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Alchemy Tower. This was the large and grand words engraved in the nameplate that was hanging in the middle of this huge building. Indeed, this was a tower that was aiming to reach the heights of the sky! One glance and one could tell that this Alchemy Tower held significance figure in the empire. Of course, it was! Because Alchemist was ranked top 4 of the Major Jobs! With its building that was made of charcoal-black blocks that seemed like it had pa.s.sed the cruelty of time, for someone first time to see this, they would probably be in awe!

Master Alchemists were revered and admired by the ma.s.ses wherever they go. They were figures that not even behemoth sects could afford to offend! After all, not all cultivators could be Master Alchemists. In fact, in the population of the whole Shred Case, the number of Master Alchemists could be estimated not having 500!

With this, it was already obvious how difficult to take the Path Of Alchemy.

Jin Rou smiled and decided to take a look inside this grand building. When he was already inside, he was met with the tons of people walking here and forth around as if this was market having a fifty percent sale! But what Jin Rou noticed more was that the place inside itself was actually more beautiful than the outside! The ambiance was giving off the aura of tranquility and smelled like a farm full of precious plants and herbs.

A woman in her twenty's probably, walked over to Jin Rou and greeted with full of smiles, "h.e.l.lo Sir! I am Yun Hihi, may I know what are you looking for in our tower?"

Jin Rou returned the smile and said, "Oh.. I am just strolling around."

"Ahh.." Yun Hihi smiled suddenly faded and sized up Jin Rou from head to toe. She gave a side glance and said, "Sir, our tower is busy so if you don't have anything to buy or whatnot, I advise you to leave."

Yun Hihi already sized him as a human came from a poor family. Just by judging from his outfit and above average handsomeness, he might not even have a hundred diamonds in his pocket. Their Alchemy Tower is busy handling the tons of customers that came from distinguished families and empires, and she was tasked to guide any customers around. But since this young man probably only was here to stroll and look for things without buying, she might as well chase him out already. After all, Yun Hihi hated people who came here without money.

"Why?" Jin Rou was puzzled, "I was only here to take a look, no worries. I will be leaving later."

Yun Hihi frowned and said, "Sir, I am a 1-star Master Alchemist, so I advise you to heed my words. Leave. This place is not suitable for you."

Yun Hihi's voice had no trace of respect when she said it. There was only a trace of annoyed tone in it.

Jin Rou was puzzled why this woman here was adamant to make him leave? Is it just because he was here but he did not intend to buy? What he could do, he did not even have a single diamond in his pocket! All he had were the treasures and artifacts from the Celestial Mansion.

After pondering for a moment, he sighed. And his innocent-face shifted suddenly and revealed an expression of contempt and said, "So what if you are a Master Alchemist? Just a puny 1-star Master Alchemist and already wanted me to leave just because I will not buy?"

You want to use your position to intimidate me, the Celestial King? Heh. Try again.

"..." Yun Hihi was stumped as she heard this. These words were actually berating her as a Master Alchemist!

The busy crowd suddenly stopped their tracks and looked over to these two. It seemed like an interesting drama would unfold.

"You..!" Yun Hihi turned livid as this moment. She never expected to receive such words from an insignificant figure in her eyes!

"What you?" Jin Rou sneered and said, "Even though, I am not planning to buy anything, I am still here as a customer. This place is not suitable for me? Who are you to decide that? I can't believe I receive such words from a small character like you."

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Yun Hihi howled as she charged right to Jin Rou. She was greatly infuriated at this moment! She was planning to teach this guy a lesson of who he offended right this time!

Jin Rou only gave her a side glance and was not even bothering to evade.

However, before Yun Hihi reached him, a voice suddenly rang their ears, "What is happening here?"

Yun Hihi immediately stopped and said, "Master!"

An old woman probably in her 60's walked over them and sized Jin Rou up. She looked at Yun Hihi and said, "Yun, what is happening?"

"Master, that man is arrogant!" Yun Hihi glared at Jin Rou with full of hostility, "I just wanted to let him leave since he was not planning on buying anything. But he insisted to be here and criticized me as ONLY a 1-star Master Alchemist!" She really said the word 'only' with full of stress.

The old woman shifted her gaze to Jin Rou and sized him for the second time. She immediately frowned and murmured. "Strange. How can I not see his cultivation?"

However, she did not put this into her mind and asked Jin Rou, "Those claims of my disciple, are those true?"

"Who knows?" Jin Rou shrugged his shoulders. He knew that this old lady, whoever is right or wrong, would definitely side with her disciple. After all, Jin Rou already had seen through this old lady's inner heart.

Hearing this, the crowd watching sucked a mouthful of cold air. They did not expect that this young man would not give the old lady any face! This nonchalant answer was like he was challenging the authority of this old lady! Of course, some of the spectators knew who was this old lady.

Yun Hihi shouted, "You dared to disrespect my master right inside of our tower!? Surely you have tons of guts there!"

"Yun, enough." the old lady gestured using her hands to stop Yun Hihi, she glanced at Jin Rou with such depth and said, "Young man, I do not know who you are, and as much as possible, I would not want to let this worsen. So I want you to take a step back and view the sky. The world is vast, and so the sea. You will not be hurt if you hold your high horses for a while."

These words were pleasing to the ears but it held a threat right inside of it!

Hearing this, Jin Rou could not help but chuckle, "Really?"

He paused for a moment and continued, "Why take a step back if you could just step forward? As long as you have the power to back it up, then just do as you please."

Jin Rou revealed a very mysterious smile which caught by the old lady.

This confidence.. was enough for everyone from the crowd adore him!

The old lady revealed a smile also and said, "Oh? Looks like you are quite confident."

She added, "Pardon my late introduction, I am one of the High Elders of this Alchemy Tower, Ma Han."

As the crowd heard this, they were stumped as they heard the name of this lady. The most of the crowd could not help but exclaim,

"Holy! It is really Master Alchemist Ma han?!"

"Ma Han?! The rumored alchemist who was just a step away from the 5-star Master Alchemist?!"

"Yes! It's her! Never did I expect to see her here!"

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