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Chapter 777 - Yan State

"Big Brother Hu (Tiger), Brother Ying, it's getting late, why don't we start now?" Qian Yu's beautiful eyes turned and her clear and delicate voice reverberated. Every single note she spoke seemed to contain a mystical power, and when she heard it, her entire heart seemed to soften.

"You're right. I can't wait either."

Long Xinquan also stroked his snow-white beard, laughed out loud, and spoke with a voice as loud as a bell, "My Four Great Clans, after two rounds, you will be able to determine your rank. However, how was he to determine who would be his opponent in the first round? To draw lots, or to use some other method? If the two clans have a different opinion on the outcome of a match, how will they determine the victor and how will they settle the dispute? "

Hearing this, Hu Lie, Ying Feichen and the others all looked at each other quickly. They had to agree on these issues first, in case there were any problems when the time came.

"If the four Lord s trust this old man, how about this old man witness this Four Clans compet.i.tion?"

Suddenly, a vigorous voice resounded in the world.

It was a slender figure wearing a white robe. He looked young and handsome. He looked to be in his twenties. However, his voice was full of vicissitudes of life. The man had a smile on his face, his sleeves fluttering, he casually walked over from afar, his speed extremely fast, and in an instant, he was in front of Hu Lie, Long Xinquan, Ying Feichen and Qian Yu.

"So it's Brother Zhuo!"

"Why is Brother Zhuo free to come to our place?"

"Little sister greets Brother Zhuo. Even after so many years, Brother Zhuo is still as elegant as ever!"

"With Brother Zhuo as our witness, it can't be any better."

Four Great Clans's Lord seemed to be quite familiar with this young, white-haired old man, and they greeted him warmly.

"Brother Zhuo?"

Tang Huan sized up this uninvited guest in surprise, not knowing where he came from.

As if he had seen through Tang Huan's doubt, the nearby Hu Qin immediately sent a voice into his ears: "He is the 'Southern Priest' Zhuo Dongqing, one of the Five Great Divisions under the Regional Lord of our 'Yan State'. He is also an elder of the 'Pure Yang Sword Sect', and he is extremely powerful."

"So that's how it is."

Tang Huan suddenly realized that the Forging G.o.d Great World was divided into a total of thirty-six provinces, with the Yan State being one of them, while the other was within the boundaries of the Yan State.

It was said that in ancient times, there was a peerless expert that suppressed all races, unifying the entire world and establishing an incomparably powerful dynasty.

That peerless expert was called the "G.o.d Forging" by his descendants, which meant "G.o.d Forging". Because that peerless expert was also a Weapon Refiner, this large world was also named because of him.

The thirty-six prefectures were also divided up by the G.o.d of Creation.

Over the course of countless years, the dynasty established by the G.o.d Creation had long since collapsed. However, the difference between the thirty-six prefectures continued. Currently, in every province, there were countless small and large forces.

In some provinces, if there was a certain extremely powerful strength that could deter all the other powers within the province, the head of the province would be revered as the lord of a province. For example, in the Yan State, the "Pure Yang Sword Sect" was the most powerful one and its sect master was also the sect master of the Yan State.

This kind of state had a certain level of order and was relatively stable.

Without such a power, it was very likely for the other powers in the region to be in chaos for a long time if they didn't belong to one another. In the entire Forging G.o.d Great World, there were many such prefectures, and among them, the most chaotic was rumored to be the Hai Continent. Every year, there would be many cultivators that died from various disputes, countless of them. Although the Yan State was not a pure land, but compared to the Hai Continent, this place was indeed not much different from heaven.

The reason was because Pure Yang Sword Sect had contributed greatly to this event.

After the sect took over the Yan State, it set up a prefecture and a.s.signed the five chiefs to manage the affairs of the prefecture, trying to resolve the disputes between the various factions as much as possible.

"Firing Dragon Mountain Range and Cloud Desolate City have created such a huge commotion in Dragon Ascending River. As the official of Southern Yan State, this old man naturally has to come and take a look at the situation. Now it seems that this old man has arrived in the nick of time. " After a round of pleasantries, Zhuo Dongqing said with a smile on his face, "Four Lord s, there is no time to lose, let's first draw lots and decide the order of this compet.i.tion, after the compet.i.tion, we will come back to reminisce."

With that said, Zhuo Dongqing extended his hand and grabbed, causing four small stones to fall into his palm.

Following that, Zhuo Dongqing brought his palms together and gently rubbed them together, causing stone fragments to fall one after another. After a short while, he laughed, "Four Lord s, there are four stone slabs here. Two are long and one is short, the one that is long is in a group, while the one that is short is in a group.

"Good!" Just as Brother Zhuo said. "

The four of them had no objections.

According to the order of ages, Long Xinquan, Hu Lie, Ying Feichen and Qian Yu stepped forward one after another. The young cultivators of the Four Great Clans were all holding their breaths as they stared at the four Lord s with shining eyes.

After a while, the results came out. The stone slots Long Xinquan and Ying Feichen drew were slightly longer, while the slots Hu Lie and Qian Yu drew were a bit shorter.

This meant that the first round of the compet.i.tion would be held between Dragon Clan and the contestants. The victor would be decided first or second, and the defeated tribes would also be decided third or fourth.

According to what Hu Lie, Long Xinquan and the rest had previously discussed, in this round's compet.i.tion, the Four Great Clans would send five people out, and every cultivator was not allowed to fight again, if they partic.i.p.ated in the previous round, they would not be able to fight in the later round.

In addition, the compet.i.tion was conducted on a rotational basis.

Each side would first send out one person. The victor would stay behind, and the loser would send out another. This continued until one side was completely defeated. In addition, the duration of any battle must not exceed fifteen minutes. Otherwise, both sides will call each other losers.

"Everyone, please get ready." Zhuo Dongqing's clear voice clearly spread to every nook and cranny of the surrounding s.p.a.ce. The crowd that was quiet for a while after drawing their lots started to boil again. The compet.i.tion was about to begin, the Four Great Clans cultivators were both excited and expectant.

In the center of the arena, everyone began to move.

Under the orders of the Lord s of various clans, the cultivators of Dragon Clan and Dragon Clan moved to the left side, while the people of Tiger Clan and Tiger Clan turned to the right side. Four Great Clans did not even check that the opponents were not older than 25 years old. Generally speaking, Four Clans would not lie about this.

According to the agreement, once the age of the partic.i.p.ating cultivators was discovered to be inadequate, the tribe they represented would be directly excluded from the distribution of resources in the mines.

"Everyone, the first round of Four Clans's compet.i.tion will now begin!" Accompanied by Zhuo Dongqing's loud shout, the battle for the Four Great Clans's mines finally began.

"I'll start with the first round!"

Seemingly at the same time Zhuo Dongqing's words fell, the sound of his loud laughter resounded in the air as Hu Xuan walked out in large strides. His opponent was the Snake Clan, so he had already discussed with everyone about how they should send their troops. Snake Clan thought that it would be the same.

Almost at the same time, a graceful figure walked out from Snake Clan's side.

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