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Part 5

The frozen white left arm fell.
Baduta amputated his own arm with a Martial Art.
If he had done nothing, he probably would have turned into a a statue of ice about this time. That was some outrageous quick wittedness and grit.
However, losing an arm and weapon, that should have been fatal for a Warrior-type.

Diablo pulled out the spear that was stuck in his chest, and threw it away from the stone stairway.
Blood gushed out from the hole that bore into his chest.
He expressed a devil like smile.
「Kukuku……What is wrong, Baduta? Was losing your left arm and weapon also part of your plan?」
A smile of composure.
But he was screaming in his mind.
──G.o.dd.a.m.nit, it hurrrrrrttttts────────ッ!!
It should have been a wound to the chest, but his limbs felt like they were going to be torn off. The pain ran about his whole body.
Although he had recovered from a hopeless situation, it was a plan that he never wanted to do again.
Daring to receive a certain instant death attack, and inducing an opening on the enemy──It was easy to say, but the moment his heart was pierced, he seriously thought he would die.

Diablo's mantle, the 《Curtain of Dark Clouds》, had an effect where only a single point of HP would remain when receiving an attack that would turn his HP to zero.
Even he had started to forget about it, but it was just as he confirmed when he was summoned to this world.
Honestly, he thought that he would never have to use it in this world that had a sense of reality. It was because having only one HP also had the possibility of being in a status where he pretty much could not move.
──No, in actuality, even breathing hurts. Would I die if a mosquito or something bit me as I am now?
The Instant Death Evasion effect of the 《Curtain of Dark Clouds》 wouldn't activate unless his HP was greater than 10%. Right now, if he were to receive an attack, he would most likely die.
Since it was much too dangerous, he hadn't experimented with this effect.
Therefore, it was a gamble on whether he would die or not when he received Baduta's attack.
It seemed that he wouldn't die instantly even if was stabbed in the heart by a spear.
But, it hurt to death.
If it were a place where no one was around, he would have been crying and shouting.
It was that terrible of an injury but……The hole that bore into Diablo's chest was closing up.
Even left arm that was cut off was healing up. Since it was in a state where it remained only by the skin, the muscles and bones started to get linked together.
This was also an effect of his equipment. There was an Auto HP Recovery in the 《Distorted Crown》 that was attached to his head.
The recovered amount wasn't significant in the middle of battle, but the recovery was fast enough that it could be seen by the eye.

Blood was still gushing out from Baduta's open wound.
Since the top of his upper arm was severed with a single stroke, that was only natural.
It probably wouldn't stop bleeding unless he got proper surgical treatment or received a miracle of healing.
A greasy sweat spouted out from his forehead.
「It, it can't be……You mean to tell me you are immortal or something……? For you to not die even with your heart pierced through……」
「Kukuku, I believe I told you that I am a Demon King.」
「Did you feel that you knew everything of the world? That is the self-conceit of the aged. What you know of is but a mere fraction……Now then, shall we continue? We both still have a single arm left after all, right?」
Though, in truth, it was a miracle that he was still standing.
Diablo stuck his hand out at Baduta.
The 《Staff of Tenma》 had fallen down at his feet, but if he were to stoop down to pick it up, it felt as if he would collapse just like that.
He himself had damage that did not amount to much, did not require something like a weapon, and still had much more leeway──That was the Demon King role play that he performed with all his might.
He would absolutely not show any timidity.
Baduta drew his face back.
He shouted towards the bottom.

「Yes, Goshujin-sama!」
When Diablo turned his gaze towards her, the mostly naked maid held a dagger in her hand.
It was brought close to the nape of Rem's neck.

Diablo's blood boiled.
「You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I'll kill you!」
However, Shiiryuu expressed a composed smile. The situation was to the opponent's advantage to that degree.
Baduta talked with a hoa.r.s.e voice.
「Don't move, is what this means……」
So he blatantly used a hostage.
A hostage means nothing to a Demon King──it would be fine if he were to act tough like that, but seeing as how he had come this far to save her, he didn't have any persuasive power.
Shiiryuu wiped the saliva from her mouth.
「Ufufu……In the end, it looks like it was Goshujin-sama's tactical victory, doesn't it?」
Rem shouted.
「Diablo! Please don't be concerned with me and fight!」
「Haa……Haa……Diablo-sama! Please do not worry about me as well!」
Lumachina also shouted. Her face was flushed. Since it seemed that she was groped for a short while until they had come to save them, it was probably because of that.
Diablo clenched his fist.
He trembled in anger.
──If I am going to abandon them, I wouldn't have come here to save them in the first place.
What should he do?
How could he save them?

A single arrow ran through the cylindrical room.

It was something that Shera fired.
The arrow that cut through the air created a jet black afterimage. So that was the effect that Krum had bestowed.
It was a speed that even Diablo felt like he would lose sight of it.
It headed towards the altar.
By the time Shiiryuu noticed it, it had already pierced through the hand that grasped the dagger. The arrowhead severed the tendons of her fingers, and her grip strength was stolen.
And the arrow that pierced her had also knocked the dagger down from her hand.
Shiiryuu raised an animal-like scream.
As if to chase her away, Shera's voice came down.
「That was 《Angel Shoot》!」
It was a Martial Art.
Shiiryuu's right hand started to crackle and turn grey.
《Angel Shot》 didn't have such an effect. It should have been a Martial Art that drastically raised firing accuracy. What could have happened?
The maid that raised a scream ultimately became unable to even let out her voice. Incredibly, her whole body turned grey, and she had turned to stone.

Could it be, was this an effect caused by Krum's magical power!?
Shera was shaken up.
「K, Krum-chan……this is way too fearsome, and hard to use~!?」
──That was some unexpected fighting power.
Diablo was surprised in his mind.
Krum's bestowed bow was also powerful but……《Angel Shot》 was a level 60 Martial Art. To think that she was such a high level Archer.
Come to think of it, she did say that she was level 40 as a bow-user when she was a child.
Because of her fluffy speech and conduct, he hadn't relied on Shera in battle up until now. He did notice how she used a Martial Art when they fought with the Shin.o.bi though……
This might his first time seeing her use the bow seriously.

Baduta was dumbfounded.
「Shiiryuu……? Would you answer me, Shiiryuu……」
The petrified maid was unable to reply to him.
There was no telling how long the petrification effect of a weapon that the genuine Demon King Krebskrum had bestowed would continue on for.

On top of the altar, there was a shadow that darted about.
Their rabbit ears swayed.
It was the Gra.s.swalker, Horun.
「Ehehe, I need to appeal to Danna that I can be of use, right?」
Rem raised a voice of surprise.
「How were you able to get here!?」
「Well, I hopped straight down, using the uneven walls.」
When Horun drew the short sword that he carried on his back, he cut the ropes that restrained Rem's hands and feet. At last, she was freed.
「Th, thank you very much!」
「Nnfufu~. Show ple~nty of grat.i.tude to me!」
The two of them immediately saved Lumachina as well.
「Ahh, I do not know who you might be, but thank you very much!」
「Ah, come ta think of it, I didn't introduce myself, did I -su ka? I"m Horun! Let's go capture a dungeon together -ssu!」

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