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TL: Yuki


「You may attack using weapons, magic, or bare fists. The winning condition would be to me make the other person faint or surrender. Got it? 」
「I understand, Guild Master, I'll keep that in mind」
Each of us prepared our weapons. I don't really have a particular stance or anything, but I still show a proper one. I still cover myself in a hooded robe though. Arena is hiding inside the hood and our weapons are just Iron swords by the way.

「Well then, Begin!!」

The first to move was Astel-sama. He swings his weapon while chanting a magic spell towards me.

「My Sword, burn up into a blaze! Fire Sword!! 」

A sword clad in flames! Sooo cool! I avoided it to the side, and the sword went straight to the ground burning the area it hits. It is quite powerful. Astel-sama immediately took his next move.

「Earth, swell up and rise!」

The soil where I landed rose up and I lost my balance. Then I was met with the same Fire sword. I tried parrying it with my iron sword.


The sword was easily chopped. Ah, the chopped area got melted by the heat… I won't be able to use this anymore. I have been using this sword since the start of my journey up until now but I guess it cannot be helped. I put away my weapon and took another sword out from my back.

「What is that sword…」

That sword he mentioned is a white sword. Literally white all over including the blade, the hilt, and all other parts, a completely white sword. This is one of the weapons sleeping inside the depts of the storage room in the fairies town. It looks like a weapon but in reality it is not.

While casting a special chant I stabbed the sword on the ground.

「Order of White, Crush thy enemies in the name of your King! Knight Maker! 」

A magic formation manifested at the place where the sword was stabbed, and then the sword slowly sunk into the formation. As I poured magic power, the magic formation spreads out, and then a knight army clad in white began appearing. There are around 30 of them and with a height of 2 meters. All of them were equipped with the same sword that I used.

「Wha… what!?」
Astel finally returned to sanity earlier than those around him who were still shocked from the event, then tried attacking the nearest knight that was close to his place, but the knight reacted completely negating his attack. Even with his flaming sword hitting, the white sword doesn't budge. After being pushed back, Astel-sama was blown off by a few meters. By the way, this is the stats that threw him away.

Knight Maker () Lv.120

Race: Humanoid Doll

HP 2500/2500
MP 0/0
ATK 1300
DEF 2000
MDEF 2000
SPD 1000

Skill: Sword Arts (B)

The power of the Knights created by this sword is all dependent on the amount of magic power used to create them, so it is useful if used as a wall. By the way, I used around 400,000 MP in order to reach this status.

The greatest advantage of these would be, because they will keep on moving and would only stop once their HP reaches 0, so it is extremely useful when fighting.

I didn't really use it in the last request because my status was not yet known at that time, but well this time I can just pa.s.s it off as a magic tool that no one knows about, so I won't probably be exposed.

Astel-sama was being raided by the knights and was being pushed into a corner because of the status difference. Because there is also the weight difference to be considered, it was cutting off his retaliations by half and me winning is just in a matter of time. The knights will continue fighting the designated target you specify automatically and will have their movements in accordance to their status. And as expected, if there is a great difference in both status and skill the result will be as follows.

「Uuu, Haaah!!」

The sword strike that Astel-sama delivered using his all was deflected and countered by the Knight making him let go of his sword. Then the knight's sword was pointed at his neck. While haggardly breathing, Astel-sama raised his hands.

「Haaah…Haah… I'm surrendering.. It's your win.」
「Huh, that… Father lost?…! 」

Melchoira was staring towards us after concluding our fight. Errr… well it was you who told me to do this you know. But well, she can definitely understand the power of Knight Maker… Astel-sama was in rugged condition, after that. Well if you think about fighting 30 of these at the same time, being able to last that long would be good enough.

Darius, the Knight Leader was having a pale face, and was trying to conceal his trembling limbs.

Well, let's leave him alone for now and go towards Melchora. I wonder what would be good to say in this situation.

「Melchorsama, I received this request for you and your father. You may have ideals about your father, but there are many people way much stronger than him in this world. You can just admire him as a brave one, and keep that part of your father as is, it's not like you like your father just because he is strong right? 」
「Of course, I know about that!」
「If that is so, then can you leave it to me this time, I will beat all those who oppose you.」

I walk towards Darius along with the Knight Maker. The members of Darius' group overwhelmed by the Knight Maker moves back as I come closer. Because it seems like it would be hard to talk to them if they are this intimidated, I released the summon returning it back into a single sword and put it in my back.

「Well then, next will be against you」
「Wait, wait!! Do you think such a thing would be allowed in battle!? That won't display your skills on battle.」
「This is a magic tool that is directly supplied by my mana though and needs a lot of mana to activate, haven't you experienced fighting anyone using a magic tool in battle? 」
「You, you, Ahhh…」
「Well, you don't have to worry about that because I wont be using this in our battle, your only opponent will be me.」

After I said those words, liveliness seems to have returned to Darius' face. It seems like he felt that there was room for him to win. The groupies who backed away also looked relieved and came back near us.

「Then, be sure not to regret that you didn't use it!」
「Yeah, yeah…」
By the way there is still one thing I would like to clarify first.

「Hey, why were you aiming for Melchorsama?」
「Haaaa, isn't it quite obvious?」

Darius sneered and speaks out while grinning.

「If I am able to acquire her, I can of course be the next successor as Earl, and I will also be able to control the adventurers guild. I can put all the adventurers in this town under my control. What else do I have to think about when I can control the whole town myself. 」

「In other words, it was not love at first sigh huh…」
「What are you expecting of to such a brat? I can just have the maids service me while I keep her inside the house till she grows up.」

Well aren't you blurting out everything and as I expected, it was to take the Earl's position after all. Even if you get married, won't Astel-san be able to just take in another child from other houses to inherit the position you know, that way won't your plans collapse all together? I wonder if he is aware of that. I wonder just how low his INT is?

Darius (28) Lv.153

Race: human

HP 2650/2650
MP 4058/4058
ATK 2092
DEF 2245
MATK 2483
MDEF 2006
INT 35
SPD 2409

Skill: Sword Arts (A) Shield Arts (B +) Spear Arts (B) Swift Movement (C +) Four Attribute Magic (B)

His INT is really low!! Since all other statuses are in 4 digits, isn't this guy just a complete muscle brained idiot.

(By the way, I wonder how much INT Arena has now?)

This child kept on playing shougi inside my hood when she has free time. It is kind of worrying about what influence it would do. And so I tried checking her status.

Arena (3) Lv.97

Race: Fairy

HP 547/547
MP 3420/3420
ATK 68
DEF 2038
MATK 1184
MDEF 3254
INT 450
SPD 530

【Inherent Skill】 Fairy Magic(Water),
Skill: Concealment (B), Parallel Thinking(C-)

Isn't that too high!! What the? Could it be… shougi is probably raising her INT in just that short amount of time? No, Arena's concentration that is way too long that is scary! If it's like this, everyone in Fairy Town might be in the same state. Well, I don't really have to worry about that though… Maybe I should contact Testanisan later?

「Hey, you hear me, get ready now!」
「Oops, sorry I was thinking about something」


「Arena, can you try saying something difficult?」
「Umm…??… Hmmm… Shikijakyuzekyu?」
「Okay, there's no problem as long as its CUTE!!」

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