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Chapter 2004 Protocol

As a base for 33 days of cultivators, although the Ten Thousand Realms Immortal City was not full, there were already quite a few people there. Every day, there would be quite a few conflicts between the young disciples of the various sects.

Everyone was already used to this, so they were not surprised.

However, the party that was going to clash with them was a disciple of the Desolate G.o.d Palace, which was something that was rarely seen.

As one of the two strongest sects in the entire Profound Sky Continent, as well as being the local tyrant, the only person who could be completely fearless against them were the disciples of the Ice Emperor Valley.

Generally speaking, the disciples of the various sects from the other Heaven Realms would be warned not to provoke the disciples of the Desolate G.o.d Palace. This kind of situation had been going on for who knows how many years.

Many cultivators from the Outer Realm were indignant, but could do nothing about it. Who knew that the "Myriad Domain Dao Arts" would always be held in this Mystic Du Tian?

However, the situation this time completely overturned everyone's common sense.

Within this Ten Thousand Domain Immortal City, not only did someone dare to clash with a disciple of the Desolate G.o.d's Palace, but they had also caused the other party to be covered in dirt and in a very sorry state.

As a result, when they saw the eight disciples of the Desolate G.o.d Palace being beaten down and then ridiculed wantonly, the surrounding people all drank a bowl of ice-cold water, as if it was the blazing sun, feeling extremely happy.

As a result, everyone looked at the eight of them with a bit of schadenfreude in their eyes.

However, other than feeling joy from the actions of the four black-clothed men, they couldn't help feeling sympathy and worry.

It was unknown from which Heaven Realm or which sect did they come from, for them to be so tyrannical. Even if they were to warn them to escape now, it would be useless. To be able to escape from the Ten Thousand Realms Immortal City, escape from Saint Dao City, escape from Xuandu?

They would probably be severely punished by their own sects very soon.

The Desolate G.o.d Palace would never let this matter rest!

"Which heaven realm and which sect are you disciples from that you dare to be so arrogant?" Just then, a cold snort sounded out. Although this voice wasn't loud, it resounded in everyone's ears like a thunderclap, causing their hearts to tremble. Even their souls were shaken.

Looking towards the direction of the voice, many of the cultivators' expressions changed.

The one who spoke was a middle-aged man who appeared to be around forty years old. He wore a golden robe, had a tall stature, a square face, stiff facial features, and sharp angles.

The golden-robed middle-aged man walked out from the crowd, the aura he exuded was extremely tyrannical. Wherever he pa.s.sed, the gathered cultivators would all avoid him, creating a path for him. In the blink of an eye, the golden-robed middle-aged man had already entered the center of the crowd.

"Elder Sun!"

Seeing this golden-robed middle-aged man, the eight disciples of the Desolate G.o.d Palace cried out in surprise and joy. They subconsciously supported each other as they stood up, shame filling their brows.

The golden-robed man snorted, his gaze sweeping across the eight people in black, then his gaze landed on the four men in black. His eyes were gloomy, and a terrifying aura pressured towards the four people, "Again, which Heaven Realm are you from, and which sect are you disciples from?"

The four black clothed men immediately felt an enormous pressure and involuntarily took a few steps back.

They were only Tier 5 Heavenly Lords. Judging from the aura, the golden-robed middle-aged man was probably already a ninth level pinnacle Heavenly Lord. Naturally, he wouldn't be able to withstand the other party's pressure.

However, their expressions were still filled with arrogance, not showing any signs of weakness.

"An elder of the Desolate G.o.d Palace?"

The burly man's face was tense. Just as he steadied his feet, he could not help but let out a sneer. The mockery in his bulging eyes became even stronger. "What?" This little one couldn't take it, but the old one came running out? I don't mind telling you, we're all disciples of the Heaven's Path Holy Academy! "

"Heavenly Law Sacred Courtyard?"

The golden-robed middle-aged man slightly frowned, seeming to be slightly suspicious, but he instantly laughed, "Where did this small sect come from? To actually be able to partic.i.p.ate in the Myriad Domain Dao Arts. "In that Crimson light sky, this old man only knows of the Spiritual True Immortal Sect, the Seven Stars Immortal Palace, the Mt. Xumi …"

"It doesn't matter if you've never heard of it before, but don't you know it now?"

However, he let out a mischievous laugh and said, "Old Man Sun, I believe that our 'Heavenly Dao Academy' has already left a deep impression on you. From today onwards, the 'Heavenly Dao Academy' will surely be even more unforgettable!"

His voice paused slightly, and the burly man roared again, "Fellow disciples, don't you agree?"

"Yes!" The other three men in black also responded to the powerful pressure that had flooded over from the other side. They did not seem to be afraid of the middle-aged man's increasingly cold eyes at all.

"How dare you!"

When the golden-robed middle-aged man heard this, he flew into a rage, "Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you actually dare to be so rude in front of this old man. You simply have no manners at all." Forget it, today, this old man will teach you all what 'etiquette' means on behalf of your so-called 'Heavenly Law Sacred Courtyard' elders! "

After he finished speaking, the golden robed middle aged man had already raised his right hand. His five fingers opened up, and Strength Qi coiled around his fingers as a terrifying energy gushed out from his palm like a volcanic eruption.

Upon seeing this, the expressions of the burly man and the other three instantly became serious.

The eight disciples of the Desolate G.o.d Palace had cold smiles on their faces. In this Mystical Sky City, they dared to offend the Desolate G.o.d Palace in such a manner. They were simply reckless, of course. It wasn't necessary to kill them, but to severely punish and teach them a lesson was inevitable.

"Elder Sun, there's no need to trouble you with this."

However, just as the golden-robed man's right claw was about to reach out, a clear voice suddenly sounded out. The moment the voice was heard, two figures pa.s.sed through the gaps in the crowd like ghosts, appearing in his line of sight, a man and a woman.

The man was extremely young. He was tall and straight, also wearing a black robe. A faint smile hung on his handsome face, giving off a warm jade-like feeling. As for that woman, she was also extremely young. She was beautiful, and her eyes were incomparably intelligent.

They were naturally Tang Huan and Tang Yan.

Just as he was about to bow and greet them, he was stopped by Tang Huan's hand. As for the golden-robed middle aged man, her gaze had already swept past Tang Yan and landed on Tang Huan. She was actually as sharp as a blade, as if she could see through one's heart.

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