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Chapter 579 - Dan Incineration Gloomy and Exhausted Bead

"It must have been because the three Divine Armament s' auras were leaked and were discovered, which is why there were so many people." After a while, Feng Ming finally opened his mouth and spoke slowly.

"Yiya!" Xiao Budian agreed with him as he nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice.

"That's the only reason."

Tang Huan laughed somewhat helplessly.

Even after the nine gates were sealed, there was still some Qi leaking out. Could it be that the Flame Dancing Sword he forged were stronger than the Divine Armament s that the Sacred Emperor forged?

While he was thinking, Tang Huan's gaze swept past the crowd below him.

"Eh, Fat Old Man? Senior Shan Lan? Why are they all here? "

After a moment, Tang Huan could not help but exclaim softly. He actually saw a fat old man and a white haired woman in the crowd, two figures shuttling through the crowd like lightning, and not long after, they entered the cave at the top of the cliff.

Not only that, Tang Huan quickly discovered a few other familiar figures.

"Elder Mu Kui, Qing Ye … Hm? That is … Tang Yun? And... Mo Ye? "

Tang Huan was rather surprised, his gaze finally landing on the yellow dressed lady who had a head full of fiery red hair who was by the side of the sword monument.

If he remembered correctly, the yellow dressed lady was Mo Yun Empire Mo Ye. Back then in the Furious Waves City, she framed Tang Huan and placed the crime of killing Sha Tu on Tang Huan, but was counterattacked by Tang Huan, who relied on the Tian Clan's "Magic Bead" to escape.

After that, Lu Chen deliberately let Mo Dan go, in hopes that Mo Dan could find out where Mo Ye was and continue to use her to attract the attention of the Sha Long Empire.

Tang Huan did not pay any more attention to whether or not this goal was achieved.

Because by the time he returned from Origin Continent, Shan Shan was no longer in Heavenly Forging City.

When Tang Huan arrived at the Heavenly Forging City and reunited with Shan Shan within the "Heavenly Spirit Secret Realm," he had already forgotten about Mo Ye's existence, so he naturally did not ask Shan Shan about this matter. After that, Tang Huan did not meet Mo Ye again, but he never expected to find her whereabouts here.

Of course, after so many years had pa.s.sed, Tang Huan no longer had any thoughts of revenge, he only sighed in his heart.

After a long while, Tang Huan finally returned to the front of the round altar, controlling the s.p.a.ce Aircraft to fly out of the valley for a long distance before falling down. But when he was only a few hundred meters away from the right cliff wall of the Sword Crafting Valley, Tang Huan raised his eyebrows slightly. At the peak of the cliff, there was actually a black shadow lying down, poking his head out and looking.

The man was wearing a black robe and a mask. Only his eyes could be seen.

"Snip, sniff ~ ~ ~"

The man suddenly laughed out strangely, and muttered, "Although he is just a Stage Nine Martial Saint that had just levelled up for a short period of time, with the 'Dan Incineration Gloomy and Exhausted Bead' igniting the spirit pellet, even a like Shen Guan would have lost his life on the spot. No matter how strong Tang Huan is, it is impossible for him to reach Fen Tian's level of strength, and it will be difficult for him to escape.

"It's a pity, there are only three 'Dan Incineration Gloomy and Exhausted Bead' in total. Now, there's not even one left."

The man shook his head in regret, but his tone quickly became more lively, "However, to be able to get rid of Tang Huan, this huge threat, is completely worth it." And then the man lying on the edge of the stone crack jumped up and seemed to want to leave.

However, the moment he turned around, he was stunned. Twenty or thirty meters away from him stood a young man dressed in black. His handsome face had a faint smile, and his eyes seemed to be full of ridicule. Beside the young man was a red-robed woman.

Behind the man and woman floated a small blue beast. On its back was a green thing that looked like a top.

"Tang Huan?"

That person's eyes widened as if he had seen a ghost. His eyes were filled with disbelief, and his thin voice suddenly rose up, "You're not dead?"

"If you aren't dead, how can I bear to die?"

Tang Huan started laughing, but his eyes revealed a cold glint.

He was also rather surprised, seeing someone sneakily lying on the ground watching him, he had a sudden impulse. Thus, after leaving the s.p.a.ce Aircraft, he sneaked over to check the situation, only to coincidentally hear his mutterings. Only then did he understand, this person seemed to be plotting against him.

In that moment, killing intent surged in Tang Huan's chest.

"The Stage Nine Martial Saint used a Dan Incineration Gloomy and Exhausted Bead to detonate a Spirit Pill. Its power is incomparable, how can you withstand it!?"

That person stared straight at Tang Huan, his eyes filled with unconcealable anger and lament, "Trash! Trash! That Tang Mochang is simply a piece of trash. With this one's help, he was actually able to fail again, causing me to lose my last 'Dan Incineration Gloomy and Exhausted Bead'! "

"Tang Mochang?"

Tang Huan's face darkened.

Tang Mochang was the ancestor of the Furious Waves City, the one who had just self-destructed his spirit pellet in the cave was actually him, when did he advance to Stage Nine Martial Saint?

"Tang Huan, don't be too complacent, this is not the end!" That person clenched his teeth as he growled. His body was rapidly fading away.

"You want to escape?" Tang Huan's eyes turned cold. In between the mind instructs (in a second), a shining Conqueror Spear appeared in his palm and he thrusted it out like lightning.


An ear-piercing whistle shook the heavens, and the spear, which had turned from dark red to black, started to turn a fiery red at an alarming speed. A scorching heat spread out, and a frightening storm was created as the spear surged forward, roaring. Wherever it pa.s.sed, the s.p.a.ce seemed to shatter, and a terrifying aura that caused one's soul to tremble swept out in all directions.

When that person's body completely melted into the air, the Fire Red Spear Radiance with the blazing storm had already arrived.


The surrounding s.p.a.ce within a radius of ten meters began to shake violently, and a sharp scream almost vibrated.

Tang Huan seemed to have sensed something, he suddenly turned to his right and saw a black figure staggering and coming into contact with the air tens of metres away, but before he could even stand firm, his body had already started to fade. Tang Huan practically did not hesitate at all, the Conqueror Spear in his hand had already shot out like lightning in between the mind instructs (in a second).


Amidst the earth-shaking roars of a dragon, the Conqueror Spear was still in the air and had already transformed into a gigantic Eight Remoteness Dragon King. However, its speed was not slow at all, in a split-second, it had already traversed tens of meters, while the Eight Remoteness Dragon King palm-fan like claws were already flying towards the man.

An extremely terrifying and scorching Strength Qi spread out, to the point where the void seemed to be about to split open.


The black clothed man's body did not disappear yet. With the swing of Eight Remoteness Dragon King's palm, the person instantly separated from the air again, flew out with a scream, and landed heavily tens of meters away. It was also at this time that Tang Huan activated "s.p.a.ce Moving", and with a flash, he appeared at the side.

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