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Chapter 473 - Fatal Attraction!


Hearing this sudden voice, both Mu Qing and Hei Yan were excited, Xing Meng also heaved a sigh of relief.

Moreover, with normal methods, it would be difficult to weaken its power. When fighting with it for a long time, the situation on their side would become even worse, and with a single mistake, their life force might be completely incinerated.

However, their reason for entangling with the "Bodhisattva Fire" was not to destroy it, but to stop it, so that it would not disturb Tang Huan.

Now that Tang Huan had successfully fused two of his great bloodlines, their goal had been completely achieved.


The next moment, the vast sea of blue waves that filled this s.p.a.ce quickly retreated, and the black fog and net that covered the "Pool of Life" also disappeared at the same time.

's figure immediately appeared from within the circular pool below. His body was still wrapped in the green liquid water, but the image of his bloodline that appeared earlier had already disappeared.

With Xing Meng, Mu Qing and Hei Yan retreating, the "Bodhisattva Fire" actually became hesitant, and began to slow down by the lakeside.

Although it did not understand human speech, it had a strong spiritual nature and an instinct to seek profit and avoid harm.

The unusual movements of Xing Meng and the others clearly made it feel that something was amiss.

Inside the pool, Tang Huan's body remained standing and unmoving while a mysterious and gentle aura began to spread out from his body. In the blink of an eye, it filled the entire s.p.a.ce.


At the edge of the Pool of Life, the "Bodhisattva Fire" that had just calmed down suddenly began to churn violently as if it wanted to move, and from time to time, a ball of flame would throw itself above the pool.

"Tang Huan has already blown the 'Flame Heart'." Hei Yan, who had just landed on the other side of the pond, could not hold back and laughed.

"For the Spiritual Fire, if it can swallow a 'Flame Heart', it would immediately be reborn. At that point, not only will it possess intelligence, it would also become a true spiritual being. This kind of fatal temptation, is not something any Spiritual Fire can endure in this world. " Xing Meng smiled slightly.

"That's right."

By the side, Mu Qing was also smiling as he said, "At this time, if Tang Huan absorbs any more 'Fairy Holy Water', 'Bodhisattva Fire' definitely won't be able to stay here anymore."


The moment Mu Qing finished speaking, the holy water of the Elves surrounding him started to surge, and the green liquid on the surface of Tang Huan's body also started to fluctuate, seeping into his body bit by bit. Not long after, only an extremely shallow layer remained.

Tang Huan was obviously absorbing the "Holy Fairy Water", just as Mu Qing had guessed.

First, he used the "Flame Heart's temptation" and then, he used the "Fairy Holy Water" to stimulate it … By the lakeside, the "Bodhisattva Fire" had already become extremely berserk.


After a moment, the "Bodhisattva Fire" could no longer control itself and suddenly soared into the sky, like a gigantic beast baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, roaring and pouncing towards the figure seated at the center of the pond. In the blink of an eye, Tang Huan was completely engulfed by the ma.s.sive green flames.

By the side of the Pool of Life, when Xing Meng, Mu Qing and Hei Yan saw this, their smiles had already converged at the same time as they felt their hearts tighten.

Previously, when they heard Tang Huan's a.n.a.lysis, and knew that Tang Huan had fused with the "Flame Heart", they felt that Tang Huan's success rate in doing so was extremely high, so they did not oppose it. However, when they saw that Tang Huan had already begun to a.n.a.lyze the matter, they could not help but become nervous.

The danger of fusing with the Spiritual Fire was simply too great.

Moreover, the danger of fusing with a "Bodhisattva Fire" was vastly different from the danger of fusing with a "Nirvana Sacred Fire". If he failed to fuse with the "Nirvana Sacred Fire", it would probably burn into ashes immediately. But this "Bodhisattva Fire", its firepower did not burn his flesh body, but his vitality.

Fusing with the "Bodhisattva Fire" had failed. Although the flesh body could be preserved, its vitality would immediately be cut off.

Even if the situation was slightly better and he did not die soon, his life would be ended in the next few months or even days. Better yet, they might be able to live a little longer next door, but the "Bodhisattva Fire" fire power that invaded their bodies would not only slowly devour life force, but would also continuously absorb the heat of heaven and earth, forming "Pure Yang Pellet" within their body. When their life force died, their bodies would also be burnt by the pellets.

"Don't let anything happen to him." Xing Meng whispered.


Inside the Pool of Life, Tang Huan did not move an inch, but his heart was extremely calm.

After the two major bloodlines had fused,'s greatest gain was that his soul had become even stronger, his perception had become even more meticulous, and his control of the energy in his body had become even more controlled by his heart. This allowed Tang Huan to have an even greater confidence in successfully merging the "Bodhisattva Fire".

In the instant that the "Bodhisattva Fire" pounced over, Tang Huan stopped absorbing the "Fairy Holy Water", and only continuously urged "Flame Heart" and "Five Colors Spiritual Pills", and within the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace", the heat emitted by the "Nirvana Sacred Fire" was also suppressed to the extreme by Tang Huan.

When he felt the aura of the "Flame Heart" at such a close distance, the "Bodhisattva Fire" became even more excited. In an instant, like a hungry wolf that had seen fresh meat, it drilled into Tang Huan's body bit by bit and followed the undulations of the "Flame Heart", heading towards the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace".

At this moment, under Tang Huan's strenuous control, the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" had completely calmed down.

There was a huge difference between absorbing and fusing the "Bodhisattva Fire" and "Nirvana Sacred Fire". Back then on Feng Ming Mountain, the "Nirvana Sacred Fire" was already sealed, so there was no need to worry about it being scared off. Twenty years ago, Shan Shan's mother had already tried to fuse this "Bodhisattva Fire" once, and now, even the slightest movement would cause a backlash, resulting in the fusion to fail and end in failure.

What Tang Huan needed to do now was to allow the "Bodhisattva Fire" to enter as much of his body as possible.

Inside the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace", the ball of "Flame Heart" was already tightly wrapped by the influx of "Bodhisattva Fire", and every bit of the Spiritual Fire's firepower that seeped in, would bring back a trace of Tang Huan's life force. Fortunately, Tang Huan's life force was strong enough, and it would not have much of an impact for the time being.

Unknowingly, the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" had already been completely stuffed with the "Bodhisattva Fire". At this time, at least half of the "Bodhisattva Fire" had already entered the cauldron.

"It's time!"

Tang Huan thought slightly, and in the blink of an eye, "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" had already been activated to the extreme, and the terrifying power of sucking swept out in all directions.

That "Bodhisattva Fire" was caught off guard and a large part of it was immediately devoured. In the next moment, the "Bodhisattva Fire" woke up, and a wave of extremely angry and tyrannical emotions began to frantically attack Tang Huan's soul.

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