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Chapter 683 - Fury

In Ling Xiao Ancient Road, Tang Huan sat cross legged on the stone, like a statue, unmoving. On Tang Huan's leg, Xiao Budian curled up into a ball and fell into a deep sleep.

Tang Huan had long since recovered his strength, and reached his peak condition.

However, Tang Huan did not immediately take action. Instead, he just sat quietly in his original position and continuously operated the "Great Harmony Heavenly Cla.s.sics", which contained pure energy everywhere inside the "Ling Xiao Ancient Road". The effect of cultivating in this place was not any less than that of cultivating in the center of Foggy Sea Island.

Of course, cultivation was just in pa.s.sing, Tang Huan was waiting!

"Tang Huan, you have already recovered your strength, why aren't you continuing forward?" Suddenly, the voice of Jian Yi sounded once again, "If my guess is not wrong, you just need to take one more step and you will be able to pa.s.s the test and leave this' Ling Xiao Ancient Road '."

"Senior is right, we are indeed only a step away."

Tang Huan sighed lightly, "However, I have no confidence at all in this final step. Even if we manage to pa.s.s it, we will only be left with half our lives. "

"What's wrong with that?"

"As long as you can successfully pa.s.s through the last illusion, let alone dying from it, even if you only have one last breath of life left in you and a strand of your residual soul, this' Ling Xiao Ancient Road 'will still be able to help you recover and even make your strength stronger than before."

"By that time, I might not be who I am now!"

The corner of Tang Huan's mouth slightly rose as he also smiled.

Jian Yi laughed out loud, "The you at that time was obviously not the current you, but an even stronger you. Tang Huan, do not delay any longer. Ling Xiao Arch is closing. If you cannot pa.s.s the test before closing, many people outside will probably be unable to resist and come in. With their strength, very few of them would be able to pa.s.s Ling Xiao Ancient Road, and most of them would end up dying here. "

"Seems like I can no longer hesitate, even if it's for Shan Shan and Master, I have to risk my life." Tang Huan nodded.

"Don't worry, you will definitely succeed." The sword laughed.

"Senior, you seem to be more confident than even I am." Tang Huan suddenly asked.

"Of course."

Jian Yi's voice was filled with praise, "This old man has stayed in this little world for countless years, and has seen countless geniuses, but they are definitely number one. After I enter the Forging G.o.d Great World and join the 'Ling Xiao Sword Sect', I believe that you will be even more outstanding."

Tang Huan suddenly laughed merrily: "Thank you senior for your praise, but since senior thinks so highly of me, why don't you go easy on me, and reduce the difficulty of the last illusion?"


Jian Yi seemed to be stunned.

Tang Huan laughed: "Since entering this' Ling Xiao Ancient Road ', senior has created so many illusions for me. It's truly hard on you."

"Tang Huan, you think too highly of this old man."

In an instant, Jian Yi couldn't help but laugh, "This old man doesn't have that much ability. The illusions that you've experienced were all created by the artifact spirit of Ling Xiao Arch."

Tang Huan smiled slightly: "This Ling Xiao Arch did indeed possess an artifact spirit after absorbing all the spirits of the skeletons, but no matter how strong that artifact spirit is, it's impossible for me to hide my original memories. But senior is different. My soul contains senior's Mind Stigma, so senior definitely has a chance to obtain my memories. Of course, with senior's strength alone, it is impossible for you to create so many illusions that look close to reality. However, if you have the help of this' Ling Xiao Ancient Road ', the situation would be completely different. "

After saying that, Tang Huan's smile faded, and he sighed, "Senior is the person who created the Sword Seal that Senior Yun Zhan left behind, and the 'Ling Xiao Ancient Road' is also a person who was created by Senior Yun Zhan. Senior and Ling Xiao Ancient Road can be said to be of the same origin. It would not be difficult to draw upon the power of the ancient way. "

"I didn't expect you to see through it."

Jian Yi sighed, then laughed: "Tang Huan, you are right. After entering the 'Ling Xiao Ancient Road', this old man had become a part of this ancient path. All of the illusions that you have experienced were indeed created by this old man and this' Ling Xiao Ancient Road 'together. However, this old man has only served as a guide, and the real deciding factor for those illusions is still this ancient path. "

"It seems like senior cannot go easy on me." Tang Huan was gloomy.

"This old man also hopes that you can easily pa.s.s through this last illusion. If you succeed, this old man can return with you to the Forging G.o.d Great World. If you fail, not only will you die here, this old man will also completely merge with the 'Ling Xiao Ancient Road' and become a part of the artifact spirit. But unfortunately, this old man is unable to affect the strength of the illusions, and is truly unable to help you. " Jian Yi's voice was filled with helplessness.

"No, senior can still help me a lot." Tang Huan rolled his eyes.

"How?" Jian Yi said in surprise.

"Very simple. Senior only needs to provide me with a little bit of strength."

Tang Huan said with a smile, "After absorbing senior's power, my soul will become even stronger. In this illusion, even though I won't have the memories I have now and the Genuine Qi won't be as powerful as it is now, my soul energy won't be suppressed. In this way, my chances of winning will greatly increase."

This was the experience that Tang Huan gained during this period of time.

In the illusion world, Tang Huan did not realize that his soul was far stronger than he had imagined. If he did not use any soul attack methods, Tang Huan would not have much of an impact, but against the Secluded Night Dark King, Tang Huan mainly relied on soul attacks, and the stronger the soul, the better.


Jian Yi's voice became gloomy, "Tang Huan, your request is a bit too much, you have yet to pa.s.s the test, so you can't be considered this old man's real master. This old man's power naturally can't be absorbed and refined. If you really want my strength, then hurry up and pa.s.s the last illusion trial. At that time, you and this old man's master and servant status is certain, so all of this old man's power will be yours. "

"Oh, if that's the case, I think it's better if I cultivate for a while longer. After all, even if the 'Ling Xiao Arch' is closed, the 'Ling Xiao Ancient Road' will still be here, just that no one from outside can come in. As long as I don't starve to death, I will be fine even if I have to train here for a few more years. " Tang Huan frowned, he had actually changed his mind.

"Tang Huan, you better not let your emotions run wild." Upon hearing that, the sword immediately said in a deep voice, "The longer you stay here, the more worried your friends outside will be for your safety. It's very likely that they will rush in before the 'Ling Xiao Arch' closes, and lose their lives in the end."

"I forgot one thing just now. Senior should know that Feng Ming's soul contains my Mind Stigma. As long as that Mind Stigma does not disappear, she will know that I am still alive. If I don't die, Shan Shan and Master won't come in. So, there's nothing to worry about. " Tang Huan chuckled.

"You …"

Jian Yi's voice was filled with anger, he shouted: "Tang Huan, you are truly stubborn! Do you want to pa.s.s through this' Ling Xiao Ancient Road 'alive or not!? "

Hearing that, a tinge of ridicule flashed past Tang Huan's eyes: "Senior Jian Yi, are you fl.u.s.tered and exasperated?"

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