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Chapter 335 - Hand over the item!

This guy wants to be on the leaderboard?

When Li Qing and the others came back to their senses, some of the young men couldn't help but sneer, while others sneered at him.

They did not know this person's name, but they did not think that he was that amazing of a person. For Pang Bo to be so friendly with him, he must be from an exceptional background, but from the looks of it, he was only around twenty years old.

He was just a newly promoted Stage Seven Martial Master.

Even Li Qing, who had already advanced a long time ago, could only be ranked at the end of the Heavenly Spirit Ranking after using all of her strength.


Under dozens of teasing gazes, the faint sound of a chime could already be heard. Tang Huan placed both his fingers together and started writing on the red imprint.

The scene from a moment ago appeared once again. The tip of his fingers quickly moved, and the red imprint violently fluctuated.

"Tang Huan?"

Tang Huan leaned to the side, and the gaze of a young lady was following the direction of his finger. Not long later, when Tang Huan was about to finish writing the name, she unconsciously recited the two names. The moment she finished speaking, she seemed to have realized something and her eyes widened.

"Tang Huan? What Tang Huan? "

Before Li Qing and the others could come to their senses, a m.u.f.fled sound came from inside the monument before the young woman could respond.


When the twenty-meter-tall monolith's dazzling red light exploded, the rows of characters began to rapidly change. Not only that, but that red light was like a vine that was moving at a speed that even the naked eye could not catch, continuously enveloping the names underneath. Everywhere it pa.s.sed, the names would distort and change.

Seeing this, Li Qing and the others were shocked.

After this person wrote his name down, the Heavenly Spirit Ranking unexpectedly changed from a higher rank. This meant that this person's ranking was higher than the one in the 'Bian'.

The next moment, a familiar name entered his sight. They were unfamiliar with the Heavenly Spirit Ranking, but familiar with it.

"Tang Huan?"

"Tang Huan!"

Li Qing and the others exclaimed in shock, and then they were stunned.

What was newly published on the Heavenly Spirit List was shockingly the name "Tang Huan". They who had just come in from the Heavenly Forging City, how could they not know what the name "Tang Huan" signified? Just last night, this guy named Tang Huan had even caused a huge uproar in the Heavenly Forging City.

They never would have thought that the person who would enter the Heaven's Spirit Realm with them would be Tang Huan.

No wonder Pang Bo treated him so warmly. It turned out that it wasn't because of his birth or his family background, but because of the ill.u.s.trious reputation Tang Huan had brought upon himself.

"One hundred thirty-second place!"

After the short period of shock, they finally recovered and raised their eyes to look again. However, they couldn't help but cry out, and the surprise in their eyes became even denser. It had been a year since Qing Er was promoted to Stage Seven Martial Master, but he was still at the end of the Heavenly Spirit Ranking. Tang Huan had only been promoted for a few months, but he had reached rank 132 on the Heavenly Spirit Ranking.

This Tang Huan was said to have killed several Stage Seven Martial Master s when he was still a Stage Six Martial Master.

Since he was already a Stage Seven Martial Master, his strength must be even more powerful. When they were still at Heavenly Forging City, they heard someone talking about how powerful Tang Huan was, but they did not think much of it. Now, however, they realized that Tang Huan's strength truly lived up to his name, and was not exaggerated at all.

The twenty young men and women felt their hearts tremble, but Li Qing's expression became even more unsightly. His name had already disappeared from the Heavenly Spirit List.

Tang Huan instantly rushed up to 132nd place, and the rankings of Martial Warriors s ranked 132nd and below, immediately went down. As a result, Li Qing, who had just ascended to the end of the Heavenly Spirit Ranking, was pushed down without even having a chance to warm his b.u.t.t.

"Among the newbies that came in this time, there was actually one Tang Huan?"

"Tang Huan? That Tang Huan who can also use the twelve meter long totem flame? "

"To be able to reach rank 132 as soon as he entered, that's indeed not bad."

"Didn't I hear that Tang Huan's performance on the Divine Weapon Pavilion's Dao Testing Monument far surpa.s.ses both Wu and Immortal? When Wu Yixian advanced for half a month, he had already rushed to the 36th place. Why was he only at rank 130? Isn't the difference between the two of them a little too great? "

"The Dao testing monument is a test of the Tools Method Attainments. Tang Huan far surpa.s.ses both Wu and Immortal, but the Heavenly Spirit Ranking is a test of one's martial strength. Naturally, Wu Yixian is stronger than Tang Huan."


The activity on the giant monument was not small, it was hard for the Martial Warriors resting in the plaza not to be alarmed.

In front of the tablet, Tang Huan raised his head and looked at the two red characters that were still flickering with light. Deep in his eyes, there was a trace of astonishment.

His purpose for going up on the Heavenly Spirit List was only to exchange the "round fusion pill" for a stomach so he could cultivate in peace within the Heavenly Spirit Realm. Thus, when he wrote down the name on the red mark, he only used around fifty percent of his Genuine Qi, thinking that he could make it into the one hundred and eighty place.

What Tang Huan did not expect was that fifty percent of the Genuine Qi would send him to the 132nd place.

If he used his full strength...

Tang Huan's gaze swept past the three words on the thirty-sixth ranking "Wu Yixian", and continued to move forward, falling on the twentieth place. If Tang Huan was not mistaken, the names around that place, most likely represented the tyrannical Martial Lord of the eighth step.

"It's pretty lively here."

Just then, a laughing voice suddenly entered his ears, pulling Tang Huan, who was still immersed in his thoughts, back to reality, "Tsk tsk, there are more than twenty of them, and there are a lot of newbies coming this time. Newbies, we should just follow the old rules."

Tang Huan subconsciously looked towards where the voice came, only to see six figures swaggering over.

The person at the front was a young man, he was wearing a blue robe, carrying a long blade on his shoulder, looking to be around 27 or 28 years old. He had thick eyebrows, long hair, a medium build, and a handsome face, but it was completely destroyed by a long scar on his face like an earthworm.

"What old rule?"

The faces of Li Jun and the others darkened. They frowned. This scar-faced man didn't look good. It was obviously not a good thing that he had come looking for them.

The scar-faced man smirked, looking at Li Qing and the others as if he was looking at a fat sheep that was waiting to be slaughtered. He said, "The old rule is to give me everything you have. Rest a.s.sured, we will take care of everything you hand over for you. "

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