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Chapter 596: One is enough!


With a loud roar, he turned around and ran to Fen Tian's side. One of his claws was covering the b.l.o.o.d.y hole on his abdomen, while the other one was quickly gesticulating with it. His mouth was hissing, as if a child who had been bullied was complaining to his elders.

Fen Tian lifted his hand, and with a slight wave, the Special Devil Ape felt as if he was listening to an imperial edict, and quietened down.

After that, with a light flick of Fen Tian's finger, a small, blood-red object fell into the Special Devil Ape's slightly opened mouth.

After almost an instant, the Special Devil Ape's abdomen had already stopped bleeding, and the injuries on its abdomen and arms, for a fierce beast with strong flesh body like it, although they were not fatal, wanting to completely recover was not something that could be done in a short period of time. After all, its intestines had been destroyed, and its arms were broken.

"Pah!" "Pah …"

Following which, Fen Tian clapped his hands and walked forward step by step.

In Tang Huan's and Feng Ming's eyes, the opposing Fen Tian was like a huge moving mountain. Even though it was slow, it was as if his entire body was emitting an irresistible, terrifying aura, as if he could crush any obstacle in front of him into dust.

Feng Ming squinted his eyes, his expression extremely solemn.

Back then, when she obtained the Flame Dancing Sword that Tang Huan had successfully forged with his [Forging G.o.d Cave], Feng Ming had smiled as she said that even Fen Tian had the confidence to fight with him. However, now that she was facing this Demon Lord who was known as the strongest of the three clans, she couldn't help but become nervous.

It was the Demon Lord who turned her from a sculpture outside the Phoenix Nest into a human after all, and after that, because she was restricted by her soul, she had always been submitted to Fen Tian's obscene might. Deep within the depths of her soul, there was always a feeling that Fen Tian was unable to resist, unable to be defeated.

Now, even though she had gotten rid of Fen Tian's control, she was stuck in an extremely unfavorable environment like the "Dark Abyss". It was difficult for her to completely unleash her strength. In this place, she couldn't even defeat the Special Devil Ape, and it was even less likely for her to win when she fought with Fen Tian.

Even if Tang Huan was added in, it was unlikely for him to win.

"Feng Ming, we haven't seen each other for so many years, you have grown in strength."

Fen Tian paused for a moment to clap, then suddenly opened his mouth to praise, before changing the topic, "However, you were originally one of the Eight Great Demon King s, but now you have colluded with the Human Clan, and have completely betrayed our Demon Clan. What I hate the most in my life is betrayal, what do you think I should do to you? "

His voice was extremely strange, as if it did not come from his mouth, but rather from his stomach. His tone was flat, and there was no killing intent in his words, nor any anger.

When these words came out, Feng Ming actually had the urge to kneel down and plead guilty, but she only managed to hold back herself by clenching her jade-like teeth tightly. This also allowed her to understand that even if she was not in the Dark Abyss, but in the outer regions, she was still not a match for Fen Tian.

"Hahahaha..." Just then, Tang Huan suddenly laughed out loud. "Fen Tian, you are wrong, this isn't called betrayal, this is called abandoning the dark to the light."

"Abandon the darkness and enter the light? Interesting? "

Fen Tian started laughing in a low voice, as his gaze landed on Tang Huan, "If I'm not wrong, you are the genius Tang Huan whose reputation has skyrocketed in recent years, Human Clan. I have heard of your great name countless of times. To be able to become a and a Weapon Refining Grand Master at the age of twenty was indeed rare. Even in the Forging G.o.d Great World, he deserves the t.i.tle of being a genius. "

"You're too kind." Tang Huan slightly narrowed his eyes, and laughed, "Every time Demon Lord hears this humble one's name, it probably doesn't have any good news."

"You're right."

Fen Tian nodded with a smile, and said slowly, "All these years, I have been in the Abyss City, in seclusion, recuperating from my injuries. The first time I heard of you, it was because my foster son Fen Lei was killed by you in the Luo Fu World. The second time I heard about you, it was because the Furious Billows Castle was lost and was killed by you. "

Tang Huan laughed, "Actually, the two Demon Clan experts who died in my hands were not the only ones."

"Oh? "What else?" Fen Tian seemed to be interested.

"Howling Firmament Wolf King, Xuan Ming Ghost King, Savage Heavenly Corpse, and Rocky Devil Spirit all died by my hands. As for the Sword Soul King and Jiu Mo Sha, although they weren't killed by my own hands, they died because of me. From today onwards, the t.i.tle of Demon Clan 'Eight Great Demon King' will probably disappear. " Tang Huan said with a smile, but his eyes were fixated on Fen Tian, wanting to find some flaws on his body, but unfortunately, he was quickly disappointed.

"So that's how it is."

Fen Tian's tone did not contain any anger, it was just a slight surprise, "Xiao Tian had escaped into the Maze Realm Forest due to severe injuries and there was no news of you in the past few years, so it seems that he was killed by you several years ago. At that time, perhaps you had not even stepped into the Martial Master realm and could kill Xiao Tian, but Xiao Tian suffered a heavy injury once again, which was why you took advantage of it. The sword spirit took my orders to infiltrate the Sword Crafting Valley, it's also been several years since I last heard anything … "

Fen Tian spoke slowly, but the more Tang Huan listened, the more shocked he was.

The causes of death for Howling Firmament Wolf King, Sword Soul King and the others were all different, but Fen Tian could roughly guess the cause of death for them.

"From today onwards, it doesn't matter whether my Demon Clan has the eight great Demon King s or not. At the end, Fen Tian laughed meaningfully.

"What do you mean?" Tang Huan frowned slightly.

"After the mountains and rivers, there are only two things that can make this reputed one truly take a fancy to. Xing Meng can be considered half, Ou Xie can be considered half, and you can be considered one. To already possess such a cultivation at such a young age, your potential is limitless. "

The smile in Fen Tian's words became even wider, "If we can refine you into a puppet, then my Demon Clan will have ten more years at most and we will have a peerless expert who can truly step into the Heavenly Domain realm. With this kind of helper, I can sweep away both the heaven and the earth. After unifying the small world, I will bring you and Ou Xie to the ancient battlefield in the Fog Sea. With your help, I will completely enter the Forging G.o.d Great World through the Ling Xiao Ancient Road. "

"Ou Xie?"

Hearing Fen Tian's words, Tang Huan's face could not help but change, as his heart sank, "You also refined Ou Xie into a puppet?"

"Not really."

Fen Tian shook his head, "That Ou Xie has already touched the doorstep of the Heavenly Domain, the resistance of his soul is extraordinarily strong, my injuries before have not completely healed, even if I wanted to refine it he was rather powerless, thus I made a move last year to first imprison his soul, so that he wouldn't be distracted and dissipate his soul. Now that I have recovered all of my strength, I can turn you all into puppets. "

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