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Part 6

──So~mehow, we won.
He breathed a sigh in his mind.
Diablo talked as overbearing as he could.
「Fu……What is wrong, Baduta? Are you not going to come at me? In that case, I shall turn you into ash with my magic, you know?」
「Im, impossible……」
「To receive a shock once you lost, this means that you were that self-conceited. Your cautiousness was but a subjective impression after all.」
「Guh……d.a.m.n you……d.a.m.n you……」
「Hmph, there is no merit in using my magic on a fellow that has lost the will to fight. Go and receive the law's judgment.」
Diablo lowered his hand.
Baduta glared at him.
「……You all, will end up descending into despair.」
「Though, it is unfortunate that you will not be able to gaze at those faces that have sunken into grief……」
The opponent clenched his right fist.
──This guy! Does he still intend to fight!?
Diablo went into concentrating on his magic.
Baduta's fist shined.
The opponent would activate his Martial Art faster.
Similar to the 《Finger Blade》 from before, it was a bare handed Martial Art.
Diablo was unable to confirm what the Martial Art was without seeing the move itself but……
He didn't have the leeway to slowly wait for it. After all, the current Diablo would lose his life if he were to receive an attack.
Baduta thrust his fist out.
A ball of light with SP placed on it came flying this way. So it was 《Shining Blow》.
Diablo shouted.
「《Darkness Cannon》!!」
It was a high ranking magic of the Darkness Attribute. It fired a jet black cannonball of condensed magic power.
Since Diablo wasn't holding the 《Staff of Tenma》, it miraculously turned into a clash of similar looking moves. Though it was between polar opposite attributes of light and darkness.
The attacks that the two of them fired fought against each other, making grinding sounds.
The shock wave spread out.
The stone wall creaked.
Stones finally fell from the ceiling. Sand also came falling down like a waterfall. The stone wall might not be able to hold out anymore.
Diablo made a declaration.

「In a simple clash, that depends upon level and equipment, there are no factors where I would lose.」

The 《Darkness Cannon》's cannonball overcame Baduta's ball of light.
It hit him as he was stiff from firing a big move.
He was blown away.
Baduta crashed into the stone wall, and it crumbled greater than expected.
Even more sand came falling down from that impact.
Baduta could no longer move.

*Gishiri gishiri* The entire cylindrical room had an unpleasant creaking sound reverberating in it.
It seemed that a large amount of damage was given to the building.
Shera came galloping down the stairway.
「Y, you fool! Why did you come here!?」
「I mean, Diablo, it looked like you were in trouble!」
「The building has already started to collapse!」
「Un! That's why we need to hurry up and get out of here!」
The choice of "saving only myself" had been completely omitted to Shera.
She picked up the 《Staff of Tenma》 that rolled on the floor.
*Dogaga* A large sound was heard from the top of the stairway.
When they turned around, at the place that Shera had just been standing at──
The entrance collapsed.
Shera raised a scream.
If she had thought about self-protection and waited around the door, she would have been buried under the stones.
Diablo adjusted his breathing.
Shera became teary eyed.
「Wh, what do we do!? Our way out is gone now!?」
「Let's rush down.」
「There is no time to explain.」
Sand was steadily falling down from the ceiling.
As he thought, this cylindrical room wasn't going to hold out much longer.
Since he was in a state where an arm was going to tear off, it was fairly hard for him to run but……he word the 《Demon King's Ring》 on his left hand. He couldn't allow himself to lose this.
He urgently ran down to the bottom.
Shera followed after him, holding onto the 《Staff of Tenma》.
Getting down to the bottom, they ran while avoiding the people that were drowning in pleasures even in this sort of situation. Even as these people were buried in sand or crushed by falling rocks, their sanity didn't return.
They arrived at the altar.

The one that jumped into his chest was Rem.
For the normally composed girl to become this emotional……
He instictively made a serious face.
「C, could it be, something was done to you right up until the end……?」
「HA!? What are you saying such foolish nonsense for!? Not even a single finger touched me!」
「Then, Lumachina was!?」
Going *Kaaaah……*, Lumachina's face went red. Coupled together with her eyes that had been crying, a fairly dangerous atmosphere hung in the air.
「N, nothing was done to me! I was t, touched, and……licked……but……only that……I, haven't had anything done to me, right, Rem!? Please say something!」
Rem talked with a serious face.
「……Let us hurry up and escape, Diablo.」
Lumachina looked like she was about to cry.
The two's mental care was important, but that was a story for after getting out from this situation where they could be crushed under sand and stone.
Horun brought his face out.
「Danna! W-w-what do we do -su kaー!?」
「So you were still here. I thought that you had already escaped.」
「That's so mean -ssuー!?」
Diablo took the 《Staff of Tenma》 from Shera, and thrust it into the altar.
The range was through contact.
It required a slightly long concentration time.
──Don't come crumbling down on us, okay~?
Rem got Horun, who was making a racket, into a Nelson hold and quieted him down.
Shera and Lumachina stared at Diablo with serious faces.
Diablo casted his magic.

「Alter the place we should be through my will──《Adzett》ッ!!」

The altar levitated.
And then, the ceiling collapsed.
A great number of stones and a huge amount of sand came falling down.
Shera shouted.
「D, Diablo, help──────!!」
「Leave it to me.」

──My remaining MP……I'll cram it, all, into this maximum magic!

「O atmosphere, roar, twirl into a spiral, and pierce through heaven and earth! 《Grand Tornado》!!」

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