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Chapter 560 - Demon Clan s Gift

"A gift for This King?"

Not only was Tang Zhao stunned, Tang Huan and Feng Ming also looked at each other. Demon Clan on the other side, actually sent people over to send gifts, but, this "gift" was probably not something good.

"This king wants to see what the Demon Clan is up to. Open it! " Soon after, Tang Zhao laughed loudly.


The young man quickly opened the wooden box.

Unexpectedly, there was a head in the box. It had phoenix eyes, a hooked nose, a thin face, and a pale face. Those eyes were wide open, as if there was still shock and anger in them.

"Shi Zhongda?" Tang Zhao, Tang Huan and Feng Ming were all stunned.

"General Shi!"

The young man, on the other hand, couldn't help but exclaim in astonishment.

At the same time, his hands also began to tremble. The wooden box fell to the ground, revealing the contents within as it rolled a few meters away. When he took the wooden box and smelled the smell of blood, he guessed that it was most likely the head of a person. But he didn't think that...

That head actually belonged to Great Tang Empire Great General Shi Zhongda.

But after a while, the young man was awoken by the sound of laughter. He looked up and saw the Sunshine King Your Highness actually laughing loudly, he could not help but be surprised. General Shi Zhongda had been beheaded by the Demon Clan and even sent his head over, but royal Your Highness wasn't angry at all?

"You can leave first." Tang Zhao stopped laughing and waved his hand.

"Yes sir!"

The young man bowed and left, full of suspicion.

"This gift from Demon Clan suits this king's heart too well." After a while, Tang Zhao could not hold back and laughed out loud.

"This Shi Zhongda probably never would have thought that he would be sent back this way after he escaped."

Tang Huan also shook his head and laughed, as he felt rather emotional in his heart.

He naturally understood why the Demon Clan did this. The information regarding him was provided to the Eight Remoteness Dragon King by Shi Zhongda. The Eight Remoteness Dragon King did an ambush based on intelligence, but in the end, not only did they lose the Furious Billows Castle, the army stationed in the castle were also almost completely annihilated after they escaped from the castle. They had even lost two Stage Nine Demon King s, Eight Remoteness Dragon King and Ying Yi.

In the eyes of those in the Demon Clan, they might even think that it was Shi Zhongda who intentionally gave them false information, which caused a series of unforeseen events.

In this way, killing him to vent his anger was nothing out of the ordinary.

Even if he knew that Shi Zhongda did not know and was deceived, Demon Clan would not let him go.

This time, the Demon Clan had lost this strategic location, and had lost so many soldiers and generals. The commander of the Demon Clan, Lang Ge, Young Lord Fen Ji and the others who were in charge of the Two Realms Plain must think of a way to shirk their responsibilities, and therefore, the best scapegoat would be Shi Zhongda.

If Shi Zhongda stayed here, and took the initiative to ask for forgiveness from the king, he might only receive a heavy punishment. Even Tang Huan did not insist on killing him. He could not understand this point, once the matter was exposed, he would immediately run away in fear of his crimes, and seek refuge in the Demon Clan.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d deserved to die."

Tang Zhao snorted, "However, his death now has earned him a good reputation behind his back, it can be considered a bargain for him! Little brother, I merely wronged you. " As he finished speaking, Tang Zhao looked at Tang Huan with an extra trace of shame and remorse.

"It's alright, Your Highness does not need to mind."

Tang Huan laughed, he understood what Tang Zhao meant.

After knowing that Shi Zhongda had betrayed the Demon Clan, Tang Zhao immediately sealed off the news, and currently, very few people knew about this matter. Not only did the great general of the Great Tang Empire collude with the Demon Clan, he even betrayed him after the failure.

Now that Shi Zhongda had been killed by the Demon Clan, it didn't matter if he made the mistake or not. Whether it was for the Great Tang Empire or the others, it was the best way to deal with it.

Then, Tang Huan laughed: "I wonder if Sha Long Empire Sunshine, the commander of the Sha Long Empire, Hong Liang has made his move?"

"He doesn't move at all."

Tang Zhao frowned, "Hong Liang has sent many people to surround and annihilate the Demon Clan, and as of today, there are four gates to the Furious Billows Castle, and the north gate is guarded by a thousand generals of the Sha Long Empire. "However, that old thing Hong Liang never showed himself nor did he ever leave the camp. It seems like he also knew that the matter had been exposed. He was worried that you would help him, so he hid in the depths of the camp where the army was stationed."

Tang Huan was speechless. "If I really want to kill him, not to mention a hundred thousand strong army, even if there were hundreds of thousands of soldiers protecting him, he still wouldn't be able to escape."


Hearing Tang Huan's words, Tang Zhao could not help but be stunned.

Taking the head of Hong Liang from a hundred thousand strong army was something that even powerful experts like the Divine Weapon Pavilion Master would not dare to do. But from Tang Huan's tone, it seemed like he had complete confidence in this matter? Tang Zhao was a Eight Remoteness Dragon King, his strength was unquestionable, but to barge into the army camp and kill Sha Long Empire Hong Liang, was not something that could be accomplished by just relying on his bravery.

Tang Huan could tell that he did not believe her, and did not plan to explain either.

The armies of the three Empires were divided amongst each other. If Hong Liang died, the Sha Long army would definitely fall into chaos. Once the Demon Clan seized the opportunity, the great situation of the Two Realms Plain would take a turn for the worse. Tang Huan did not kill Hong Liang because of this. If Hong Liang was not the commander of the Sha Long Empire, Tang Huan would have already killed him. Of course, not making a move now did not mean that Tang Huan would not make a move in the future.

If there was the right opportunity, Tang Huan would naturally make Hong Liang pay the price.

Even though Hong Liang's son, Hong Li, and Hong Tao deserved to die, they were killed by Tang Huan in the end. It was normal for Hong Liang to send Dugu Yan to avenge their son, and if they were to meet again, Tang Huan might not kill them all, but what he found intolerable was that Hong Liang had first cooperated with the notorious "Secluded Night Divine Palace" to kill him, and then colluded with the Demon Clan.

After a while, Tang Huan withdrew his smile and spoke with a stern voice: "Reflecting King Your Highness, I wonder if Senior Yu is still in Two Realms Plain?" The Senior Yu he was asking about was naturally the Divine Weapon Pavilion Master.

Tang Zhao regained his senses, and laughed: "Little brother, you are late. Dozens of days ago, after Miss Yu arrived at Two Realms Plain, Pavilion Master went to sea with her."

"To sea?"

Tang Huan was startled, and subconsciously thought of his own master. According to the old fatty, this old man had also left for sea, and had not come back yet, so he did not know how the situation was. Now that the Divine Weapon Pavilion Master and Senior Sister Feiyan had gone to sea, they didn't want to encounter any danger.

Tang Zhao clapped his hands together and laughed: "Little brother, you don't have to worry. Lady Yu is already a Stage Nine Martial Saint and Pavilion Master is also a Martial Saint of the Peak Stage Nine.

"That's true. Your Highness w.a.n.g, since they are not here, we will take our leave."


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