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Chapter 1957 - Internal World

In the next moment, wisps of fiery-red aura began to seep out from the body of the fire phoenix. Then, like iron sc.r.a.ps attracted by a magnet, they were all thrown into the furnace.

"Tang Huan, you really dare to use sucking on me!"

Sensing the rapid loss of firepower in his body, Fire Phoenix became anxious and furious, "The 'Nirvana Divine Flame' is extremely important to my body. If you attack my firepower, even if my body does not spread the news that you possess a magical equipment, you will definitely die in the future. If you stop now, you might be able to keep your life in the future. "

"Fire Phoenix, even a three year old child would not believe your words."

Tang Huan unwittingly laughed, "Even if I release you, if I don't use the sucking for your 'Nirvana's Divine Flame', your original body would not let me off. "Since you won't let me go, I might as well absorb your firepower to increase my own."

While speaking, not only did the power of the sucking that originated from the cauldron not weaken, instead, it became more and more powerful, and more and more fiery-red aura overflowed from the body of the fire phoenix.

"Tang Huan, since you're courting death, then don't blame me for this."

The fire phoenix became desperate and shouted, "Let me tell you the truth, my main body is currently asleep and does not know what is happening here. If nothing unexpected happens, I might not be able to wake up even after a few thousand years. However, since you have done all that you can, don't blame me for waking up my true body from its slumber ahead of time. "

"Oh? "Go ahead!"

Tang Huan's expression remained calm as she continued to control the cauldron, the sucking 'Nirvana Flame'.

Tang Huan did not turn back to shoot. No matter if the Fire Phoenix was awake or still asleep, Tang Huan had to take this "Nirvana Divine Flame" with him!

Seeing that Tang Huan was indifferent, a flash of ruthlessness flashed past Fire Phoenix's eyes.

After a short moment, a strange energy fluctuation emitted from its body. Tang Huan squinted her eyes slightly. This aura undulation actually came from the soul of the fire phoenix, and it seemed that it was indeed awakening the body that was currently in a deep sleep.

Thinking about it, it should have been in the upper or middle eighteen days, or it might even be outside of Heaven Realm. The possibility of my being in the lower thirty-six days should be the smallest …

… ….

On the ninth day, in a strange fiery red s.p.a.ce.

A huge, round ball formed from fire floated silently in the sky, but from time to time it would fluctuate slightly. There was no heat emitted from the fireball.

However, the inside of the fireball seemed to contain an incomparably violent heat, as if countless ancient volcanoes were brewing and erupting.

The whole s.p.a.ce was dead silent.


After an unknown amount of time, the undulations from the Pang Shuo's fireball suddenly intensified, and visible ripples like ripples to the naked eye appeared on the surface of the fireball.


A soft exclamation of surprise suddenly came out from within the fireball, the voice was as clear as the chirping of an oriole, "There's actually enbodiment that forcefully woke me up, how dare you!"

There was already a hint of anger in her tone, but she immediately said with a high voice, "A magical equipment? A magical equipment was born? "

"Crimson Radiance … Flowing Flower Domain … Tang Huan... "

"Upper Sky King … Palace Chief of the Royal Dragon's Heavenly Palace … The Princ.i.p.al of the Heavenly Court... Cultivators from the lower realms of Forging G.o.d Great World … Possessing an Immortal clone …. Possessing chaos energy … He had a treasure that could store the power of primordial chaos … The actual sucking, the Nirvana Divine Flame, was used to transform the Dao of Primordial Fire … "


Strings of clear characters jumped out from within the fireball, but they were broken and broken. "Unfortunately, this sovereign can't leave this place for the time being. However, due to the fact that there are a lot of enbodiment, I can send a few of them to the Scarlet Radiance Heavenly Palace to find that Tang Huan.

A moment later, that clear sound finally completely quieted down, and the fireball also gradually recovered its calm state.

… ….

At the western border of Crimson Twilight.

"Tang Huan, you will definitely regret it!"

With a hoa.r.s.e roar, the last few threads of "Nirvana Flame" were extracted from the body of the fire phoenix and thrown into the depths of the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace".

To the fire phoenix, the "Nirvana Divine Flame" was the source of its power.

After the firepower dissipated, the Flamephoenix immediately became listless. Her pair of fiery red eyes were incomparably dim. Her ability to resist the restraining force had already been greatly depleted.

With regards to the Fire Phoenix, even if he managed to capture it, Tang Huan would not dare to let his guard down. Therefore, he did not only use a spatial cage, he had also activated the "Limitless Sword Formation" to imprison the Fire Phoenix. But now, without the "Nirvana Divine Flame", the fire phoenix would no longer be a threat.

The current Fire Phoenix was probably the equivalent of an ordinary Upper Sky King.

Currently, even if he did not have any treasures such as "Primal Chaos Origin Crystals" and "Nine Yang Divine Furnace", Tang Huan could still easily defeat this fire phoenix.

"I do not know whether I will regret it or not. However, I know that it is already too late for you to regret it." Tang Huan said indifferently. Within his mind instructs (in a second), the cauldron which was filled with the "Nirvana Divine Flame" had already returned to the Dantian. Feeling the extremely pure origin fire within the cauldron, Tang Huan could not help but reveal a satisfied smile.


The Flamephoenix did not say another word as she slowly closed her eyes.

Just as Tang Huan had said, it was truly filled with regret. If it had known earlier on that this would happen, it definitely wouldn't have rushed to the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Palace for the sake of coveting the dragon's vein. But unfortunately, there would never be a medicine for regret in this world, and no matter how regretful he was now, it was to no avail.

Without the "Nirvana Flame" and also trapped by Tang Huan, there was no chance for him to resist. Even if it was the enbodiment of the Heavenly Flame Phoenix Lord, it was not much different from fish on the chopping board.

It could already foresee its own future.

At this stage, it had no other choice but to resign itself to its fate.

Seeing that, Tang Huan smiled, and did not immediately absorb the Nirvana Flame. Instead, with a thought, she used the ability "Yin Yang dao diagram".

The black and white whirlpools faintly flashed, and Tang Huan's figure disappeared from where she stood.

"This …"

An instant later, the eyes of the Flamephoenix snapped open as an expression of disbelief flashed in her eyes.

It suddenly sensed that Tang Huan had already forcefully broken into the world inside its body. What divine ability was this, to actually be so mystical?


The moment his figure appeared again, Tang Huan could not help but exclaim in a low voice, his gaze quickly sweeping his surroundings. The surroundings could be seen mountains and rivers, with vegetation everywhere. Birds were singing and flowers were fragrant. Every inch of s.p.a.ce nearby was filled with an incomparable amount of vitality.

This surprised Tang Huan, and she immediately focused her mind.

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