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Chapter 2176 - Trash!

With each pa.s.sing day, the anxiety in Wei Xuanji and Yuan Hua's heart increased.

But even so, the two of them didn't dare to go in and disturb Yuan Chao's deduction. They could only wait outside quietly, lest they cause unnecessary interference with Yuan Chao and cause his deduction to fail.

While the two of them were extremely anxious, Yuan Chao's figure suddenly appeared in the meeting hall.

"What a piece of trash!"

Immediately afterwards, Wei Xuanji and Yuan Hua, who were guarding outside the hall, heard a low growl coming from within the hall. That growl actually carried an uncontrollable rage within it.

The two of them were stunned and immediately rushed into the hall.

Inside the Procedural Hall, Yuan Chao's face was ashen, as if he was enraged to the extreme. The moment Wei Xuanji and Yuan Hua entered the hall, Yuan Chao's gaze locked onto the two of them. The coldness in his eyes actually caused them to shudder, as if they had fallen into a ten thousand year old ice cave.

"Grand Elder, this …"

Wei Xuanji and Yuan Hua were both bewildered.

The Supreme Elder Yuan Chao had such an expression. Was it a success or a failure? With the Supreme Elder's personality, even if he were to fail, there was no need for him to be so angry, right? However, if it was successful, what did the heaven and earth elders deduce to cause them to lose their composure like this?

"Trash!" A bunch of trash! " Yuan Chao reprimanded sternly, and said while gritting his teeth: "Do you two know where that Tang Huan is now?"

"Where?" Wei Xuanji and Yuan Hua were even more astonished.

"He's in the Nihility G.o.d's Dao Altar beneath our feet." Yuan Chao squeezed out a string of characters from between his teeth.


"How is this possible?"

Upon hearing these words, Wei Xuanji and Yuan Hua were overwhelmed with shock as their eyes widened in disbelief. They all knew that there was only one person inside the "Void G.o.d Dao Altar" right now, and that was the soon to succeed as Pavilion Master's Vice Pavilion Master, Feng Zhuo. If Tang Huan snuck in, it was impossible for Feng Zhuo to not notice him.


However, Yuan Chao did not explain anything to the two. With a slight movement of his body, he disappeared from palace.

Wei Xuanji and Yuan Hua regained their senses and looked at each other. They could see the disbelief in each other's eyes. Instantly, the two suppressed the shock and doubt in their hearts and swiftly followed him out. Regardless of whether the Supreme Elder Yuan Chao's deduction was correct or not, he had to first take a look...

… ….

The peak of the Nihility G.o.d's Dao Altar.

Feng Zhuo, on the other hand, continued to sit cross-legged within this energy aura and did not move.

However, the aura that faintly seeped out from Feng Zhuo's body had already become extremely powerful.

Using the power of the Nihility G.o.d's Dao Altar, in less than ten years, Feng Zhuo had raised his cultivation to the peak of the Upper Sky Emperor Realm.

Within the Supreme Mystery Temple's cave dwelling, a powerful aura similar to that of a peak level Heavenly Emperor surged out from within the "Primal Chaos Source Crystal".

Inside the "Heavenly Abyss Mansion", the aura emitted by Tang Huan's divine body wasn't weak at all. He, who had already entered the eighteenth petal s.p.a.ce, was now also at the peak of the Upper Sky Emperor Realm.

In the ten years that he had spent in the Void G.o.d Arena, Tang Huan's original body, immortal clone, and Feng Zhuo's cultivation had all reached the limits of the Heavenly Emperor.


All of a sudden, a low exclamation came from within the "Origin Crystal of Primal Chaos."

Tang Huan's figure immediately separated from the mental statue, a strange expression appearing on his face. Just a moment ago, the depths of his soul suddenly had an extremely strong sense of warning, as though there was a huge danger approaching him, and that danger seemed to be enough to scare him to death.

Could it be that his whereabouts had already been discovered by the Clear Void Sect?

Tang Huan's heart moved slightly, as though she had a conditioned reflex, this thought popped out in her mind. After that, her brain started to churn, and it was impossible for him to find any traces of Wei Xuanji, that lowly Heavenly Sovereign of the Pure Void Dao Pavilion, or Yuanhua and the other Heavenly Emperor Elders. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to stay in the Void G.o.d Dao Altar for so many years.

The fact that his whereabouts would be exposed this time around most likely meant that there was someone even more powerful than Wei Xuanji taking action.

The three great Empyreans of the Clear Void Dao Pavilion, aside from Wei Xuan Ji, were Gu Daozi, who was ranked first, and Yuan Chao, who was ranked third. From this, it could be seen that the person who acted was definitely one of them. Although the other powerful Empyreans might be able to track him down, the Clear Void Dao Pavilion definitely wouldn't turn to outsiders for help.

In a moment, Tang Huan had already left the "Primal Chaos Source Crystal" and appeared in the Supreme Profound Hall. Meanwhile, Tang Huan's divine body also flashed and appeared from within the "Yan Luo Immortal Palace".

"Sure enough!"

In a blink of an eye, Tang Huan's expression became extremely solemn.


At this moment, the s.p.a.ce beneath the Nihility G.o.d's Dao Altar rippled slightly, and three figures emerged at almost the same time. They were Yuan Chao, Wei Xuanji, and Yuan Hua.

"Feng Zhuo!"

The moment his gaze shifted to the peak of the Dao Altar, Wei Xuanji had already let out a roar while gritting his teeth.

The instant the voice was heard, a white jade tablet shot out from Wei Xuanji's hands and entered the Nihility G.o.d's dao altar. In the next moment, the seal began to swiftly descend and merge with the altar, and the energy disappeared like a receding tide.

Even the invisible barrier that had covered the Dao Altar vanished like smoke in thin air. The originally glowing Dao Pillar also became dim. At the peak of the Dao Altar, the cross-legged figure of Feng Zhuo clearly entered the sight of Yuan Chao, Wei Xuanji, and Yuan Hua at the same time.

On the way here, he had already thought it through thoroughly.

It was possible for outsiders to infiltrate the encampment of the Clear Void Dao Pavilion. However, it was impossible for outsiders to infiltrate this "Nihility G.o.d's Dao Altar".

Feng Zhuo was the only one in the Dao Altar, and Supreme Elder Yuan Chao said that Tang Huan was in the Dao Altar. There was only one possibility, and that was —

Feng Zhuo was Tang Huan!

After thinking about this, Wei Xuanji almost fainted. Who would have thought that the son of heaven, Feng Zhuo, from the Clear Void Dao Pavilion, would actually be the Tang Huan who was hated to the bones by everyone in the sect? Especially this Tang Huan Feng Zhuo of the enbodiment, he actually became the vice Pavilion Master of the Clear Void Dao Pavilion, and was even about to take over the position of Pavilion Master.

If the Grand Elder had returned a year or two later, Feng Zhuo would have already officially taken over the position of Pavilion Master.

If word of this got out, the Clear Void Dao Pavilion would become the biggest laughingstock in the history of the Heaven Realm.

Thinking of this, Wei Xuanji's entire body broke out in a cold sweat.

"Pavilion Master, why have you and the Great Clan Elder come here?

At the peak of the Dao Altar, Feng Zhuo stood up with a look of astonishment on his face. His gaze then landed on Yuan Chao as he asked, "And this person, he must be a senior from our Clear Void Dao Pavilion?"

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