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Chapter 277 - Justice!

Tang Xiong chased after them all the way to Tang Family.

He was the Stage Seven Martial Master, while Tang Huan was only a Stage Six Martial Master. The two of them left the cemetery outside the city at almost the same time, but the time they arrived was different. Regarding this, Tang Xiong also felt helpless, but fortunately, he was not late, as the old man from Tang Family had not appeared yet.

"General Tang!"

Tang Tianren's tone of voice slightly sank, and his expression became even more unsightly.

During the time Tang Huan was at the blacksmith's shop forging weapons, Tang Xiong had led his men to guard the place everyday. The entire Furious Waves City knew about it, so how could he not know? Now, Tang Xiong had come to this place, his goal was clear, but he must have come to protect Tang Huan.

"General Tang, what are you doing here?" Tang Tianren said coldly.

"Of course it's to uphold justice."

Tang Xiong laughed out loud, and like a ray of flowing light, he wildly rushed past Tang Tianren's side, entering into the encirclement of the four elders, and stood together with Tang Huan.

"General Tang!"

Tang Huan looked at Tang Xiong with grat.i.tude. For him to be able to arrive so quickly, it was clear that he was running at full speed the entire way, without the slightest hesitation.

Tang Tianshi, however, gritted his teeth and said, "General Tang, this Tang Huan intruded our Tang Family for no reason. Let's not talk about killing our Tang Family's General Manager …"


Tang Tianshi had not finished speaking when Tang Xiong was shocked, "If I remember correctly, your Tang Family's General Manager, Tang Tiande seems to be a Stage Seven Martial Master, right? Tang Huan was only a Stage Six Martial Master, but he could actually kill a Stage Seven Martial Master? I believe that Stage Five Martial Master can kill Stage Six Martial Master! The Stage Six Martial Master killed the Stage Seven Martial Master? Are you sure you're not joking? "

"The corpse of our Tang Family's general director is here, how can it be fake?"

Tang Tianfeng shouted angrily as he lifted his hand to point at the Tang Tiande on the ground. After such a short period of time, Tang Tiande's soul had already dispersed and there was no sign of life.

Tang Xiong opened his eyes wide as he looked towards where Tang Tianfeng was pointing, and sure enough, there was a figure lying not far away on the ground. Just looking at the charred wound on his chest, he could tell that it was a masterpiece of Tang Huan's dragon and phoenix spear.

The Stage Six Martial Master, had she really killed the Stage Seven Martial Master?

Tang Xiong looked at Tang Huan in the blink of an eye, and a look of shock flashed in his eyes.

Soon after, Tang Xiong regained his senses and the corner of his mouth twitched: "When a Stage Seven Martial Master fought with a Stage Six Martial Master, not only did he not kill that Stage Six Martial Master, but he was also killed by him. This kind of useless trash, do you really have the nerve to blame others even after death? "

"You …"

Hearing Tang Xiong's words, the surrounding Tang Family people became incomparably angry and embarra.s.sed.

Tang Tianren, Tang Tianshi and the rest did not see the scene when Tang Huan was fighting with Tang Tiande, and Tang Tianfeng just happened to see the scene where Tang Tiande was. .h.i.t by Tang Huan's spear, but he did not know the details. They were surprised that Tang Tiande was killed. Stage Seven Martial Master was an expert who was able to condense a spirit pill, but he actually died in the hands of a Stage Six Martial Master. This was indeed unbelievable.

As for Tang Xing, Tang Jun and the others, they had seen the end of Tang Huan's strength from beginning to end, but they were also unsure of what kind of strength Tang Huan actually possessed. When they saw how Tang Tiande had been forced to a disadvantageous position in just a few moves, and even killed by Tang Huan, they were extremely shocked in their hearts.

"Alright, alright, let's not talk about this."

Tang Tianshi took a deep breath, his eyes blazing with fire. "The moment Tang Huan entered the training grounds, with the power of the Genuine Qi, he entered the Dantian s of twenty to thirty Tang Family s!"

"Right now, all of us Disciples s are in imminent danger. Once the Genuine Qi that was wrapped in the power of the Spiritual Fire disappears, all of them will die without a doubt! Tang Huan, this rascal is still such a young child, yet his actions are so vicious. Tang Xiongjun, I wonder, how do you plan to uphold justice for my Tang Family? "

As he finished speaking, Tang Tianshi nearly shattered his teeth with his clenched teeth.

His three sons, Tang Chao and her son who had been beaten up ruthlessly by Tang Huan in front of the smithy, had not been settled yet. Now that Tang Jun and Tang Hong were in Tang Huan's hands again, how could he take this lying down.


After hearing what Tang Tianshi said, Tang Xiong suddenly laughed.

He suddenly realized that he really had worried for Tang Huan for nothing during this entire journey. For Tang Huan to grow to such a stage in just a few short months, how could he be a reckless and brainless person?

After staying in the Furious Waves City for so many days, he already had a rather good understanding of it.

When he had just caught up, he was still a little suspicious of Tang Huan's decision to come here, but he finally understood that Tang Huan's choice was perfect.

This Martial Arts Practice Field was the cultivation place for the Tang Family s of the younger generation.

In this place, with Tang Huan's peak of the sixth level, he had no opponents at all. He could easily control the life and death of many Tang Family with the power of the Spiritual Fire. With twenty to thirty Tang Family s present, Tang Huan had enough confidence to contend against them.

Even if that old man from Tang Family ran out, what could he do?

Unless the Tang Family was ruthless enough to abandon the lives of these Tang Family s and kill Tang Huan without a care, and this was obviously impossible.

However, after a moment of happiness, Tang Xiong came to a realization that his praise came at the wrong time.

"... Good! Since you all have asked me to uphold justice, then I will not let you all go! " Tang Xiong heavily slapped his hands once more, his expression serious.

The faces of Tang Tianren, Tang Tianshi, Tang Tianfeng and the others turned green.

Although Tang Xiong quickly covered it up, none of them were fools. How could they not understand the meaning behind Tang Xiong's first word, "good"? What the heck, why did he say "not allow me to be your benefactor"? Who the h.e.l.l asked you to come here and uphold justice?

"Tang Huan, it is indeed a bit strange for you to casually come to Tang Family's martial arts training grounds."

Tang Xiong first criticized Tang Huan with a solemn expression.

But right after, Tang Xiong's gaze swept across Tang Xing, Tang Jun and the others, "However, you guys are all the same. If Tang Huan wants to stroll around here, why don't you just let him walk around? Even if you let him wander from morning to afternoon, will your Tang Family lose a brick, or a tile?"

"We are all citizens of the Great Tang Empire, we are all from there, why must we attack?"

"If you want to fight, then do it. If you know that you aren't a match for him, then just run away." However, not only did you not run away, you even stood there stupidly without moving. You're so stupid, not teaching anyone a lesson. Look at how nice they are, they already ran away early, so it's not like they're fine. "

Tang Xiong pointed at the group of Tang Family s that were running in with Tang Tianren, and then said while chuckling, "Since everyone has something wrong with them, then let's just forget about this matter, in my opinion. Tang Huan was not injured, nor did your Tang Family suffer any losses. Your group of Tang Family s only had a little more Spiritual Fire power than usual, after a long time, you dissipated, how could it be as evil as you think? "

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