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Chapter 541 Observing the changes

Tang Huan did not reveal his real name, and since his face looked too young, for such a young and unknown Weapon Refining Master to suddenly appear, he would definitely arouse suspicion.

However, Tang Huan did not take it to heart. It was naturally good to be able to obtain information related to the Furious Billows Castle from Luo Lang, if the other party was unwilling to tell him, or to hide it, then there was no harm in. At most, he would personally go to the vicinity of the Furious Billows Castle to investigate.

"So that's how it is."

Luo Lang laughed and said, "Brother Ye Ming is too modest. From ancient times till now, there have only been many Weapon Refiner who have only been promoted to Weapon Refining Master at the age of fifty to sixty, yet still managed to become a Grandmaster.

His voice paused for a moment. Luo Lang smiled and changed the topic, "That's right, old brother Ye Ming, is there something that you need?"

Tang Huan laughed: "In the past, the clan elders had left some gems near the Furious Billows Castle. As they were unable to be taken away in time due to the invasion, I wanted to see if I could take them out. "Of course, if it's not convenient to reveal it..."

Without waiting for Tang Huan to finish speaking, Luo Lang waved his hand and smiled, "There's nothing inconvenient about this. There is some information that needs to be kept secret. However, Brother Ye Ming, you are a Weapon Refining Master of our Human Clan. Even if you find out, it will definitely not be leaked out. "

"Brother Ye Ming, that Furious Billows Castle …."


Luo Lang slowly explained the situation inside and outside the Furious Billows Castle, causing Tang Huan to nod his head repeatedly.

After a long while, Luo Lang finally finished explaining the details of the Furious Billows Castle. He then smiled and said, "Brother Ye Ming, it's already late, how about you stay in my General's Estate for the night. I've already ordered some people to prepare some food and wine.

"Alright, then I'll be troubling you, my lord general."


Deep in the night, in the backyard of the General's Estate.

After the banquet, Tang Huan and Feng Ming finally entered the bedroom that Luo Lang had prepared.

Closing the door, he leaned over and listened attentively for a moment. Feng Ming removed her veil, and finally found an opportunity to speak.

"Don't you think that his enthusiasm is a little excessive?" Hearing this, Tang Huan couldn't help but laugh.

"Too much?" Feng Ming was surprised.

"I am not acquainted with Luo Lang, he is a general of the Great Tang Empire's army, and he is a peak of the eighth step, and my current ident.i.ty is only that of a newly advanced Weapon Refining Master, what I reveal is only the cultivation of an ordinary Martial Lord of the eighth step. No matter whether it is strength or position, he is superior to me. Even if I am a Weapon Refiner, he only needs to treat me as a normal person.

Tang Huan smiled slightly.

He had originally thought that Luo Lang would only choose to tell him some information, but he had instead revealed all the information regarding the Furious Billows Castle, including some extremely confidential information. Tang Huan could feel that Luo Lang was not lying to him.

As long as it was a normal person, they would be suspicious of Tang Huan's ident.i.ty who suddenly came looking for them. Under such a circ.u.mstance, telling them everything was obviously not logical. Other than that, it was one thing for Luo Lang to give a banquet and welcome them. But tomorrow, he actually planned to send troops to escort Tang Huan and Feng Ming to the Furious Billows Castle … This made Tang Huan feel that something was wrong.

Of course, the most important thing was that Tang Huan's extremely strong Perception Ability had allowed him to capture a certain emotion in the depths of his heart that Luo Lang seemed to have been suppressing the entire time.

"Maybe he has a request for you."

Feng Ming giggled, "For example, please forge a powerful Heavenly Grade Armament."

Tang Huan could not help but burst out laughing. "He is a general of the Great Tang Empire, so if he wants to forge Heavenly Grade Armament, he can definitely find an even stronger Weapon Refiner."

"Then what other plans does he have?" Feng Ming said, puzzled.

"I don't know either." Tang Huan shook his head, "No matter what, we should just wait and see. If he really wants to do something, he will take action very soon."


He took out a long scroll and quickly unfurled it on the table. It was a portrait of a slender young man dressed in black with a handsome face and holding a long spear in his hands. The spearhead was a fiery red like a phoenix, and the body was green like a phoenix with a dragon shadow coiling around it.

"Tang Huan! It really is Tang Huan! "

Luo Lang gritted his teeth as he spat out a few words. Then, with a "peng" sound, his tightly clenched right fist smashed down. The shiny and thick table board immediately split open.

At this moment, not only were the veins on the back of Luo Lang's hand popping out, there were also numerous protruding veins on his forehead. His slightly sunken eyes had already become as dark and cold as a poisonous snake, while a dense killing intent uncontrollably seeped out from his body.

"Tang Huan, if you didn't come to the 'Two Realms Plain', I would have no way of dealing with you. But now that you have not only come, but have also crashed into my hands, don't blame me for being ruthless and merciless. This time, I will make you die without a burial ground. " Only after a long while did Luo Lang take a deep breath and mutter with a sinister tone. His voice was like a wisp of cold wind from h.e.l.l that sent chills down one's spine.

"General, that Tang Huan is said to be the Stage Nine Martial Saint …"

Seeing Luo Lang's expression, the thin old man immediately said worriedly, "Moreover, from the information that came from the Dragon Spring Town, Tang Huan seemed to have defeated one of the eight great Demon King s, the 'Xuan Ming Ghost King'. His strength is tyrannical, and we need someone who can match up to him. In addition, Sunny King Your Highness also views Tang Huan quite highly, and Divine Weapon Pavilion Master … "

"So what? He's called 'Ye Ming' now, not 'Tang Huan'. It is likely that no one in the current Two Realms Plain knows of his whereabouts. " Luo Lang laughed coldly, "Stage Nine Martial Saint, I am indeed not a match, but if you want to kill him, I do not need to do it myself."

"General, you mean …" the commander of the Sha Long Empire, Hong Liang? " The old man was slightly startled.

"Hong Liang is only one of them. Just him alone is unable to do anything to Tang Huan." Luo Lang chuckled and said in a deep voice, "The most important thing is still that old fogey from the Furious Billows Castle."

"Furious Billows Castle?" The old man was startled: "General it's too dangerous. What if..."

"I could not care so much."

Luo Lang gritted his teeth and snorted, "Although my son died to that old servant from the 'Glory Sacred Temple', the true culprit was actually Tang Huan. Now that he finally has this opportunity, how can he let it go? If I can't even avenge my son's death, then I, Shi Zhongda, will never be able to be a father! Uncle Zhang, I have already made up my mind. There's no need for you to persuade me anymore. Go to the Lian City Inn to the south of the city and find that shopkeeper.


The old man replied.

Without waiting for the old man to leave, Shi Zhongda, who had changed his name to 'Luo Lang', waved his hand and called out to him, "Forget it. I shall personally go."


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