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Chapter 829 - Taking you to see your father

Hetun's temple was throbbing at the end of his eyes.

Feng Xinglang was born from a woman who had experienced countless hardships. Hetun could feel the difficulty of women at that time.

But now, their common child's whereabouts were unknown, or their fate was unknown. As the Hetun who had just gotten his son after becoming an old man, his heart was as sharp as a knife. His anger was about to burst out from his body!

Xing Ba followed Xueluo to GK VCs, to look for Wei Kang.

And Hetun brought Xing Shi'er and Xing Wu to Yulong City; together, they were "invited" by the head of the Captain Jian and the others.

The Captain Jian had never thought that the one who would report Feng Xinglang's disappearance this time was actually Hetun.

The plot was so reversed that it was hard for people to understand and accept it at the same time!

Xing Si stayed in the Shallow Water Bay, accompanying Linnuo the little friend to build blocks.

It's boring, isn't it? Furthermore, Xing Si was not much fun. It was fine if he could not speak the words, but the key point was that Xing Si's brain was not working well either.

As long as Hetun left the Shallow Water Bay, he would definitely make his grandson, Xiao Shiyi, temporarily hide in the secret room in the bas.e.m.e.nt.

Previously, Xueluo accompanied his son Linnuo, and the little guy was even able to obediently defend itself;

Now that he had even kissed his mother and gone out, the little guy's heart was truly hurt when he was thrown at the foolish Xing Si.

"Old Four, this place is so boring. Let's go up and play building blocks!"

Although the ventilation in the bas.e.m.e.nt was not as good as on the ground, it was not as stuffy as it seemed. Perhaps what the little guy was really stuffy about was a tiny, imprisoned soul.

Xing Si seriously shook his head, "Father said:" No! We must wait for his return! "

Xing Si's Chinese was very stiff, and there were a few English words flying out from time to time.

The little guy half guessed, at least he could understand the general meaning behind Xing Si's words.

In short: No matter how noisy the little guy was, Xing Si had always insisted on what he had done.

"Old Four, I'm so thirsty, I want to drink fresh fruit juice!"

"Let's wait for dad to come back before we drink!"

"No way! Mommy said that I need to grow up. If you delay my growth, foster father will beat you up! "

The little guy was really holding back his anger.

Not even half an hour after Hetun left, his little P shares became like a nail in the a.s.s, unable to sit still no matter how hard he tried. He was waving Xing Si around like he was an albatross.


Impatient, Xing Si spoke some Spanish; Linnuo's friend could not understand it at all. However, he could roughly guess that the little guy was not going to leave the bas.e.m.e.nt.

"Xing Si, why are you so arrogant? Why don't you go out and get some juice, and I'll just stay in there? This will help me to drink again, and will also ensure my safety. "

Xing Si, who was annoyed by Linnuo's little friend no longer, agreed to the little fellow's suggestion: Let him go out and get the juice, the little guy will obediently wait in the bas.e.m.e.nt.

Little friend Linnuo wanted to take the chance and escape, but although Xing Si was not very wise, he was still extremely vigilant. He immediately grabbed the little thing that was trying to escape from the dark room by the waist and threw it back.

"I want mango juice and a durian milkshake!"

The mango juice was really used for drinking, and the durian milk shake was purely used to stink Xing Si to death.

This was too despicable, he actually didn't want him to leave!

Twenty minutes later, Xing Si walked into the dark room with two cups of fruit juice and milk shake that the servants had made.

Xing Si was extremely cautious, when he scanned the iris for signs of danger, he immediately looked around, and only when he found nothing abnormal, did he direct his gaze towards it.

"Click", the secret door of the bas.e.m.e.nt was finally opened.

Cong Gang and Wei Kang patiently waited for nearly an hour.

The reason why he did not make a move when Xing Si came out was because Xing Si was extremely vigilant at that time. Furthermore, it was not easy to kill him with a single blow;

But at this moment, Xing Si who was holding onto the fruit juice and milk shake tray, no matter if it was from vigilance or movement, had undoubtedly slowed down by half a beat.

The one who attacked Xing Si was Cong Gang himself.

His movements were fast, accurate, and ruthless!

At the same time, Wei Kang violently smashed into the hidden door until the door lost its self-destructing deadlock function.

Hearing the sounds of knocking coming from outside, little friend Linnuo walked out from the secret room, and saw the harmless Cong Gang, and the amiable Wei Kang.

"Big scoundrel, did you kidnap that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang?"

The little guy questioned Cong Gang in a stern and stern manner.

It looks like Hetun had already guessed that it was Cong Gang!

It wasn't too late to act now! The timing was just right.

"Do you believe me if I say that your own father took the initiative to go with me?"

Cong Gang started to play thinking trap with a five year old child.

Actually, it was completely unnecessary.

Probably not even half a dose of anesthetic was needed to deal with a noisy, screaming little thing. But Cong Gang still chose to keep it to himself.

"Of course not! It would be strange if I believed you! No matter how much of a b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang is, he would never abandon his wife and children to follow a big scoundrel like you! "

The little thing's little head was still quite useful. He would have brought his own subjective judgment.

"That makes sense."

Cong Gang raised his eyebrows, "Actually, the reason I came today, is to bring you to see your father! This was also what your b.a.s.t.a.r.d father meant! He said he missed you! I really want to! "

You want to bring me to see Feng Xinglang? Is that true? "

Subconsciously, the little guy trusted Cong Gang.

Because Cong Gang had never hurt his father.

From what the little guy knew of Cong Gang: Cong Gang had always been a Guardian! He had personally witnessed Cong Gang saving his father, Feng Xinglang, who was drenched in blood, from the Pater Castle!

"Of course it's true! I don't need to lie to you! "

Cong Gang took a step forward and stretched out his arms, wanting to hug the little fellow who was looking up at him. His movements were neither fast nor hasty. He had given the little fellow some time to think or judge.

Cong Gang didn't want the little fellow to think that she was forcefully abducting him!

Even though his actions were indeed like that! However, the method was quite gentle and acceptable.

"Then why did you hide Feng Xinglang?" The little guy questioned again.

"I didn't hide him! He did not have the guts nor the ability to do so! Isn't it? I just wanted to ask him for a favor. When he's done with his work, he'll be back! "

Regarding the little guy's doubts, Cong Gang would definitely answer any question he asked.

"It's just that your father has been missing you so much these past few days!"

"Then can I leave a message for Mommy? I'm gone, and Mommy will worry about me. " the little guy asked.

"Of course you can!"

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