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Chapter 10

Part 10

A gentle time continued for a while.

The camel kicked sand away with its thick legs.
Since the wheels of a carriage would sink, it seemed that sand sleighs were used here.
Baduta grasped the reins, and Diablo’s group of four sat in seats.
There was a large building facing the main street.
It was made of stone just like the other buildings in the vicinity, but it had a solid flagstone base, and a belfry towered above it.
Even though it was in the middle of the desert, stained gla.s.s was set in the walls.
It was a splendid chapel.
However, local knights surrounded its vicinity. They were keeping watch so that no one would approach it.
Lumachina put a hand to her mouth.
「Is that, the chapel?」
「Yes. Though, it was shut down by Lamnites’ instructions……」
Baduta answered her.
The Feudal Lord branded the Church as swindlers, and did not allow them even a single privilege.
「Why would she go as far as shutting it down……」
「That chapel is originally something that the previous Feudal Lord constructed in accordance with the King’s decree. Therefore, its ownership is in the hands of the Feudal Lord. If we are to use it, pay the rent──That is what she told us. It was the market price amount but……it was much too high to pay from donations……」
「And that is why it isn’t being used.」
「There were voices from the townspeople saying that they wanted to make use of the chapel but……As you saw, Lamnites has that sort of personality.」
「How troubling.」
Lumachina cast her eyes down.
Rem muttered.
「……I have never heard of a Feudal Lord that would say such things towards the Church. However, paying rent in order to use it is a requirement that I can agree with.」
「That’s trueー」
Shera nodded.
「……How was the Church in your homeland, the Greenwood Kingdom?」
「Eh? I guess there was the Sacred Tree?」
「……Erm……What about the Priest’s bedroom?」
「They slept in their own house. The current Priest-san’s real job is a tea shopkeeper. It’s like they become the Priest-san only when there is a festival or when prayers are needed.」
「……Is that adequate for them?」
「Pretty muchー」
Since they weren’t exactly meshing together in their conversation, Diablo cut into the conversation.
「The reason why it was enough for the job of Priest to be done as a side job is because the population of the Greenwood Kingdom is low, and there aren’t many important ceremonial occasions there. Seeing as how Elves live long lives, their birth rate is proportionately low.」
「……I see. So that is why being Priest can be done as a side job.」
「In the Lifelia Kingdom, the Church does not only deal with prayers, but is also entrusted with money, and possesses the function of educating children. Even if they share the same name of being a Church, the duties differ according to the country’s population and systems. It just means that there is no use in simply comparing them.」
「……As expected of you, Diablo. It is surprising how high your level of discernment is.」
「This is normal.」
「……It is embarra.s.sing but, I only know of Faltra City and several of the neighboring towns. I have never gone outside of the Lifelia Kingdom after all.」
「Fumu, I see.」
In this world, there was no TV or Internet, and the price of books was also high.
Even the knowledge on politics and economics that Diablo thought was common sense, the chance to study those was valuable.

Lumachina made an inquiry to Baduta.
「Aren’t you unable to do any divine serv

ices or anything with the chapel being shut down?」
「We have constructed a tent on the northern side of town in place of the chapel.」
「May I have you show it to me?」
「……It will be somewhat of a, detour. How about after taking a rest?」
「Right now, please.」
「I understand.」
Honestly, maybe because of the MP consumption, Diablo felt like he wanted to hurry up and eat a meal and dive into a bed. However, he also understood Lumachina’s feelings.
Keeping silent, he rocked in the seat of the sand sleigh.
Zircon Tower was a small town when compared to Faltra City. Without taking much time, they arrived at the northern side.
Several small tents were constructed. There were about 100 of them.
Lumachina rose up a bit.
「This is, all of them?」
「About half of them. The other half are ones that Adventurers and merchants built.」
「Even so, that is a lot.」
「There isn’t enough but……I am sorry, Lumachina-sama. If we get any closer than this, there will be a problem in one way or another.」
「What is it?」
The sand sleigh turned around.
Baduta pointed.
「That is, the line to wait for prayers but……」
In front of a tent that was a size bigger, a line of around 3000 people was made. It had adults and children, men and women, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Pantherians, and Gra.s.swalkers.
「Because of the earlier 《Sand Whale》 turmoil, it is currently quite large. Normally, it would be around 1000 people.」
「Are there that many followers that would wait like that?」
「There are also people that need to offer their prayers even if they have to wait a whole day. Since the night is quite cold, we tell them to come again the next morning but……most of them don’t leave the line.」
「Why, has it become like this!?」
「This place is former Demon King territory, and it isn’t rare for Demonic Beasts like the one from before to appear. There is no barrier to protect the town either. There are few Priests that come out here, and there are many people that need them. Because of that, the line is created like that.」
「……Is that so.」
Lumachina nodded.
Diablo sent his gaze around.
As he did, there were about three people lined up at a tent in a slightly separated spot. They were dressed up quite nicely.
「Hnn……Answer me, is that also a line it awaiting prayer?」
「……It is.」
Baduta nodded with a reluctant look.
Lumachina tilted her head.
「What is the meaning of this?」
「That is the line only for those that make large sum donations. Lumachina-sama, I ask that you listen to me so that you do not misunderstand. There are not enough Priests, and this place is dangerous region. We are unable to respond to all those that seek prayer. It is only natural to prioritize followers who strongly require it enough to offer up much larger donations.」

Lumachina cast her eyes downward in thought.
She was smart. She understood that she could not arbitrarily decide that Baduta was corrupt.
Shera frowned.
「Isn’t that just weird!? Isn’t it fine if you make prayers starting from the people that came first!?」
「……Then what would you do if those that had no choice but to rush got belated treatment because of the people that weren’t in that big of a rush?」
Rem answered with a low voice.
「Uーn, it’s a bit pitiable but, isn’t it fair to keep the order of who lined up faster?」
「……That is giving favorable treatment to those who have time. Can you say that it is fair that hard workers that give up their a.s.sets get a cold reception more than people that don’t work and give up their time?」
「Ah, uーm」
「……For the Church, they are happier with getting large donations more than having others line up faster. That’s why they show favorable treatment to those that make large donations than those that line up faster.」
Rem’s comprehension was appropriate.
And then, the reason why Lumachina was groaning was most likely due to the case of the mother and child from earlier.
Even in the line of 3000 people, a fair amount of donations was demanded, and there were people that couldn’t even pay that.
Be that as it may, would it be appropriate to say that do Baduta right now?
There was the fundamental problem of there not being enough Priests. It wasn’t something that could be solved with a single honest opinion.
And then, she had come seeking protection from the Cardinal Inst.i.tution.
──A virtuous person isn’t suited for being a manager.
Diablo talked.
「This is enough, is it not? I have grown tired of looking at lines of followers.」
Appearing to not want to prolong the topic of the line, Baduta nodded.
「You must be tired from your long journey. Lumachina-sama and the people of her escort, it is modest, but we have prepared a place for you to eat and rest.」
Going “Waーi!*, Shera raised both hands.
Putting the policies of the Church aside──He was honestly grateful for the meal and bed.

Lumachina muttered.
「……For 1000 people to line up regularly, that really is a bit too much.」

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