player owned dungeon was being a means of being able to fight against the producer──in this case, against Diablo.
Incidentally, while the special item was needed, Players that captured the dungeon once would be able to apply for a rematch at any time.
In any case, in the MMORPG Cross Reverie, scenarios where defeating large-scale monsters by cooperating with a great number of people was the standard. There were personal battle events as well, but it wasn’t a game that made that the main part of it.
Normally, it was rare for challengers to appear but……
Since Diablo did a Demon King role play, he became a famous person, and he was often challenged to battles in the game.
──To think that I would have to capture this dungeon myself.
In the game, he was able to freely go in and out of his personal s.p.a.ce, and he was even able to go into the deepest area in an instant.
However, in this other world, even if Diablo visited it, nothing happened. No, if something like a status terminal screen or dialogue saying “Which floor will you go to?” were to suddenly appear, that would be more surprising though.
Diablo became uneasy.
──Is this really my dungeon? Well, I guess there’s no other choice but to try going inside.

The scorched lion statue unsteadily returned to its original spot.
Its once splendid mane was broken.
If it were the game, the stone statue would wait for the next challenger in no time at all, but in this world, it understandably had exhaustion.
Would it eventually be completely destroyed. Or was there some sort of means of recovery for it.
The stone statue was silent.
Shera headed towards the gate doors.
「So this place is that dungeon, right!? We’ve finally arrived~.」
「I’m sorry, all because my legs were slow, it took us four days……」
「Ahaha! It isn’t Lumachina-chan’s fault. It’s fine, it’s fine. It’ll all work out even if we take a bit more time!」
Shera baselessly encouraged Lumachina.
A pragmatic view was needed, but Diablo recognized the there was a meaning to words like that. At the very least, the mood of the girls didn’t become worse.
However, the nevi that surfaced onto Lumachina’s skin increased to five……only four more to go.
While heading to the gate doors of the dungeon, Rem talked to Horun.
「……That was unexpected.」
「Hoe, what was -ssu ka?」
「With all due respect……In these past few days, I was thinking that your abilities were around level 20.」
「Eh!? Ah, well, as a Warrior……That’s the way it is. I’m, a Seeker after all -ssu!」
「……Putting it bluntly, I thought you would be “useless at anything other than being a guide”. I am terribly sorry.」
「Ugh!? Ha, haha……O, oh please~, I, I’m super useful, you know?」
「Yes. The fact that you grouped up in a party with level 80 Warriors, it means that they recognized that you have that much ability. I expect great things from you. If there is anything you need, please say it without any hesitation.」
「Ah, uh……Th, thank you -ssu.」
Horun showed a forced smile.
Diablo had a memory of that sort of expression.
──That’s the face of someone that is expected of doing something even though they don’t have the confidence to do it, but can’t say that they can’t do it.
Most likely, Horun’s abilities probably really are around level 20.

Diablo remembered something.
In town, Horun had a dispute over the dungeon capture reward. He was cursed at as being “useless” by the Pantherian Warrior.
The Pantherian at that time might have been the level 80 town’s best Warrior.
Diablo thought about such a thing while walking behind everyone.

Shera pushed the stone gate doors.
While making a creaking sound, the heavy looking stone doors opened up.
Rem shrugged her shoulders.
「……Have you thought about the possibility of traps?」
「……That was a joke. Since Horun who has already come here once is here, he would have said if there was a trap.」
「J, jeez, don’t scare me like that!」
「……Please be cautious from now on. I don’t want to be dragged into something after all.」
Shera groaned.
Lumachina made a wry smile.
「Although she says it like that, Rem-san really does worry about you, Shera-san, doesn’t she.」
「Eh? Is that true?」
「Fufu, yes it is.」
「I seeー」
Going *Ehehe*, Shera expressed a smile.
Rem made a displeased face and pa.s.sed by beside them.
「……Lumachina, please don’t say such strange things. I really just don’t want to get dragged into the stupid Elf’s mistakes. Horun, could I ask you to do the guiding?」
「Got it -ssu!」

Leaving behind the four that were conversing, Diablo went on inside.
He descended the stone staircase.
It was a place where the ceiling was dimly lit, and it wasn’t dark enough that one couldn’t see.
Rem and the others rushed to follow him.
「P, please wait up, Diablo……Why did you go on ahead?」
「Mu? It’s not like there will be any enemies that will be a particular problem though?」
「……That is……I fully understand that you are strong. But, aren’t dungeons places where one should proceed carefully?」
In the end, he didn’t explain that “this dungeon was created by him” to Rem and the others. It was because he didn’t know how he should tell them.
He memorized the arrangement of the monsters and traps──There was no way he could say something like that.
If that were the case, why was there a need to ask Horun about its location? Why didn’t he have any confidence in its existence up until now? If he were asked those questions, he would be at a loss on how to answer.
He couldn’t say “it was because I made the choices from a list on the menu screen in the game”.
Since he had no other choice, he overcame it like a Demon King.

「Do not be mistaken, I am not a companion to all of you. I am simply allowing you all to follow along after me. You should just keep quiet and walk behind me!」

──Since I know everything about this dungeon, it’ll be safe if you just follow behind me, is what I wanted to say but……was that transmitted? It’d be nice if it was.
Diablo had low communication skills.
Rem lowered her panther ears.
「……Yes, I’m sorry.」
Shera and Lumachina also made uneasy faces. Horun was completely frightened.
So he failed.
He made a complicated atmosphere with just a few words.
──This is why doing a party play is an impossible game for me! Charging at the last boss solo is a whole lot better! is what Diablo shouted in his mind.
Even while he was thinking about various things in his mind, he silently walked.
Rem and the others followed after him.
Over the past few days, with Shera enlivening things and with Lumachina behaving stout-heartedly, the atmosphere that was somehow preserved a brightness to it, quickly turned heavy due to Diablo’s few words.
However, their lineup wasn’t bad.
At the lead was the st.u.r.dy Diablo that was familiar with the dungeon. Next was the Summoner Rem. After her was (although the person herself insists that she’s a Summoner) the high leveled Archer Shera. And then, the Healer Lumachina. And lastly was the Seeker Horun who excelled at sensing things.
Maybe because the atmosphere had become heavy, or maybe because they had entered the dungeon, the conversations disappeared.
There wasn’t any sounds of wind or vegetation.
Come to think of it, there wasn’t any BGM in this world──is what Diablo thought.
The music of the MMORPG Cross Reverie had fair degree of perfection, and its ratings from the Players was high.
It was enough that in the real world, music events would be opened, and there would be musical performances by the orchestra, and live performances by voice actors.
Of course, he had never gone. There was no way a hikikomori gamer would go to that sort of riajuu event.
He had seen a relay broadcasted video but……
There were also Players that seemed to be partic.i.p.ating as a couple in there.
For the Players that had written things like 『I went to the live event with my girlfriend!』 in their game profile field, he ended up wanting to cast maximum magic on them even if it was in the middle of town.

──If you’re happy in real life, then become unhappy in the game.

That pessimistic and pitch dark sentiment that no one would praise him for had stimulated Diablo.
Rem and Shera had a secret talk in whispers.
「Hey, hey, Diablo is really scary, you know?」
「……I wonder what could have happened? He’s been strange ever since we entered the dungeon.」
「Do you think, we did something wrong?」
「……I don’t know.」
There was an awkwardness.
I want to make a follow-up somehow──is what Diablo thought, but he couldn’t come up with words of good sense that would make the atmosphere better.

──Argh, I hate the guys that can walk while having fun with girls!

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